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Jake Peavy on Replay System: 'This Is a Joke, Itís Embarrassing'

Matthew J. Lee / Globe Staff

Righthander Jake Peavy was obviously frustrated after the first game of Thrusdayís doubleheader loss to the Rays. Frustrated as much by the Red Sox, 2-1, loss and his first loss of the season, falling to 1-1 with a 2.87 ERA.

But more so by Sox seventh-inning loss of a replay challenge which would have tied the game, dropping the Sox to 1-for-5 in video replays this season.

With the Sox trailing by a run with one out in the seventh and Dustin Pedroia on first base, David Ortiz banged a double off the wall in left-center. Pedroia was running all the way as third base coach Brian Butterfield waved him on. But the throw from Rays left fielder Matt Joyce to shortstop Yunel Escobar to catcher Jose Molina arrived at the plate at almost the same time as Pedroia, with Molina applying the tag.

The play was reviewed but the call on the field stood. Video evidence must be clear and convincing for the on-field call to be reversed.

Peavy believed the video provided just that kind of evidence.

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ďThereís no doubt. No doubt. I saw the same thing you guys saw, clearly on the replays,Ē Peavy said. ď I donít know, I guess it canítíbe close. If itís close, theyíre going to seem to stick to the call. Itís hard for me to talk right now.

ďItís extremely frustrating. We as a whole got to get our act together, because this is a joke. Itís embarrassing for fans and everybody to see. Of course he touched the plate. He slid dirt over the top of the plate, got tagged after the fact.

ďItís extremely frustrating. Like I said, I donít know what's going to happen but something clearly needs to happen.

ďI just donít understand how you can watch replay and, whatís the hold-up. I just want explanations. ĎOh, we didnít have the replays that we got in New York.í Címon. Then weíre not ready for replay if thatís the case. And today when a call thatís obviously close Ė I understand, Iíll give it to you itís close, but when you err on the side of what I think we all saw and thatís him touching the plate. Itís extremely frustrating when that decides ballgames.

ďWe agreed to replay to get the calls right. Thatís the reason we agreed for this to happen. And to not get them right I donítí want to hear anybodyís explanation. I know what I see. You canít talk me into anything different when you see what you see. Dustin Pedroia was clearly safe. Albeit close, but clearly safe. I donít know what else to say.Ē

Peavy was a supporter of initiating the video replay system.

ďI was,Ē he said. ďWho isnít supportive calls that decide the ballgame is what we tried to do. If these calls decide the outcome of the game, letís get them right. I have no problems with slowing the game, even stopping the game for that to happen. When you go through that and you donít get the call right, which has happened on numerous occasions against us, I don't know how you want us to have a good attitude and be all for it.Ē

What can be done now?

ďI donít know,Ē Peavy said. ďCall it like they see it. Get the call right, thatís what we can do. I donít know if weíre trying to protect people or I donít know what weíre doing. Yeah, get the call right. Thatís what I thought was in place.Ē