6 Allston Myths Debunked (Mostly)

August 28, 2014 4:12 PM

With September 1 getting closer and closer, Boston’s Allston neighborhood is about to be swarmed by a tidal wave of students and young professionals. But how well do you know this lively part of town that sits comfortably between BC, BU, and Harvard? Allston can sometimes get a bad rap from those who have never lived or visited there. (I should know, I lived there for eight years between 2003 and 2011). With so many people of different backgrounds about to descend on the neighborhood, we thought it would be a good time to get a clear picture of Allston. We spoke with Alana Olsen, director of Allston Village Main Streets — a community resource for small businesses, homeowners, and residents, to help set the record straight.

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