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A January Wedding in Jackson

The majority of the time this blog acts as a conveyance for both myself and other writers to educate and update you, the reader, on everything real estate. We talk about list prices, mortgages, appraisals, and more. In the life of this blog there will be a select few times where we veer off of this path to discuss something else. Today is one of those times. Two weeks ago this Saturday I trekked up to New Hampshire with friends, family and a special lady to get hitched. The stories, the fun, and the dances will remain close to the vest; however, as someone in the service industry I feel obligated to recognize folks that went above and beyond on our special weekend.

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Whitney's Inn
From the first moment we met Don Bilger of Whitney’s Inn we felt like we had already known him for years. Over a few other visits and lots of conversations these initial feelings were only further solidified throughout the year leading up to the Wedding Day itself. Don and his entire staff were not only professional and completely en pointe the entire weekend, but by check out Sunday many of them felt like old friends as well. From the Main Inn, to the Shovel Handle Pub, to the ice skating rink, the venue itself becomes a central part of the experience and provides a warmth and intimacy that I think is truly rare. Thanks to Don and the entire staff Whitney’s Inn will remain an extremely special place to myself and my wife for years to come, and I cannot wait to visit again and see all the familiar faces I now call friends.

I used to be of the mind that wedding entertainment could be as easy as hooking up an iPod and creating a playlist heavy on Hall and Oates and Journey. Boy was I wrong and thankfully my better half alerted me to my misguided thought and put us in touch with Eric Pomerleau of AudiblEvents. From the early planning phases to the actual day itself I can honestly say I haven't worked with many people in any industry who are as organized, laid back and professional as Eric. On the day of, he showed up on time and had everything set up in two different areas for the ceremony and reception. Even after throwing a few curve balls at him, including two live performances from family and some last minute song additions, he handled everything so seamlessly. Adaptability is an important trait for anyone offering a service and Eric found a way to weave in the songs we asked for, while still reading the crowd and keeping the energy up all night, adjusting to each reaction from the guests.

Dalke Studios
What can I say about Brian and Kelly? We first met them at our Engagement Session after having found them online. As someone who wasn’t terribly excited about hours of modeling for a camera Brian made us both feel completely at ease. They work in a manner that is unobtrusive and laid back while still making sure to get every picture you want. On our wedding day, with snow falling at a pretty good clip Brian scaled an embankment in dress shoes to make sure he got the perfect shot. They are committed to capturing the small moments and the true essence of the day. We didn't stage pictures for hours; rather, documented the day as it happened including all the nerves, excitement, and love that came with the territory. They are truly gifted photographers and terrific people to boot. What more could you really ask for?


In addition to these folks there were so many other moving parts that all coordinated and meshed to create unequivocally the best weekend in my 30 years on this planet.

Thank you to McKaela's Sweetshop in North Conway who provided a delicious cake for the guests and plenty of extras for both myself and my bride over the past two weeks. Sadly, we just finished our last (and 20th) serving tonight.

A big thank you to Rachel Kraftlund of Kraft Salon for an amazing job on the entire bridal party's hair including the bride herself, and to Ashlee Lambert for providing an expert's hand with makeup. In addition from making the entire bridal party look amazing, you also kept them distracted and out of trouble for the day, a feat that should not be overlooked.

I cannot thank you all enough for your service and for inspiring me to continue to raise the bar for myself in terms of performance for my clients. Cheers!

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