Red Sox Front Office Takes Ice Bucket Challenge, Calls On Globe

After the annual team photo was taken on Thursday, the Red Sox front office took the plunge as team employees and players all gathered on the field at Fenway Park. Gomes, Lester to Ben Cherington: You Traded Us, Now Eat Ice

Finn: Sox Can't Take Offense to Pointing Out Brutal Numbers

Today's edition of Nine Innings includes a look at the depth of the Sox's offensive struggles, Edward Mujica's too-late turnaround, Brock Holt's regression to a still-valuable level, and a lot of candles for Yaz.

Wilbur: Buchholz Now an Exercise in Futility

The cradling of Clay Buchholz's ego is nothing new. You just wonder at what point the Red Sox will decide they have had enough with his mental fragility.

Flashback: That Time When the World Champion Red Sox Were 'Simpsons' Characters

The much-ballyhooed "Simpsons" marathon has begun on FXX, which reminds us of both the show's brilliance and how the 2007 Red Sox looked as citizens of Springfield. Me, Karl & Dr. Hibbert: Life as a Black Simpsons Fan

Yankees Cautious About Pineda in Loss That Complicates Their Place in Race

The New York Yankees will surely wonder what the season might have been like with Michael Pineda in their rotation for the entire year.

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