Thayer 30, Middlesex 28

Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012, at Braintree

Brian Vieira scored on a 6-yard run in the second overtime and Mitchell Welsh ran in the conversion. Jack Becker finished with 193 yards rushing.

Second quarter
ThayerTDMitch Welsh 18-yard run (Harrison Balder kick)
MiddlesexTDHasani Figueroa 2-yard run (Nick Widen pass from Nick Andonian)
ThayerFGHarrison Balder 30-yard
Fourth quarter
MiddlesexTDHasani Figueroa 1-yard run (Nick Widen kick)
ThayerTDJack Becker 2-yard run (kick failed)
MiddlesexTDNick Andonian 7-yard run (pass failed)
ThayerTDMitch Welsh 2-yard run (pass failed)
Second overtime
ThayerTDBryan Vieira 6-yard run (Mitch Welsh run)
MiddlesexTDNick Widen 10-yard pass from Nick Andonian (pass failed)


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