Finn: Bogaerts is Enduring His First Real Slump

While his talent, maturity, and baseline of success last October suggest he’ll snap out of it soon, he probably could use a day off.


Are the Red Sox Insulting Jon Lester with Their Contract Offer? Please

ESPN sabermetrician Dan Szymborski determined that Jon Lester is actually worth $145 million over six seasons. Dan Szymborski may be insane.

Fenway Fans to Face Tighter Security Monday

Police and stadium staff will beef up their presence and procedures on Patriots’ Day.

Red Sox’ Defensive Plan for Bogaerts is a Long Journey

Xander Bogaerts’ defense is an issue, folks.


Red Sox lose on a walkoff error

A throwing error credited to Xander Bogaerts led to a 2-1 White Sox walkoff win over the Red Sox. Napoli leaves game with left ring finger injury

MLB to Fine Farrell for Replay Remarks

After two review decisions went against the Red Sox, the manager said, “it’s hard to have any faith in the system.”

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