MLB ‘Hate Maps’: Everyone Hates The Yankees

Surprise, surprise: almost everyone detests the Yankees. A new MLB “hate map” on Reddit shows the single most hated baseball team in each state, illustrating that most of the country seems to be behind Boston in the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry.

The navy blue of the Yankees logo marks each state that hates them, and stretches across the US from Maine to North Carolina and the Great Lakes (with the exception of New York and New Jersey). Yankee blue also covers much of the Northwest.

SB Nation summarized the findings pretty directly, stating that “there’s a pretty clear delineation here: Almost everyone hates the Yankees.” Their report also observed that “Florida hates the Red Sox: This is wonderful because you can guarantee this is purely based on New York retirees heading to the Sunshine State.”

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But the apparent Yankee hatred doesn’t end at US borders. Separate MLB hate maps were also made for Canada and the collective continents, suggesting the Red Sox are unpopular among Canadians in Quebec and Saskatchewan, while British Columbia and Ontario also destest the Yankees. New York’s team is also “the most hated” across every continent with the exception of Oceania, which apparently despises the Dodgers. (Who knew?)

On the bright side, all fifty states agree upon hating only seven different teams, making MLB fans much more united in their loathing than NFL fans. And (in typical Canada fashion) New Foundland was nice enough to apparently not hate anyone in the league.

h/t: SB Nation.