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With real estate inventory levels in the Greater Boston area nearing all time lows our market needs needs homes for sale to meet the demands of today's buyers. In an effort to help provide more options for our buyers we're rolling out a new program for a limited time for home sellers.

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To help quench the demand in the market and supply our huge database of buyers with listings to purchase we're guaranteeing to sell your home for a price you agree to in 30 days or less* or we'll sell it for FREE. Whether you've listed your home unsuccessfully before or are ready to sell now we'll guarantee your home in under agreement in 30 days or less* or we'll sell it for FREE! To top this off if you aren't completely satisfied you can fire us anytime risk-free, no long term commitments, just results!

The average time on market for sales in Boston over the past 3 months is 59 days, so how can we guarantee to sell in half the time? Simply put, we market homes better, sell for more, and have more buyers currently looking than other agents.

If you'd like to take advantage of this program and list your home you can request a free consultation now by entering your information in the form below or emailing us at with your contact and property information. Remember, this deal is for a short time only and space is going to be limited.


*Some restrictions apply, for terms and conditions please contact Justin Rollo.

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