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Curt Schilling house for sale

Posted by Binyamin Appelbaum  April 22, 2008 04:02 PM

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Curt Schilling has put his 26-acre Medfield estate on the market for $8 million. He bought the place for $4.5 million in 2004. So he's hoping nearly to double his money on a home he bought near the peak of the market. Well, no one has ever accused Curt Schilling of lacking confidence.

Note to Red Sox fans: He's not leaving Boston. He's not even leaving Medfield. The couple plans to buy a lot in a Medfield subdivision and build a home there. They want more neighbors, according to their real estate agent, according to Globe West.

The house is sized for the athletic ego. Drew Bledsoe was the previous owner.

It has eight bathrooms, a pool, a multi-purpose athletic court that can be configured for tennis, basketball, or even ice hockey... Other amenities include an eight-car garage, a spa, multiple fireplaces, a game room, a library, a home theater room, and centralized systems for security, heat, air conditioning, and vacuuming.

Sounds nice enough, but I wonder whether a developer might buy it as a teardown. Just look at all that space within an hour of Boston.

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14 comments so far...
  1. I don't think it would be a teardown. That area is mostly wetland/protected. Maybe Randy Moss would buy it.

    Posted by jm April 22, 08 09:31 PM
  1. Schilling wants to double his money, in this market? And I thought the guy was at least semi-intelligent (political views aside)!

    Posted by Lisa April 23, 08 03:26 PM
  1. Homes have dropped atleast 20% in value. Do the math. It's called depreciation with a "D" not appreciation with an "A". The For a republican and Bush supporter he's not in touch with what's going on. On and off the field. Time to hang em up. Getting a good pay check for this year's performance. Thanks for the memories!

    Posted by Phil Scorgie April 23, 08 05:26 PM
  1. I don't think it is outlandish to assume that he might be able get that kind of price. Just because the average price of homes have declined doesn't mean much in this situation. A unique home like Schilling's only needs one buyer willing to pay the price. In other words, it is not a commodity like a 3 bedroom ranch house on a quarter acre.

    Posted by Clint April 23, 08 06:24 PM
  1. I think it's outlandish. Schilling is a little out of touch. We're not a region like Southern California where he could lure in a movie star or other sports star. Sure, Randy Moss could use this place, but it might be better off being purchased by the state and turned into protected land. That's what Schilling probably wants Massachusetts to do. Isn't he kinda liberal? I can't remember.

    Posted by Jeff April 23, 08 09:41 PM
  1. That property is an icon, in my mind, of how unrealistic a property value can be in a given context.

    Bledsoe bought an expensive property (paid something under $2 million), poured in several $ million to make it "just right", and then tried to sell it for something like $7 million. There was no market at that price until ANOTHER outlandishly paid athlete -- Mr. Schilling -- came along and agreed to Bledsoe's bargain price of $4.5 million.

    So, sure, maybe another athlete with money to burn will take a shine to the property, and pay Shilling good money. But it makes no sense for 99.99% of the rest of us: Medfield is not Nantucket where people pay $8 million for that exclusive retreat, castles are great until you have to pay heating, cleaning, watering, etc. bills, all your family's friends are in the next time zone, you have to live in your car...

    But it will be fun to hear what happens!

    Posted by David M. April 23, 08 10:05 PM
  1. looks like he's hoping some other rich person will pay LARGE for "curt shilling's" house and not just some secluded estate in beautiful Medfield, where the sun is always shining, kids dance about in constant glee... ahhhhh medford. i mean medfield.

    Posted by Drew April 24, 08 08:00 AM
  1. Right. He only needs one willing and able buyer. However, that willing and able buyer has many choices in communities that have more amenities like schools, arts, cultures, access to fast roads and airport, and Medfield is not considered a prime choice.
    If he paid $4.5 for mostly wetlands he should run to the bank if someone offered him $3.5 to $3.6. Tops.

    Posted by William Redstockings April 24, 08 09:14 AM
  1. Go Schilling! I hope he gets a good price and am glad he is not leaving. I for one appreciate everything he has done and if he can make money on his property, more power to him.

    Posted by Jennifer Erickson April 24, 08 09:17 AM
  1. Let's just hope whoever moves in doesn't start the season on the disabled list!

    Posted by Lucas April 24, 08 04:32 PM
  1. I hope Schilling gets his price and I hope he stays in town. Whether he means it or not its nice to hear a celebrity at least express a positive sentiment about having neighbors and being around people who are not celebs. As far as valuation, I wouldn't assume the value has gone down even though its Medfield. Property value at the high end in many parts of Mass has remained strong through the general downturn in housing. After all the place sounds more like a resort than a home.

    Posted by Tom April 24, 08 04:56 PM
  1. Randy Moss???? Living in Medfield???? Come on now.....The only possible motivation could be to get a developer to buy it. Wetlands Smetlands. The entire formerly protected Charles River Watershed area that Causeway St. runs through has been developed. If you have enough money they will find a way around any conservation protection. Even Medfield wants to increase it's tax base.

    Posted by Carey April 24, 08 06:05 PM
  1. Maybe his replacement will buy it !

    Posted by Dave April 25, 08 07:08 AM
  1. I gotta be honest ive worked in a lot of nice houses being an electrician in ma. do you know franklin sporting goods they make baseballs, bats and gloves etc? I worked at the franklins house it cost 28 million to build back in 1990 when real estate was alot less and that house is amazing. and the area isnt bad. to be honest there isnt a chance i would spend that much money and only live in medfield. I would rather that piece of land in wrentham, or norfolk. Schillings house is right off route 27 its a busy street regardless of how far the house is set back. i drive by his house at least once a week and there is always traffic around there.

    Posted by May 22, 08 04:45 PM
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