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Tips From a South Boston Mover

Just like in the movies that have made South Boston famous in recent years, there is still a large Irish population in Southie. However, just like the rest of Boston, South Boston has gone through a lot of changes recently and is becoming quite a diverse neighborhood. The neighborhood has quite a few housing options; from new, modern high rise condos to converted multi-families, and many rental options for young professionals. Southie has attracted loads a lot of young people and empty-nesters into the community in the past few years and with this influx of new residents comes some challenges when moving in or out of South Boston.

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As we have discussed in other articles, parking remains an issue in South Boston. With all the new residents the neighborhood has seen the car total skyrocket as well. With the limited number of spots on the streets of Southie it is imperative that anyone moving in South Boston should order a parking permit and have that posted.

There are a few other difficulties in moving in South Boston as well. Many of the converted condos and older buildings have steep stairways. Therefore craning is often necessary when moving in South Boston. If you have a lot of large pieces, you need to make sure those will fit prior to your move. If these pieces don't fit, other options, like craning, need to be arranged.

In the newer, high-rise condominiums that have sprung up in South Boston movers are restricted by heavy insurance requirements. Therefore it is a good idea to be sure that your Boston moving company has those insurance minimums and is going to be able to conduct your moves. You also want to work with your building manager to reserve the elevator and the loading dock if applicable.

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