Bruins to face cap penalty in 2011-12

The NHL’s cap for 2011-12 is $64.3 million. However, the Bruins’ ceiling will be $63.17 million, a result of an overage from last season.

Mostly because of bonuses Mark Recchi hit in 2010-11, the Bruins will be operating under a $1.13 million cap penalty in 2011-12. That is the number by which the Bruins exceeded the $59.4 million ceiling last season.

The $1.13 penalty is not as stiff as the overage the Bruins carried in 2010-11. With Tuukka Rask achieving all of his bonuses in 2009-10 (the netminder had a $3.2 million cap hit), the Bruins had a $1,759,795 penalty last year, according to


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