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Recently we posted an article about a new listing we had at in South Boston. The listing was for an updated 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo. It was the first time we had used this blog as an outlet for listings and the results were stunning.

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In the under 7 days we featured the listing on our blog we got an astonishing 15,647 page views from local readers and it was shared across social media. This number sounds great by itself but its magnitude is only enhanced when comparing it to other sources. This same listing in Southie, over the same time period, got only 184 views on Trulia, the 2nd largest national real estate portal online. Yes, you read that correctly, 184 views: a mere 1.17% of the views we received on this blog. Readers on spent a combined 75,740 minutes looking at the article over this period, the equivalent of almost 53 days. Thats a lot of viewing!

Page views and time spent on the article are great but what about results? We held two open houses the first weekend and were extremely happy with the turnouts. Over 50 buyers walked through the 2 bed condo with many of them mentioning the exposure on Of course credit for this also goes to the fabulous home owners for cooperating and allowing the property to show at its best and the pricing of the unit. With all these factors working together the results can be summed up in two words. Accepted Offer.

In an industry where exposure for your property is of paramount importance the ability to reach the massive local audience of this blog is a powerful tool for home sellers that is exclusively offered by us.

We are the only real estate team in Massachusetts who can offer this exposure.

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Justin Rollo is a real estate agent in South Boston, MA. The main contributor to Boston Real Estate by the numbers Justin posts a wide variety of information for the blog. Servicing all of the Greater Boston area he helps buyers and sellers with their real estate needs. You can view all properties online on our Website or connect with us on Facebook, Google+, and Youtube.

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