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Living well is the best revenge

Posted by Rona Fischman January 22, 2009 02:43 PM

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I agree with readers who are unhappy with the assumption that any home worth living in costs more than $460,000. That is insulting to large numbers of homeowners and renters who live outside the toney suburbs. The jumbo limit is just not a limit that matters to large numbers of homeowners.

The jumbo limit plus a 10 percent down payment comes to about $460,000. Anyone who thinks that all homes selling for less than $460,000 are dumps or in slums is just wrong. Doing a little looking in the MLS, I see that 4969 homes sold in Massachusetts in the past year that cost $460,000 or less. I looked only at homes that had three or more bedrooms, six or more rooms, and one and a half or more bathrooms. Thatís not counting condos, just single family homes. When I bring the limit down to $300,000, there are still 2945 of them. If I used Warren Group data, I could add more.

I want to show the readers of this blog that not everyone wants and needs a nearly half-million-dollar house. Those who bought for $300,000 or less have a story to tell. Heck, those who bought for under $460,000 do, too, if they need a big house. You have the right to crow. You made a good decision and it has worked out for you.

I am starting a series to run on Fridays. I call it "Living Well is the Best Revenge". I am looking to publish your stories of nice places to live well under the jumbo limit in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. If you want to tell your story in your own entry, write me. I can give you a by-line or I can keep your name private. I will be running this series until I run out of stories.

I got the idea for this series because Matt wrote me about being happy in his town. He lives in a town where houses sold last year for less than $300,000. I am indebted to Matt; his is the first story in this series.

Today: If you own a house that cost less than $460,000, tell the readers why you are happy with your choices.

Tomorrow: The first town description in the Living well is the best revenge series

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