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Ask Nick: Why is Gomes hitting second?

Posted by Matt Pepin, Boston.com Staff  June 4, 2013 10:00 AM

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How long does a prospect typically have to perform well before being moved up to the next level? For example a guy like Garin Cecchini has been hitting very well at Salem and it doesn't appear there is really a great third baseman in front of him at Portland.
Adam, Clarkston, Mich.
No formula. I know Theo Epstein thought a kid should have 500 Triple A at-bats, but there doesnít seem to be any proof thatís beneficial. Cecchini will likely get moved soon. Sometimes you want the kid to taste success and build confidence before exposing him to the next level.

After a hot start, Mike Napoli turned into a swing-and-miss strikeout machine for the month of May. Am I the only one concerned about this? Two homers in a month (seems like it anyway) and a ton of strikeouts isn't cutting it for a cleanup hitter.
Steve, Springfield, Va.

You wrote this before Saturdayís game. Heís picked it up pretty well since then. Heís a swing and miss guy, but when he connects, he does some serious damage. Heís not a concern.

Do you think Will Middlebrooks' wrist injury from last year has affected his hitting this year? It seems like his bat speed is slower, and he is not getting around on a fastball.
John, Greenville, Maine
Who knows? Only he knows that. Heís had two other injuries since that, so heís beaten up pretty good. Iím sure all of that, plus the sophomore adjustments heís had to make, have affected his bottom line. His next challenge is to overcome all of that and take the next step. Itís not easy.

Why haven't the Red Sox ever tried to get Fernando Rodney? He is the best after Mariano Rivera.
Diaz, Quebec
I think Papelbon is the best closer after Rivera. Itís never come up about Rodney. They traded for Andrew Bailey when Rodney was with Tampa Bay.

I love John Farrell as a manager, but has there been any discussion about his overusage of the pitchers? Also, there have been some very strange lineups lately. I know this point has been brought up a lot recently, but Dustin Pedroia is not a No. 3 hitter.
Ethan, Baltimore
Great questions Ethan. One thing Iíve learned about Farrell is he doesnít like babying pitchers. If youíre supposed to be a horse for this team, then be a horse. Thatís why Jon Lester pitches deep and throws a lot of pitches Ė heís the horse. They want Clay Buchholz to be that horse as well. They want him well over 200 innings, maybe even 220 before itís over. As for the bullpen, managers always wear them out. They try not to, but they do. Thatís why you have to have depth. Joe Girardi is one of the best at managing a bullpen. I think Farrell has done OK there. Heís tried to stay away from Koji Uehara back-to-back. Heís had a few injuries and has had to mix and match. Iím not concerned yet. Bottom line on his lineups Ė theyíre producing. I donít like Pedroia third either, but the lineups see a lot of pitches, grind out at-bats. Hard to complain. Best wishes to your uncle Daryl. If heís a Red Sox fan, heís strong.

The names you mentioned about possibly acquiring at the trade deadline are top names, something that has gotten us in trouble in the past. I think a power arm to possibly replace Hanrahan could be Brian Wilson? A hitter with pop I was thinking of was Josh Willingham.
Sean, Southington, Conn.
Big name players can be good. I donít think Cliff Lee is going to let you down. Brian Wilson is a rehab guy. You wouldnít choose him and depend on him to be your closer. You could add him to your bullpen for sure, but you canít take that chance with a rehab guy. Willingham is a good player. Always liked him. As long as Nava hits, you wonít see a move like that.

Why has Rubby De La Rosa been starting for Pawtucket and pitching four and only four innings? Do the Sox see him as a starter or a relief pitcher? Also, why doesn't Junichi Tazawa start?
Andrew, State College, Penn.
De La Rosa is being stretched out slowly after returning from Tommy John surgery. Youíll see him go six or seven shortly. The Red Sox think he can help in their bullpen later this season if thereís a need. But heís remaining a starter in the minors. Tazawa was a starter, but after his TJ surgery, the Red Sox felt he was better off out of the bullpen. I agree.

Iglesias seems ready as a starting shortstop. He's great in the majors, but in a funk when optioned. Should we trade Drew to give him the job, and also trade Carp to allow a platoon of Gomes and Bradley in left field?
Alan, Concord
Of course Iglesias is ready to start in the majors. He was ready out of camp. I donít think theyíll trade Drew. Heís a veteran presence at an important position, so theyíll keep him. I donít foresee any deal of the extra outfielders. Victorino will be back in due time and things will look different out there.

The Sox are really fun to watch again and really seem to like each other. I know Ellsbury staying here has been ruled out by everyone, but do you think that with the new attitude that he may now be willing to stay?
John, Marstons Mills
Heís always been willing to stay. Itís up to the Red Sox if they want him.

What is Ryan Kalish doing?
Al, Pensacola, Fla.

Working out in Fort Myers.

What's wrong with Jerry Remy? Replacements are terrible - far too long winded and repetitive to boot.
Tom, Fairfax, Va.
Allergies is what NESN is reporting.

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