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Choosing the right Boston Moving Company

For moving companies in Boston, the busy moving season has officially begun. Many households are relocating before the start of school, many students are moving to and from college while Boston gears up for the onslaught of the start of classes at colleges and universities around the area.

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A poor decision when choosing a moving company will influence the whole relocation process. Unprofessional movers can damage your belongings during a transportation or when packing or unpacking the moving van. They can work slowly, they can be late, or they may work recklessly. Either way, you end up paying the price, either because you pay for the time, or because your belongings were damaged during the moving process.

Clients should choose a moving company in Boston that has a good record, both financially and professionally. A good way of determining the quality of a company is to check reviews and see if past customers are satisfied.

The Marathon Moving crew can provide excellent packing services, supplies and trucks and they help you move faster, more efficiently and more confidently. Choosing the right moving company is always important. The cheapest rates do not guarantee the best services.

Marathon has quickly become known to local realtors, move coordinators, and clients eager to work with a value-based Boston moving company. Marathon Moving won the Super Service award from Angieís List many time, most recently in 2013 as well as the BBB Gold seal for excellence, and several other awards. The greatest testimony however would be in our customers. Marathon now completes 2000 moves a year with over 90% coming from repeat or referral sources.

For more information on a moving company you can be confident in for your move, contact Marathon Moving.

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Lucas McGary is a Certified Moving Consultant and current sales manager at Marathon Moving. With over 11 years of experience in the moving industry Lucas can provide each client with a customized plan to fit their specific moving needs. Lucas specializes in all move sizes both residential and commercial.

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