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We're firmly entrenched in one of the best seller's markets in recent history in Greater Boston. The soaring prices have lead many folks to consider listing their home and taking advantage of this great opportunity. The problem that these home owners are facing is they don't know the true value of their home in today's market as many of the national sites are wildly inaccurate due to not being familiar with our local market. In an attempt to solve this problem and offer an accurate and local approach to property values we're proud to announce our brand new instant property value tool.

As you may have recognized here in the past we are all about changing the real estate experience for our clients and because of this we decided to offer this new tool to our loyal readers here before anyone else. A few weeks back we also debuted a tool which allowed you to see exactly how much you'd take home from the sale of your home and with today's announcement we're pushing the envelope even further with our property valuation tool. Simply enter your address and confirm the details about your home and you'll receive an instant (and completely free) property valuation through our new system.

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This new tool is an extremely powerful first step and we'll continue to strive to make it the most accurate tool available in the Greater Boston area for homeowners. To begin the process for your home simply click here now to visit our property valuation page.


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