Ham, Cheese, and Cocaine Sandwich Seized in Spain

We’ve all been there: it’s the middle of the work day and the pangs of hunger begin to set in along with fatigue from a long morning. What’s a person to do? Drink coffee? Grab an energy drink? Sure, those will get the job done. But what about those days where an especially strong pick-me-up is in order?

Well, one man in Spain has a recipe that could help. Start with a sandwich roll cut down the middle. Add ham. Add cheese. And, finally, add the secret ingredient: 100 grams of cocaine!

Actually, that probably wouldn’t work out so well, and Spanish police don’t think the 29-year-old actually had intentions of eating his drug-filled lunch. Officers detained the man at a train station in Benidorm and seized the sandwich. And when they searched his home, you’ll never guess what they found. Marijuana and a 20-year-old roommate (and also more cocaine, which is likely what you were expecting).

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The man with the sandwich is facing drug trafficking charges.

(H/T Death and Taxes Magazine)