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Mar. 1 Transcript
Tax credit adviceTax credit advice
Ask IRS media relations specialist Peggy Riley your burning homebuyer tax questions.





5 first-time homebuyer tips

5 first-time homebuyer tips

Ready to buy your first home? Lucky you. But read these rookie tips to make yourself even smarter. (By Andrew Caffrey, Boston Globe)
When credit is due

When credit is due

Home buyers have until the end of April to put a home purchase under contract and qualify for the federal government’s housewarming gift of a tax credit for as much as $8,000.
(By Ann Carrns, Boston Globe)
The sweet spots

The sweet spots

Looking for value in the Massachusetts housing market? Bargain hunting for homes in the Bay State has never been easy, but here's our top places to start hunting. (By Jenifer B. McKim, Boston Globe)
Inspections 101

Inspections 101

A home inspection is a vital part of the home-buying process. Here are 10 things you should know about getting a Mass. inspection.
(By Jesse Nunes,


Yes, you can buy a home

Yes, you can buy a home

Credit is still tight, but here are six ways to uncover a great mortgage and otherwise make a purchase possible. (By Elizabeth Gehrman, Boston Globe)

Foreclosure crisis spreads to affluent communities

DOVER - The foreclosure auction was still an hour away, but potential buyers were already circling the Baird home, snapping photos with their Blackberries. (By Erica Noonan, Globe Staff)

Tax credit boosts North Shore sales

The housing market north of Boston is on an upswing, real estate agents say, but it’s not time to strike up a chorus of “Happy Days Are Here Again’’ just yet. (By Joel Brown, Globe Correspondent)

Mass. home prices, sales surge in January

Massachusetts home prices and sales surged in January, providing added evidence that the state’s real estate market is on the rise. (By Jenifer B. McKim, Boston Globe)

Mortgage rates rise above 5 percent

Rates for 30-year home loans rose above the 5 percent threshold for the first time in three weeks, but remained near historically low levels. (Boston Globe)

Banks broke mortgage modification rules, 2 lawsuits say

Two lawsuits filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston claim Wells Fargo and Bank of America have not followed federal rules for mortgage loan modifications, leaving some homeowners stuck in foreclosure “limbo.’’ (By Megan Woolhouse, Boston Globe)

30-year mortgage rates decline again

Rates for 30-year home loans edged lower for the second straight week, but remained above last year’s record lows. (Boston Globe)

Tax Credit Basics

First-time homebuyers
Maximum purchase price: $800,000
Income limits: Single, $125,000 Married, $225,000
Maximum credit: $8,000
Qualification: Not owned primary residence past three years

Previous owners
Maximum purchase price: $800,000
Income limits: Single, $125,000 Married, $225,000
Maximum credit: $6,500
Qualification: Owned home at least five consecutive years in past eight
Towns with the hottest condo prices
Move over Cambridge and take a seat, Davis Square. You aren't the only condo hotspots here in Greater Boston anymore. Plymouth, Lexington and Everett...