Jon Lester Scratched From Wednesday Start

The big news coming out of the Sox’ loss on Tuesday was that Lester had been scratched from his start on Wednesday, John Farrell announced after the game. Jon Lester Watch: Report Says Marlins Throwing Hat in the Ring Red Sox ‘Want’ to Deal Lester, New Era About to Begin Report: Braves Don’t Have What Red Sox Would Want for Andrew Miller

Lester Negotiations a Bad Re-Run of Losing Clemens

Jon Lester isn't Roger Clemens, but there is a striking similarity in the ways in which they may both leave the Red Sox via free agency.

ESPN to Broadcast Yankees-Sox Game from Monster Seats

The booth will be set up in Section 9 atop the Green Monster. According to ESPN, no fans have been displaced from their seats—the network bought the tickets.

Wilbur: Red Sox Could Be Left With (Gulp) Clay Buchholz as Their 'Ace'

I’m no baseball architect, but I can tell you if there’s one way to run your team into the ground faster than you can say “body pillow,” it’s by building a starting pitching staff around the confounding Clay Buchholz.

Mazz: Why Isn’t Anyone Blaming Jon Lester?

Tony Massarotti writes: If we’re going to be fair about this and if we are to believe what has been written, why hasn’t Lester’s camp been more engaging in talks? Finn: Sox Should (Probably) Keep Napoli, Lackey David Ortiz Says Lester is a 'Keeper' Wake Up With Wilbur: Trade Lester AND Lackey?

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