Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boston Deals from

We know you count on to bring you the latest news, so we developed Boston Deals, a site you can count on to bring you the best deals around. We, at Boston Deals, want you to experience Boston’s unique offerings and participate in fun activities. What better way to do that than with a great deal?

How does it work?

Sign up for Boston Deals’ newsletter today. We’ll deliver the best, local deals directly to your inbox. If you see a Boston Deal you like, click “BUY NOW,” grab your credit or debit card, and make the purchase. You’ll receive your unique voucher via email. Print out your voucher or pull it up on your mobile device, bring it to the business, and present it to claim your deal. So easy, huh?

How do we choose the deals to include in Boston Deals?

Our goal with Boston Deals from is to give people the opportunity to explore all of the amazing things Boston has to offer through great deals. We choose to partner with businesses that offer deals we know our users would enjoy and that we would purchase ourselves.

Is it safe to give my credit card information?

We are committed to your privacy and safety. We encrypt all of your account information and we will never sell your information to third parties, including vendors from whom you purchased a deal. For more information, please see our full privacy policy.

When can I use my Boston Deal?

Use it any time before the expiration date as specified on each deal and printed on your voucher.

What if I Iose my confirmation email?

No worries! If you cannot find your Boston Deal voucher, just email or call customer service, and we will send you a new copy. You can contact customer service here.

Can I combine my Boston Deal with other offers or specials?

Unless the Boston Deal explicitly states otherwise, a Boston Deal cannot be combined with other offers or specials.

Will the deal location know what I’m talking about when I present my voucher?

Absolutely. We work closely with the businesses and their employees to make sure they know how Boston Deals works. However, if you encounter a problem with voucher redemption, please contact our customer service team and we’ll work quickly to ensure you are able to redeem your Boston Deal as soon as possible.

Can I give a Boston Deal as a gift?

Of course! You can choose, “Buy this deal for a friend” at checkout to have email the voucher to the recipient, or you can print out the voucher as you normally would and give it to a friend (unless specifically stated otherwise on the Boston Deal).

If I don’t use the full value of a Boston Deal in one visit, can I use the rest later?

Sometimes! Please read carefully the fine print to determine whether or not you can use a deal in multiple visits, or if the deal is a one-time redemption deal. As always, contact us with any questions.

What if I need to return or have an issue with my Boston Deal?

If you have a problem with your Boston Deal or an order placed with your voucher, please contact our customer service team. Whatever the issue is, we’ll work with you to right the situation! Full refunds are always available within seven days of purchase. All other requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

What happens if my Boston Deal expires?

If you didn’t have a chance to use your Boston Deal before it expired, don’t worry! After the expiration date passes, the promotional value expires, but you may still use it for the amount you paid for it for up to seven years (as per Massachusetts state law).

What if the business closes down before I redeem my Boston Deal?

If something happens that makes it impossible for the business to honor your Boston Deal before its expiration, we will absolutely refund you the entire amount you spent.

I missed a Boston Deal or it sold out before I could buy it. Will I get another chance?

We like to switch up our Boston Deals, so you won’t see the same business featured more than once in a short period of time. Please feel free to contact us to let us know if one of our Boston Deals was of particular interest. We’ll work on getting the business to run another deal in the future!

What's with The Skinny?

The information in the The Skinny is intended to make it easy for you to use your Boston Deal. Each Boston Deal offers a unique adventure, and we think it’s important that you have all of the information you need, so redeeming your Boston Deal is as simple as it is enjoyable.

Do you have a favorite business you think must participate in Boston Deals from

We love hearing from or about local businesses, so please contact us today.

How to reach us

If you should have additional questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team:


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