In his second general election television ad, Mitt Romney continues his effort to assist American voters in viewing him as their president.

Following up a “Day One” ad that debuted last week, his campaign committee says in a second installment that Romney would immediately focus on deficit reduction during his first day in office.

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“President Romney stands up to China on trade and demands they play by the rules,” the 30-second commercial adds. “President Romney begins repealing job-killing regulations that are costing the economy billions.”

The ad features scenes of Romney speaking, the National Debt Clock in New York City, children in a classroom—and Romney walking with former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, a onetime rival for the GOP nomination who is now considered a potential running mate.

The commercial is similar thematically and substantively to the ad that ran last week. And both were also released in Spanish-language versions, a nod to the Hispanic vote Republicans are courting.