Graphing pre-break performance


Credit for this post goes to reader Andrew Fraker, who charted the Celtics’ performance in the 54 games before the All-Star break in the graph above (click for a larger view).

The chart splits home and away performance and then compares that to the performance of last year’s team. The Celtics are 40-14. At the break last year they were 32-18, which means that from a results-based approach, you’d expect the numbers to be better this season. But breaking it down from the chart, some things pop out:

— The Celtics are starting games better this season, leading by just under two points on the road and just over two points at home after the first quarter.


— The third quarter tended to be when the Celtics made their runs last season. This season they’re closing games better and building more leads in the fourth.

— Overall, the Celtics trended better on the road last season than at home. This season it’s the opposite.

Thanks again to Andrew for taking the time to compile the data.