Finn: Holt Isn't Second Coming of Pedroia, But He Is Playing Like Him

I'm still not sure Holt's typical season will look much different than the one Pedroia is enduring now, with that .700-ish OPS. But he's obviously a useful, versatile major league player who seized his chance and then some.

Mazz: With Lester, History Suggests It's Over

You can believe what you want to believe and there is certainly a good deal of time remaining, but if the past is prelude, Jon Lester is gone. Kaufman: Ruling Out Lester's Return is Premature

Nine to Know: Red Sox Stats Pack – Buyer or Cellar edition

If you haven’t realized it by now: prospects are suspects until they show they can play in the Show. Let the trading AND replacing begin.

Red Sox-Rays Rivalry Above All Others, With or Without David Ortiz

With the Red Sox coming off a disappointing series in Toronto, one which may have ultimately sealed their fate, they could be in a particularly punchy demeanor, in no mood for the resurgent Rays and their antics.

Imagine Jon Lester in a Yankees Uniform

It appears Jon Lester will be headed toward free agency. And guess who will be waiting there to snap him up.

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