Big Papi the ‘Showboat’? How Much Styling is Too Much?

The pitcher that called David Ortiz a “showboat” after he flipped his bat following a home run last night is the same guy who once kissed his bicep after striking out Daniel Nava. So....yeah. Ortiz's 3-Run Homer Helps Sox End Skid Sox Stats Pack: Goodbye, Jon Lester Edition Jake Peavy Loses Giants Debut

5 Takeaways To Go Along With 5 Days of Patriots Training Camp

Here’s five takeaways from the team’s first four practices, including two padded practices, that sums up a collection of observations and notes from camp. Patriots Training Camp: First Day Off Patriots Training Camp Photos

Lester to L.A. Makes Sense, but Not (Only) for Kemp

All things considered, Matt Kemp isn't the worst guy to take a chance on; just as long as the Red Sox aren't paying him, and he isn't the primary return for Jon Lester. Ortiz’s 3-Run Homer Helps Red Sox End skid

Breaking Down the Bruins' Effective Power Play

The power play was an area of strength that fizzled in the team's playoff loss to the Canadiens, but was a major source of offense during the regular season. Here's how it works—when it works.

Do Celtics Fans Have the Patience for Another Terrible Season?

Despite a miserable 25-win season, Celtics fans came out to support their team at a staggering rate in 2013-14. But, would they do it again if another trying campaign is indeed on the horizon? LeBron Deep-Sixes Number; Will be No. 23 With Cavs Five Truths and a Lie About Evan Turner

Nine to Know: Red Sox Stats Pack – Goodbye, Jon Lester Edition

As Jon Lester continues to say the right things among ever-increasing trade rumors, we take a look at his numbers and why we hope he's back.

Jake Peavy Just Can’t Win, Loses in Giants Debut

The more things change for Jake Peavy, the more they stay the same.

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