Real estate transactions

April 26, 2012
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28 Fordham St. Michael J. Costa and Dawn Costa to Ekaterina A. Morina, $540,000

51 Burch St. Keith E. Lombardi to Michael A. Brown, $470,000

36 Warren St., No. 2 William C. Castell and Elizabeth A. Castell to Kyle S. Sisk and Emily R. Sisk, $370,000


5 Chase Circle Damon A. Ehret and Catherine B. Ehret to Mark Mullin and Lauren J. Mullin, $460,000

471 Captain Eames Circle Wendy E. Fay to Suzanne G. Lemack, $290,000

11 Day Road Warren Fowler to Stephen Robery and Katie Serpa, $238,000


2 Juniper Ridge, No. 8 Willow Road Dev LLC to Scott P. Chowan, $339,900


13 Gould Road Hendrik D. Kopperl and Patricia J. Kopperl to Matthew J. Jannace and Jessica M. Jannace, $580,000

75 Page Road, No. 7 Wayne H. Davis and Rebecca D. Davis to John A. Juliano and Linda L. Juliano, $310,000


67 Farm St. FHLM to James Mathews and Dawn Mathews, $169,900


5 Stony Brook Road Charles Boyajian to 5 Stony Brook RT and Temza Ouroutian, $805,500

65 Middlecot St. Carole S. Wheeler T. and Adam B. Paton to Qin Liu, $650,000

35 Chester Road Martha L. Mackey and Michael Macewen to Alia Bucciarelli and Timothy Bucciarelli, $624,000


36 Coburn Road Silvio Fernandes to Jonas F. Braga, $225,000


49 Golden Run Road Dorothy J. Griffith and John D. Griffith to Coni R. Durkin, $379,900

557 Wattaquadock Hill Road Deborah A. Donahue and Avidia Bank to Dimitrios Markonidis, $170,000


65 Windsor Road Wei L. Shia and Mary K. Shia to Matthew K. Nock and Keesha Nock, $1,550,000

17 High St., No. 3 David H. Mcpeak and Mary F. Mcpeak to Hector Suazo and Maritza Suazo, $570,000

311 Tappan St., No. 2 Tomas C. Jonsson to Farshad Guirakhoo and Susanne Guirakhoo, $560,600

336 Tappan St., No. 2 Matthew R. Knott and Lauren Knott to Joseph Degutis, $319,900


99 Walpole St. Shannon Street LLC to Oussama El-Hilali and Cheryl M. El-Hilali, $1,030,000


35 Garvey Road Debra A. Pinals and Stephen L. Pinals to Matteo G. Batista and Kristen J. Lung, $510,000

70 Edgebrook Road William T. Picard and Michelle M. Picard to Jacob G. Warner and Shannon Warner, $413,000

156 Maple St. Kathleen M. Feehan to Anthony Deroche, $300,000


2 Mercer Lane Wanda Mercer to Joann Ferguson and William E. Gauss, $350,000

3 Haverstock Road Donald H. Lutz to Peter Lutz, $260,000

15 Partridge St. Dean Properties Inc to Michael F. Johnson and Amy S. Johnson, $200,000


810 Winter St. Stephanie N. Brodacki and Northern Massachusetts Te to Northern Massachusetts Te, $233,750


5 Lakeshore Drive Daniel Quinones and Karen Quinones to Garry Russell and Jessica Fleet, $209,500

Commonwealth Ave., No. 2 Terese M. Mcelhaney to SW Homes LLC, $125,000


113 Brigham St., No. 4B Patelco CU to Monica Freitas and Carlos G. Freitas, $159,900

200 Manning St., No. 3B William Frank to Adam R. Qualitz, $122,000


29 Fairbanks Road Lexington Dev RT and Robert S. Burge to Ann Wolf and Beni Wolf, $1,325,000

12 Bedford St. Parilla RT and Donald E. Parilla to Jyotsna Mehta and Shail D. Mehta, $993,000

45 Bow St. Michael G. Mccormack to Michael Demartino, $452,000


Oak Road Littleton Town Of to Kevin Fitzsimmons, $2,450


21 1st Road Robert J. Raino and Joanne Raino to Kelly M. Macciole and Kevin M. Macciole, $327,000


7 Loring Ave. Piano RT and John C. Dudley to Carolyn M. Urban, $246,500

12 Old Marlboro Road FHLM to Aaron Jeanson, $99,900


120 Philip St. Robert P. Benson and Flavia R. Benson-Dasilva to Ian J. Clayton and Geraldine C. Bevan, $623,000


30 Highland St. Randall E. Saulnier and Deirdre D. Saulnier to Richard W. Scalzo and Jessica L. Keefe, $390,000

280 Village St., No. B2 Louis J. Caccavaro and Dawn E. Caccavaro to 280 Village B2 RT and Louis J. Caccavaro, $195,000


129 S Main St. Patricia A. Carroll and Maureen Dewey to Crossroads Place Inc, $500,000

3 Acorn Circle Kenneth Casey and Jennifer R. Casey to Ashley Afonso and Justin Mcelroy, $324,000MILLIS225 Farm St. Kenneth C. Engles and Ann D. Engles to Kevin Lecuyer and Carolyne Lecuyer, $300,000


