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New Rental At The W Boston! 1BR & 1.5BA

We have a new exclusive rental at the W Boston at 110 Stuart St in Downtown Boston. This magnificent unit is available for immediate occupancy and resides on the 21st floor! Live in luxury and enjoy all the amenities of the W Hotel including Bliss Spa and Fitness Room. Wake up each morning to amazing views of the Blue Hills and South End. Interested in setting up a showing? Contact Justin Rollo of Re/Max Realty Plus for more information.

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Rental Details
110 Stuart St - Unit 21H, Boston MA 02116
$4,800/mo INCLUDING Valet Parking, Heat, Hot Water, and more! These units don't come along often so make sure to get more information today. For more details please contact Justin Rollo at (978)790-4381 or at

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*Unit comes UNFURNISHED. Pictures are from previous sale.

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