#DearRedSox: Boston’s Letter to its Last Place Team

Some week for the Red Sox, right? Well, then again, this whole season’s been rough. Sometimes it’s best to put your emotions in writing. If you could write a letter to the Red Sox about this year, what would it say? Tweet your thoughts with the hashtag #DearRedSox and make your voice heard. Was Sox Fire Sale Aimed at Something Bigger? Mazz: What’s the Plan Here? Meet the New Red Sox Lester's Twitter Gives Hope For Reunion Lester, Henry Share a Moment Finn: Tough to Lose Lester, But Cespedes Fascinating

The Question for the Red Sox: What's the Plan?

Have the Red Sox gotten a bit lucky, or are we selling ownership short?

Jon Lester’s Twitter Gives Hope to Those Wishing for a Red Sox Reunion

For those looking for signs of optimism that the lefty could come back to Boston in free agency, here’s an interesting note from social media on Thursday. Here They Are: Meet the New Red Sox Trade Deadline Wrap Up: Whirlwind Day of Deals for the Red Sox

Finn: Tough to See Lester Go, but Cespedes is Fascinating

Don't know about you, but I know which team I'm rooting for this postseason. They wear green and gold, feature a lot of familiar faces, and just picked up one hell of a lefthanded pitcher today.

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