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Mover & Innovator,
Mildred Dresselhaus

Institute Professor, MIT
Taking a lifetime of science
to Washington, D.C.

If MIT Professor Mildred Dresselhaus has any trouble doing the Potomac two-step, it won’t be for lack of musical training — or lack of anything else, for that matter.

China rushes to embrace
the Internet, restrictions and all

Internet use in China is doubling every six months, and area companies are hoping to be part of this “gold rush” in the Orient.
More than 30 speakers and hundreds of attendees from around the world gathered in Boston at the Harvard China Review Conference on May 6 to discuss rapidly growing business opportunities in the Far East.

DNA dye plan takes 1st at
MIT $50K competition

EyeGen, a fledgling company whose technology is a dye that makes DNA visible to the naked eye, won the top prize at the recent MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition.

On Technology
The U.S. is losing the cellular lead
Folks in the United States (including Al Gore) like to take pride in the Internet being invented here. Many red-blooded American Netheads view the rest of the world, except for maybe Finland, as an undernetworked outback. The fact that the Web is really a Swiss import developed by Tim Berners-Lee and a bunch of fellow Brits is typically left unmentioned.

Net Gains - Net Scan
Sisters jump into not-for-profit Internet
A new term recently was introduced to the lexicon of the Hub’s frenzied Net community.
That term is “not-for-profit.”

Curing the Love Bug’s bite
John P. Mello Jr. at the effects of and the cures for the Love Bug virus.

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