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Potential No. 1 Pick in 2015 NBA Draft Signs Lucrative Deal in China

An American high school basketball star has spurned high-profile college coaches John Calipari and Larry Brown to sign a big-money deal in China.

More Trades Seem Inevitable for Celtics

Danny Ainge has created another logjam throughout the Celtics roster by adding Evan Turner to the mix. The move makes it likely we see additional deals in the coming months.

Getting Crushed By Kobe Bryant in H-O-R-S-E Looks Exactly Like You Think It Would

If you've ever wondered how a game of H-O-R-S-E would go with an NBA superstar, now you know.

Celtics Debut New Alternate Logo

The Celtics released their new alternate logo on Monday.

Cleveland on Verge of Signing Wiggins, So What's Next for Kevin Love?

If the Cavs sign Andrew Wiggins they'll be unable to trade him for 30 days.

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