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Finding a Listing Agent in Milton, MA

Are you looking to find the best listing agent in Milton, MA for your home? We've created a short video to let you know the 6 traits your real estate agent must possess to sell your home for top dollar and the specific questions to ask them to find out if they do.

In this video we're teaching you how to find a Milton, MA real estate agent that is going to give you not only the smoothest transaction possible but also get you the most money and sell your home in the fastest time. The six things your real estate listing agent has to offer you are:

a) Marketing Expertise - How are they going to get the most buyers to your listing?
b) Negotiating Skills - How are they going to get the most out of interested parties and get you the best terms?
c) Pricing Analysis - Why are they pricing your home where they have suggested to price it? What do they anticipate the outcome to be?
d) Experience - How many deals have they closed? What percentage of their transactions end up closing?
e) Professional Team - What vendors do they typically work with? Who do they network with?
f) Presentation Skills - How are they going to present your home in the best possible light?

Want to know how to ask the right questions to find out if you have the right milton realtor for the job? Watch this short video on finding a listing agent in Milton MA.

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