Condos Being Built on Site of Boston’s Fatal 1942 Cocoanut Grove Fire

An artist rendering of the Piedmont Park Square building of condominiums in the South End.  [[SLIDE]]

Piedmont Park Square
June 17, 2014 5:32 PM

Boston’s real estate boom will continue in stunning fashion with the construction of the Piedmont Park Square condominiums in the South End.

Condos being built in Boston is not very surprising. The fact that they’re being built on the same site where one of the highest death tolls in America happened is stunning, however.

Boston Magazine reported that the city’s latest real estate development plans will be erected in the same location where the Cocoanut Grove nightclub once stood before a fire on November 28, 1942 in a downstairs lounge spread quickly, killing nearly 500 people inside.

Nov 28, 1942 Boston Ma Cocoanut Grove Night Club , fatal fire scene. Library Tag 08262000 National Foreign
The Cocoanut Grove Night Club burned in 1942.
Globe File Photo

Piedmont Park Square bills itself as “a new construction building in Bay Village that offers eight luxury condominiums in a mix of single level and row-style houses” and is expected to fetch at least $1.2 million for the condominiums and $2.8 million for row houses.

The city has a history of redeveloping sites that previously experienced deadly disasters, including the million-dollar condos that were built where a fire at the Hotel Vendome killed nine firefighters in 1972.

The Web site for the new development, however, is glaringly devoid of any mention of the Cocoanut Grove fire.

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