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A nation of bathroom prudes?

Posted by Scott Van Voorhis January 10, 2014 09:04 AM

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If you are thinking of spiffing up or completely redoing one of your bathrooms, you are not alone.

Real estate prices are rising again and homeowners are pumping big money into revamping their potties.

Building a new bathroom or completely gutting a new home can cost some big bucks - think anywhere from $17,000 for a mid-range remodel to more than $54,000 for the Downton Abbey version, according to this Globe piece.

Now talk about gold-plated bathrooms!

But when it comes to bathroom prudery, two rising trends are worth looking at.

First, 43 percent of homeowners considering bathroom revamps plan to ditch the tub, according to a recent survey by Houz.

Second, homeowners 35 and older were also more likely to want the stick the toilet behind a door or partition.Overall, just about half of all homeowners considering a revamp of their bathroom want a separate, enclosed space for the potty.

Not sure whether what's driving this, but maybe homeowners are simply getting shyer about bathroom privacy these days.

OK, to be honest, I can't recall the last time I took a bath rather than a shower.
Today's stripped-down, utilitarian tubs lack the luxuriant feel of those massive, old Victorian tubs with their ornate legs and lots of room to stretch splash about. It doesn't help being 6?5 either on that count, either. Most tubs appear made for someone at least six inches shorter.

Still, I guess I don't care too much about having the toilet shoved off behind a door in a separate compartment - seems to be a lot of trouble for little gain.

Yet whether you are inclined to enjoy a good soak or not, getting rid of the tub could be a bad move when it comes time to sell your home.

Unless you are a completely lame parent, you are going to give your kids lots of baths in their early years. Showers aren't all that practical for a two, three or even five year old, and playing in the bathtub, frankly, is part of the fun of childhood.

A house without a tub is a definite turnoff for buyers with young children or who are planning to start a family and aren't completely clueless.

What's your dream bathroom?

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About boston real estate now
Scott Van Voorhis is a freelance writer who specializes in real estate and business issues.

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