It’s Sharks Vs. Robots in this Woods Hole Video

Maybe you enjoyed livetweeting Sharknado 2 last week, but sometimes science does Hollywood one better. This video from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute shows you how just terrifying it actually is:

The tube getting savaged by this Great White is the REMUS SharkCam, a submersible equipped with five cameras designed to track and swim with sharks.

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It didn’t take long for the sharks to turn the tables and go after the REMUS, leading to the jump-inducing video seen above.

The Boston Globe spoke with the REMUS team about the video, which was shot in 2013 but is featured in a program on the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

From the Globe:

“We had a vague notion something was going on,” Stokey said. “We were absolutely dumbfounded. We thought it was a machine and the sharks would have had no interest. There are a lot of fish that size down there. Clearly they thought it was something good to eat.”

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