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These properties just hit the market.
NYC oks 'poor door' condosNYC oks 'poor door' condos
Low-income residents to use separate entrance.
Katharine Hepburn's estateKatharine Hepburn's estate
The actress' home is listed for $14.8m.

Homes with awesome bathrooms

Homes with awesome bathrooms
Stunning bathrooms like these can make everyday ablutions seem like a day at the spa. Check out some local homes for sale with awesome baths.

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Norton condo is a golfer’s dream home

Norton condo is a golfer’s dream home

This townhouse is located near the 12th hole of the Norton Country Club's golf course and has a galley-style kitchen.

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From Tabloid to Hip Condos

Location, location, location - that's what real estate is all about. And the new Ink Block, taking shape where the South End meets Chinatown, has it in spades. The glitzy glass- and-steel, six-building condo and apartment development is taking shape on Harrison Ave., where the big old brick red Boston Herald building stood until it was demolished last year....
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Mortgage Q&A: How do I convert my primary residence to a rental?
Today's article comes to us from a question posed by one of our readers. We love answering our reader's questions whenever possible. Should you want...


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