Ruling Out Jon Lester’s Return to the Red Sox Would be Premature

All hope is not lost for the Red Sox to retain Jon Lester at a reduced rate, even if he hits free agency. But, for a deal to get done, the club has to get serious.

Wilbur: Red Sox Could Be Left With (Gulp) Clay Buchholz as Their 'Ace'

I’m no baseball architect, but I can tell you if there’s one way to run your team into the ground faster than you can say “body pillow,” it’s by building a starting pitching staff around the confounding Clay Buchholz.

Funny Name Blunders In Boston Sports and Beyond

The Colorado Rockies recently gave away 15,000 Troy Tulowitzki jerseys, all with the name “Tulowizki” on the back. Whoops. Take a look at some other classic name blunders, many of which pertain to Boston—like former Mayor Tom Menino’s Vince “Wilcock” gaffe. Rockies’ ‘Tulowizki’ Blunder is Indicative of the Inept Franchise as a Whole

Wake Up With Wilbur: What Would Sox Be Without Lester, Lackey?

In today's debut of "Wake Up With Wilbur," we envision a world where Jon Lester and John Lackey are traded prior to the deadline on Thursday, and Clay Buchholz remains as the Red Sox' veteran presence at the top of the rotation. It's not for the faint of heart.

Mazz: Why Isn’t Anyone Blaming Jon Lester?

Tony Massarotti writes: If we’re going to be fair about this and if we are to believe what has been written, why hasn’t Lester’s camp been more engaging in talks? Finn: Sox Should (Probably) Keep Napoli, Lackey David Ortiz Says Lester is a 'Keeper' Wake Up With Wilbur: Trade Lester AND Lackey?

Napoli, Lackey Should (Probably) Remain With Sox

In all likelihood, the Red Sox will trade several players over the next couple of days. But with contention next year in mind, here are a couple of veterans who should get a chance at redemption next season. Sox Crushed by Jays, 14-1

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