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Best places to live if you work at Mass General

We're starting a new series of posts today which will chronicle the best places to live in Boston. Today we're looking at the best neighborhoods in the Boston area for employees of Mass General Hospital to live. We're looking at neighborhoods which are close in proximity as well as those which offer other perks such as suburban feel, lower housing costs and other relevant factors.

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Beacon Hill
As one of the closest neighborhoods to Mass General's main campus, Beacon Hill is a favorite of Mass General employees. It offers the opportunity to not only walk to work, but to also be located in a highly desirable area of Boston that is loaded with shops and restaurants. This all however comes with a considerable price tag. Beacon Hill is firmly entrenched as one of the most expensive areas of Boston. Thus far in 2013 the average price per square foot for condos in Beacon Hill was $830.
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As one of Boston's most northern neighborhoods, Charlestown is directly connected to the North End via the Charlestown Bridge and the Charles River locks system. Approximately 1.5mi away from Mass General, Charlestown affords residents the opportunity to walk, bike, or use one of Mass General's shuttles to commute to work. Charlestown continues to be a hot neighborhood in Boston, with prices rising sharply over the previous few years and new restaurants and shops popping up regularly. Those considering the neighborhood have many historic areas of the neighborhood to choose from including the Navy Yard and the Gas Light District. In 2013 Charlestown condos have averaged a price per square foot of $514.
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Somerville is a big city, much bigger than the neighborhoods we've referenced above. That being said, we've included the entire city on this list as there are various locations which work well for those making the commute to MGH each day. We start with Davis Square due to its proximity to the Red Line; its myriad of shops and restaurants make it great for young professionals. Somerville also boasts the Porter Square area which is again right down the Red Line, and just a few stops from the Charles/MGH stop. In addition to these two more well known squares, Somerville is home to some of the most active areas in the entire Greater Boston region in terms of developments, including Spring Hill, Inman Square and Union Square. Whether you're looking for a condo or a single family home, you'll find a wide spectrum of properties in Somerville with price per square foot for condos in 2013 sitting at $379, and $337 for single family homes. Either way it is a relative bargain in comparison to neighboring Cambridge, and a mere 15min train ride to Mass General. For those looking for city amenities, value, and more space, Somerville may fit the bill.
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For those Mass General employees that are looking for a more suburban feel while still maintaining a short commute with the opportunity to use the Red Line, Arlington is a great option. Located just West of Cambridge, Arlington sits in close proximity to the Alewife T Station at the end of the Red Line. Known as a highly desirable suburb of Boston Arlington offers a highly regarded school district and a large selection of single family homes. Prices in Arlington rank closely to those in Somerville with single family homes in recording an average price per square foot of $336 in 2013.
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Which neighborhoods do you think are the best for Mass General employees? Let us know in the comments section or tweet us @propinthehub.

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