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Entry number 999

Posted by Rona Fischman November 1, 2012 02:08 PM

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Dear readers,
As I approach my 1000th entry, I look back at my very first one. I still stand behind those thoughts and all the advice I have given consistent with those thoughts.

I believe that the most important part of choosing where to live, be it a rental or a purchase property, is about making a reasoned decision.

I believe that real estate, as it is practiced, is full of noise that gets in the way of a reasoned decision. That noise can be hype about market conditions, hype about low interest rates, hype about high rent rates, or simply the pressure from family and friends.

Because of all the noise, I think I have ended up being more like Orpheus than Virgil. (In the writings of Homer, Orpheus played music for the Argonauts so that they wouldn’t hear the Siren’s call and crash on the rocks. Virgil led his charge through Hell and Purgatory in Dante’s Divine Comedy.)

Here’s what I wrote on June 20, 2007.

I’m Rona Fischman. I’m your real estate broker voice, for now. I am not your typical Realtor. I have been a buyer’s broker - working only for buyers - for 14 years. Let me tell you, 14 years ago my peers in real estate were sure that I had horns and was sent from Satan. Now, there is a “buyer’s broker” or two in every firm. Go figure...If you are a buyer, think of me as Virgil -- your guide through Hell and Purgatory.

When I look at the most-sent articles from, I see these being sent: 10 mistakes, prices going down, foreclosures going up, increased sales, and bidding wars. IMHO, the most important real estate article of the month hardly got forwarded. The article that could have saved buyers tens of thousands of dollars was this one in the Ideas section.

I have been warning my buyers for years about what I call “The EBay Mistake.” That when someone pays more at auction than the “Buy-it-Now” price. When you buy a house, that is a mistake you can’t afford!

Now our first topic: bidding wars. How do you get what you want without throwing piles of money away? If you have been in a bidding war, how did you fare? Did you make “The EBay Mistake”?

That's where is all started. Since then, I believe, I have been true to my advice that keeping emotion and personal competition out of the process of negotiation benefits both buyer and seller. I have advised buyers to keep their eye on the prize. I hope some have drowned out the voices that stir up emotions and have made good decisions in real estate.

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