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Ask Nick: Who makes playoff roster?

Posted by Matt Pepin, Boston.com Staff  September 5, 2013 01:45 PM

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Regardless of the level he is playing at, what happened to Ryan Lavarnway's power?
David, East Bridgewater
The Red Sox ask the same question, with no real answer except that maybe he lost too much weight.

Why are people clamoring for Dempster or Lackey to be traded?
Tim, Westfield, NY
I wouldnít say they're clamoring, but I think they have to make room for some of their young starters. Allen Webster is probably ready for the bigs by next season. Henry Owens isnít far off. Brandon Workman could also be a rotation guy next season. I think one of the vets goes. Not sure which guy, but Doubront, Dempster, Lackey and maybe even Lester (because his contract is up after the Sox pick up the option for 2014) are candidates.

Do you have any idea why baseball players regularly refer to themselves as "you" instead of "I" during interviews? For example, John MacDonald commented on the trade like this: "When youíre out of a race I guess in the back of your mind you hope that youíll get the opportunity to go somewhere to play in a pennant race, especially as you put more years in the game and you know you donít have as many years left..."
Mick, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Probably to steer attention off themselves is my guess. Heís also speaking generally about players in the same boat, I think.

I am really curious about the Daniel Bard situation. I still believe he has the talent and could be a valuable member of the bullpen in the future. What is your take on the situation?
Jake, Sheridan, Wyo.
I think we all know by now that the problem is mental. He needs help through a psychologist to help solve this issue of not being able to throw a strike. I think the mechanical stuff has been worked on with him over and over. Thereís a mental hurdle he canít seem to cross and therein lies the problem. There must be some mechanism that triggers a positive response when he throws and I think thatís where we are. Heís a Cub now and we wish him the best.

Why haven't I heard Greg Colbrunn's name mentioned at all year? He is still the hitting coach right?
Stephen, Pensacola, Fla.
Very quiet guy. Does a good job. Doesnít do many interviews. Quietly works behind the scenes.

I am tired of games that run on forever. I recently saw I have some good company in that Cal Ripken commented that he likes to watch condensed games on his iPad. I would like to know if you think there is any feasible way to speed up games?
Michael, Arlington, Va.
I think itís impossible because a whole new culture has developed of seeing a lot of pitches and ďgrinding outĒ at-bats. How often have you heard that phrase? Thatís the culture thatís taken over, so you can try some things but it wonít make a difference. This is baseball in 2013.

While reading your story about Stephen Drew this week ("Red Sox just might stick with Stephen Drew"), I was impressed how upbeat and candid Drew was about wanting to stay with the team next year. Which got me wondering: Why isn't Drew's teammate and fellow Scott Boras client Jacoby Ellsbury being equally candid about wanting to stay in Boston Ė that is if he does want to stay?
Tom, Latham, NY
Both of them want to stay in Boston and Boras wants both in Boston. Whether the asking price will be met is another story. I think Boston would go 5/75 on Ellsbury. If thatís not good enough, thatís a good offer and he can make the decision to walk away. Drew would stay, but I donít see Boston offering more than two years with Deven Marerro not far from the big leagues and the team still uncertain about which position Xander Bogaerts will play.

It seems to me that the Red Sox should not have brought up Bogaerts and should have let him finish at Pawtucket. He has done OK so far in the majors but Farrell continues to sit him too much. I guess there is no easy answer but if he is to be used the way he has so far I think it would be better to play Middlebrooks and Drew until one or both of them sink.
Ron, Cuenca, Ecuador
There wasnít much left of the minor league season so there are no development issues. Heís gaining valuable major league experience after a full minor league season. Leaving a couple of weeks early isnít going to kill his development. Heís hitting against major leaguers and thatís significant for a kid that age.

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