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Tandem parking advice

Posted by Rona Fischman November 18, 2010 01:49 PM

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Kate Sedan is the “Ask the Neighbor Lady” advice columnist at The Patch. She is taking on urban problems and giving advice.

Tuesday, I caught her advice to a frustrated tenant who keeps being parked-in by his neighbor.
Too Mad to Come Up with a Funny Name in Somerville wrote to the Neighbor Lady:

My tandem parking is driving me crazy. I live on a street where it's really hard to park. I also have a job that involves lugging heavy supplies to and from my car. So I want and need to use my driveway: the driveway I pay to use as part of my rent. The problem is that my downstairs neighbor parks me in a lot. He pulls in behind me and then goes out on foot. He lets friends park me in too. I've tried to ask nicely that we trade keys so we can move each other's cars if we need to. He won't do it. He says it's too risky, and then says he'll stop parking me in. I'm developing a case of driveway rage. This has to stop. What would you do?

Kate suggests blocking the neighbor in to show him how annoying it is as Plan A and talking to the landlord as Plan B. What do you think?

Tandem parking really stinks. Would-be buyers don’t always realize how bad it can be. To me, a tandem spot is equal to no spot (unless there are two spots that are tandem and you own both.) One of the things that was an “absolute must” when I bought my house was a parking spot, a real one. Do you agree?

The neighbor of Too Mad is also has a point. It is a problem to be required to move another person's car. What happens if the car is damaged or stolen on the neighbor’s watch? What if something goes missing from his truck? I think it is especially bad for a tenant, as opposed to a co-owner of a condo.

Does anyone have a positive story of community cooperation around tandem parking? Is it possible in greater Boston?

Check out Kate Sedan, she is taking on the things that annoy urban dwellers: stuff like missing newspapers, noisy neighbors, how to help your neighbors, and other issues of urban living.

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