Pingree 54, Hebron (Maine) 34

Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012, at Hebron

Jerome Cappadona rushed for four touchdowns, including three in the fourth quarter.

Hebron (Maine)7207034
First quarter
PingreeTDJerome Cappadona 2-yard run (Jake Cohen kick)
Hebron (Maine)TDShaquille Cezont-Holmes 62-yard run (Patrick Shelley kick)
Second quarter
Hebron (Maine)TDBrett Harkins 43-yard pass from Shaquille Cezont-Holmes (pass failed)
Hebron (Maine)TDShaquille Cezont-Holmes 85-yard run (kick failed)
Hebron (Maine)TDJeff Turcotte 86-yard pass from Shaquille Cezont-Holmes (Chad Manchulenko pass from Shaquille Cezont-Holmes)
PingreeTDDan Spears 3-yard run (Jake Cohen kick)
Third quarter
PingreeTDDan Spears 29-yard fumble return (Jake Cohen kick)
PingreeTDNick Antenucci 3-yard run (kick failed)
Hebron (Maine)TDChad Manchulenko 55-yard pass from Shaquille Cezont-Holmes (Patrick Shelley kick)
PingreeTDDan Spears 15-yard run (Jerome Cappadona run)
Fourth quarter
PingreeTDJerome Cappadona 1-yard run (Jake Cohen kick)
PingreeTDJerome Cappadona 44-yard run (Jake Cohen kick)
PingreeTDTom Zaleski 1-yard run (kick failed)


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