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Home for the holidays

Posted by Rona Fischman  December 24, 2008 01:22 PM

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The cards started showing up about two weeks ago. Every year, I get cards with houses on the front. It’s not because I am a broker. I get the impression that lots of cards have peaceful, quiet houses which are covered with snow. I got a perfect example from Bob and Margaret. Great card!
Why is it that Christmas is associated with single family homes, snowy streets, and fireplaces? Is it like Thanksgiving, stuck in New England history? You know, “Over the river and through the woods” and all that. (You all know that the song was written about grandparents in Medford, right?)

We no longer go over the river and through the woods, by sleigh, to celebrate the holidays. We don’t all live in big single family homes with fireplaces. We don’t get a light, clean snow – on schedule -- every Christmas Eve.

What home hosts the ingathering of your family and friends during the holiday season? What rooms do you associate with holiday events? Were they living rooms, dining rooms, one of those big room in the basement where forty people can sit to eat?

Do you entertain this time of year? When you bought or rented, did you look for a place big enough to host your holiday events?

Some people are celebrating a religious holiday this time of year; some are celebrating the extra days off. Whatever you are doing, may your homes be safe and warm, and your celebrations joyful.

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3 comments so far...
  1. Merry Christmas and/or Happy Hannukah.

    As I don't have kids yet, and yet the blood thins as I grow older, I find the New England Christmas attractive on a card, but prefer to actually spend it someplace warmer.

    And as one might guess, I don't care who owns the house or not... just about my quality of life. So Holidays seem to be getting associated in my mind with restaurants, rather than rooms.

    Greetings from San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

    Posted by Charles December 26, 08 01:22 AM
  1. You're on vacation in Mexico and posted to this blog? Charles, seriously dude, you need a life. Although I've suspected for a long time that you and Marcus both work for the Globe -- so posting on a Friday after Christmas would make sense. Need to keep that paycheck coming in, right?

    Posted by steve December 27, 08 10:46 PM
  1. Hey, what can I say. I've been obsessed with real estate for 16 odd years, why stop now? Not to mention my general 10 windows open internet problem. Took me a few days to get broadband set up - actually amazingly fast considering - but here it is. Bought a new Samsung netbook in fact for the trip, and would recommend it highly. Great computer. Couldn't help but short Dell and Best Buy after I turned it on.

    And I've spent half my trip here analyzing the local real estate market. I kid you not.

    Though marcus and I working for the globe is an odd thought indeed.

    Posted by charles December 28, 08 02:16 AM
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