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2014 Home Buyer Webinar is Tuesday January 14th @ 2:00PM

As you likely already know we're teaming up with Craig Barber of Fairway Independent Mortgage to put on a webinar for folks looking to buy a home in 2014. The first of these home buyer webinars is going to be Tuesday, January 14th @ 2:00PM. If you're interested in attending you can click here to reserve your spot.

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The framework of the webinar will be as follows:

1) Introduction from Justin Rollo of Properties In The Hub & Re/Max Realty Plus
2) Pre-Approval Process Overview from Craig Barber of Fairway Independent Mortgage
3) Buyer's Agency (Justin Rollo)
4) Current Market Conditions (Justin Rollo)
5) Live Q&A

In addition to this we'll be giving away some great prizes to attendees. Including:

(3) FREE Home Inspection Certificates* (Valued up to $500 each)
(3) FREE Appraisal Certificates** (Valued up to $450 each)

If you're interested in reserving your spot, click here or the banner below.


*Free Home Inspection Certificate will be credited to buyer at closing in the form of a closing cost credit. Only applicable to real estate transactions where Justin Rollo is buyer's agent. Maximum redeemable value of $500. Buyer's must show receipt for home inspection for credit amount. Expires 12/31/2014.

**Free Appraisal Certificate will be credited at closing in the form of a closing cost credit. Only applicable to real estate transactions where Craig Barber is mortgage broker. Expires 12/31/2014.

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