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Miles from Boston 31

Population 11,081

Median house price

$265,450 (Jan.-Feb.)

Tax rate $11.60

Transportation Routes 3, 3A, 113; Member, Lowell Regional Transit Authority

MCAS Among 278 systems, Tyngsborough’s 10th-graders ranked 77th in English and 72nd in math, according to a Globe analysis of 2005 MCAS results. Third-graders ranked 70th out of 299 systems in reading. Sixthgraders ranked 57 out of 306 systems in math, according to the Globe analysis. Member, Greater Lowell Vocational Technical school system

Census facts Median family income is $76,860 (nationally: $50,046) and 31 percent held a bachelor’s degree or higher (nationally: 24 percent).


TYNGSBOROUGH -- Despite doubling in population over the past two decades, this town along the Merrimack River and Route 3 is plotting to maintain its rural character.

A master plan embraced by residents calls for Tyngsborough in 2020 to be ''a family-oriented community that retains its rural past, while providing high-tech jobs for its residents, affordable homes for families, and an enhanced and protected quality of life."

Bisected by five miles of the Merrimack, the town is named for the Tyng family. Edward Tyng, a Boston merchant, purchased 3,000 acres of what became the town in 1660. A bequest by a descendent required the town to retain the Tyng family name, and it did so when the town was incorporated in 1809.

The town boasts high-performing schools and hosts a portion of the 1,140-acre Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest, as well as Mascuppic Lake.

On a recent week, listed 77 single-family homes, ranging from $226,800 for a four-bed, one-bath, 1,187-square-foot home to $1.3 million for a six-bed, five-bath, 7,398-square-foot home on 48 acres. Median price of a single-family home in early 2006 was $265,450, according to the Warren Group, which publishes real estate information.


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