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Thanks for stopping by my new little corner of the Internet here on  Over the coming weeks and months Iíll be covering the Boston real estate market and attempting to do so in an informative, yet engaging way.  I like to utilize videos and graphics a good amount in my posts to chop up my sometimes lengthy thought process.  However, my goal here is simple: inform the readers and be a resource for those interested in the happenings locally, while still incorporating some humor to make things a little less dense.  I'll do my best to cover a myriad of topics and when possible, pull in guest bloggers to cover every aspect of the real estate market.

I am naturally inclined to look at things statistically so there will be numbers, and probably lots of them.  As a child of the 90ís I grew up trying to rack up the best statistical season possible with Bo Jackson in Tecmo Super Bowl, and rolling dice to determine outcomes in Statis Pro Baseball, so my enthusiasm for numbers and their importance in our lives is heavily ingrained in who I am. Fortunately, this lead me to look outside of sports for more statistical patterns; including the wonderful game of poker which was a large part of my life for many years during and after graduating college.  My success in playing poker professionally lead to an opportunity to purchase and renovate a rental property and ultimately lead to me catching real estate fever.  After a few purchases of my own I became more and more interested in the actual analysis of properties and turned to the role of real estate agent as my next endeavor.

In the real estate world there are two main driving forces: the emotional side and the analytical side.  As a real estate agent, the goal is to attempt to stay grounded in the analytical world and advocate our clients away from the emotional as best we can while keeping their wants and needs in mind, ultimately driving them to making the most sound decisions that will lead to long term satisfaction. This blog will act as a little bit of a peek behind the curtain and a look at what agents like me take into account when determining value.

I am excited and genuinely enthusiastic to share, collaborate, and learn from you, the reader, through this journey.  This post itself is the realization of an idea which I had with the people at some 10 months ago, and it feels gratifying to sit here today and write this post.

Justin Rollo is a real estate agent with RE/MAX Realty Plus in South Boston.  He assists both buyers and sellers in the Greater Boston area.  You can find him, along with every listing in the Greater Boston area at

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