4 High St. Robert M. Mckechnie and Paul D. Mckechnie to Ciaran G. Mangan and Ellen C. Mangan, $385,000

62 East Central St., No. 105 Ronald S. Tiberio to Maureen L. Rooney, $235,000

19 Village Hill Lane, No. 7 Susan Gl. Lomack to Daniel Messier, $177,000


152 Broad Meadow Road Suzanne Doisneau to James E. Nahill and Kathryn M. Nahill, $1,455,000

354 Manning St. Thomas M. Piersiak & Sons to John P. Judge and Lynn F. Judge, $1,175,000

48 Lake Drive Janet D. Harris to Leslie A. Kalish and Karen N. Price, $620,000


27 Kingsbury Road KR Fischoeder RET and Katharine R. Fischoeder to Phyllis A. Moriarty, $2,060,000

23 Calvin Road Shawn S. Hoyt and Regina R. Hoyt to Patrickr Verhoest and Joanna L. Verhoest, $1,249,000

40 Crescent Ave. Daniel Golden to Michael Jellinek and Barbara Jellinek, $800,000

97 Hartman Road Jonathan Rosenberg to Lilach Cohen-Kopolovic and Ron N. Kopolovic, $760,000

24 Glen Ave. Frutkoff Rosalind Est and Howard Frutkoff to Taso Sahinidis, $590,000

60 Webster St. Brian J. Altomare and Nadia F. Altomare to Rajeev Bhargava and Mariquit Azurin, $560,000

210 Nahanton St., No. 319 David A. Smookler to Sugar M. Howar, $360,000

226 California St. Larosee Stephen G. Est and Gertrude V. Larosee to Larosee RT and Gertrude V. Larosee, $220,420


67 Smith Road Jeanne M. Black to Zafar N. Naqvi and Fozia Qamar, $780,000

12 Berkley Road Twin Valley Homes Inc to Brian P. Feldman and Meng K. Yan, $490,000

14 Lancaster Road John Q. Cragin and Norma C. Cragin to Puneesh Chaudhry and Bindu Tuli, $480,000

4 Country Candle Lane Cheriton Road Realty Corp to Raghu P. Kolath, $410,000


130 Brookline St. Donald S. Cernak to Lauri A. Sybel and Randall T. Sybel, $350,000

71 South Road Glenda Lewis and North Middlesex SB to North Middlesex SB, $203,000


14 Farm Road Roman Catholic Archb to Premier Properties Grp, $180,000


23 Hickory Drive Brendon Properties Hickor to Navin K. Jain and Gitanjali Jain, $600,000

8 Grove Meadow Lane Saint Frances RT and Cheryl F. Crouse to Amanjot K. Sidhu and Amarinder Sidhu, $571,900

67 North Quinsigamond Ave., No. 12 Joseph M. Zuromsky to Dawn L. Carpenter, $355,000

25 Jenny Ave. Walter Dow and Juliet Corcoran to Vincent J. Papia and Stephanie P. Papia, $300,000


28 Harvard Road David Hunt and Katherine Hunt to Philip Mcgachey and Nickole Barker, $367,900


4 Bishop Lane Robert F. Mcdermott and Virginia T. Mcdermott to Stephen J. Jenkins, $919,000


22 Grafton Road Robert Shapiro and Charlotte M. Newell to Craig R. Mccoskery and Julia A. Mccoskery, $345,000


62 Hawthorne Road James J. Falzone and Eleanor J. Falzone to Mitchell I. Dolgin and Rosa M. Obrien, $372,500

140 Marivista Ave. Susan J. Mccullough to Richard M. Gomes, $150,000


22 Saint Mary’s St. Wendy Wong and Francis Fernandes to David Soble, $382,000

227 Coolidge Ave., No. 209 Melinda Dennis to Stephen Honton and Marian J. Peterschmitt, $260,000


23 Sage Hill Road Sage Hill LLC to Derrick M. Irwin and Marcia C. Irwin, $1,437,913

22 Training Field Road Alan R. Colson to Laura A. Urell, $637,333

212 Willow Brook Drive Willow Brook Drive RT and Adele Klickstein to Amy G. Sylvestsky, $580,000


23 Haven Road Cullati Edna Est and Shannon L. Mclaughlin to Dario Tamburrini and Matilde Tamburrini, $450,000

406 Worcester St. Gretchen T. Underwood to Michael Lau and Eanny Lau, $356,000


8 Cutting Lane Weston Highland Meadows to Steven L. Marcus and Deborah C. Marcus, $1,495,000

12 Bogle St. Amy L. Strauss to Benjamin W. Hall and Katherine B. Hall, $825,000

536 Glen Road Latucky Craig Est and Gregory R. Latucky to Renuka B. Brown, $648,000

17 Kendal Common Road Michael Jones and Luisella Raffo to Preston W. Halperin and Beverly Halperin, $542,000 To search for homes for sale in the area, go to

Copyrighted material previously published in Banker &Tradesman, a weekly trade newspaper.It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group, search for homes for sale in the area, go to

Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman, a weekly trade newspaper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, the Warren Group,

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