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Bedard: 'Last place to first place in a heartbeat'

Posted by Julian Benbow, Globe Staff  August 2, 2011 05:10 PM

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Coming to Boston:
This is a great opportunity, when I jump from last place to first place in a heartbeat. So itís fun. Iím just going to come here and do the best I can, try to win ball games and help the team win.

Pitching at Fenway:
Itís my favorite park in the big leagues. The atmosphere, the fans, it feels so close. Itís just a nice ballpark.

Thrill of a pennant race:
For everybody to be in a playoff race and to be on a contending team is what you want to accomplish being a baseball player.

Describe the weekend with scouts watching his first start back on Friday and the uncertainty leading up to the trade deadline:

I didnít think anything about it until Sunday before 1. Usually it takes time to get a trade done. I was looking at the clock to see pretty much where I was going and 30 seconds before the clock ended I got traded.

Pitching in the AL East:
Itís nice. I spent five years here and it brings back memories and itís closer to home. I only live seven hours from here and the travels way better here.

Right now I feel good. Right now I donít really have any concerns.

Adjustments playing in a big market:
When youíre on the mound you just do what you can. Adjustments, I mean, I donít think you have to change what you do day-in, day-out. You just go out there and do the same thing and try to help the team win.

Side-session a couple weeks ago here:
I didnít really pay attention. I was just concentrating on throwing strikes and getting the ball down.

Clubhouse reception:
Good. I said Ďhií to all the guys. Theyíre all new guys. I only know Lackey and McDonald, that I played with in Double-A. So, itíll take time to get to know everybody and, hopefully, I donít screw up any names.

Jon Lester:
Iíve seen him pitch for a couple years, and heís a great pitcher. Iíll probably sit beside him on the bench and pick his brain.

Working with Varitek and Saltalamacchia:
It may take a couple games to get on the same page like anybody else. You canít just guess every pitch. Itíll take a little time, but itís an easy adjustment.

Curt Young:
I donít know much. We spent that time in Japan for a couple days, but Iíll get to know him in the next couple weeks and weíll just go from there.

Iíll just come in here and do what I can. Thereís no sense in putting more pressure if thatís not going to help. Sometimes when you put more pressure, you donít do as good. Iíve just got to come in here and do what I can to help this ball team win.

Arm strength:
Iíve just got to get my pitch count up. Last game, I threw 63 I think. This time I;ll probably go to 80 and then a hundred and Iíll be fine.

Last start:
Just the control. That might take a game or two, but I felt good. So thatís pretty much the bottom line.

Playing in the postseason for the first time:
It means the world. You play this game to be in a playoff, to play in a world series and win a world series. So itís a great opportunity and Iím going to do the best I can.

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