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Moss backed

Posted by Charles P. Pierce  September 9, 2010 11:48 AM

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The historical record forces us to remember that, back in 2008, with 2:42 remaining in the game, Randy Moss caught a pass from Tom Brady and scored what could have been the winning touchdown in a Super Bowl. And it would have been, had Asante (Why Didn't They Pay The Guy?) Samuel been able to hang onto an easy interception, or if True Patriot Ty Warren had been able to hang onto Eli Manning, or if True Patriot Rodney Harrison been able to make a play on David Tyree.

(Or, even, perhaps, had True Patriot Bill Belichick decided to kick a field goal in the third quarter instead of going for it on fourth-and-14.-- which is worse than the now legendary fourth-and-two -- which would have had Plaxico Burress still leaving the Giants one point behind there on the greatest play of the pre-incarceration period of his life.)

I mention all of this because, if you're lining up Randy Moss as this year's scapegoat, and you all know who you are, you should at least remember it. Some people have come just a little unhinged on the topic. Is he high-maintenance? Of course, he is. Does he take plays off? Probably, but there are only two kinds of players in the NFL -- players who take plays off, and liars. Did he once inconvenience NFL immortal Daunte Culpepper? Probably. Did he once inconvienence the coaching staff of the Oakland Raiders? So does thinking.

All of this was true back in 2007, too, when Moss put up one of the greatest seasons any wideout ever did, and would have scored the winning touchdown in a Super Bowl, had various other people done their jobs. But the groundwork already has been done by which Randy Moss is going to get blamed for whatever bad happens to the team this season. (Please see: "Ramirez, Manny" for historical precedent in this regard.)

With the defense looking sketchy, and with the running game depending on ancient legs, and with the early-morning traffic patterns in Back Bay being what they are, the season has very little margin for error to begin with. Randy Moss is the best wide receiver of his generation by a margin that is close to ludicrous. And he's here, playing for a contract. Getting giddy about trading and/or cutting him for reasons of "the intangibles" requires the giddy to explain, in detail, how his loss in any way would benefit the team in general, and the offense in particular. I would be dying to hear this because I think great hilarity would ensue.

But whatever you do, don't bring it up to the quarterback. He's had a hard enough day.

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