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Posted by Charles P. Pierce  February 6, 2011 11:44 PM

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Well, that has to have been the Bad Hands Super Bowl of all time. First, Christina Aguilera absolutely Goulet's the Anthem. Did she blow an entire verse, or just a couple of lines? The crowd in John Stockton's father's joint was unclear.

(BTW, NFL, God Bless America and the Anthem? And the fly-by? Could you militarize this event just a tad more? And what in the name of the FSM was the point of giving us both Sam Elliott and Michael Douglas for the pregame Heroic Voiceover Brigade? And, Michael Douglas, how exactly do we link JFK's inaugural, MLK's Dream speech, the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima, Ali's KO of Liston in Lewiston, and this football game? A journey? More like a trip, actually. The pregame show was what Leni Riefenstahl would have done had she emigrated here as a child and gone to work for Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price.)

Then, it has to be said, the Green Bay receivers must be eternally grateful that their team won the game. Otherwise, every one of them would have had to take out TRO's against Aaron Rodgers for the entire offseason. This Blog never has seen so many drops of so many critical passes, including two obvious touchdowns.

That said, the Packers looked every bit the superior team, and they pretty plainly had watched that Patriots-Steelers game film quite a bit. How did this Piitsburgh team get a reputation for playing great defense? They couldn't make any plays when they had to, and the biggest defensive play came on Clay Matthews's perfect tackle that jarred the ball loose from Rashad Mendenhall. That was how you make a play that wins a championship game.Dom Capers wins the defensive-coordinator trophy over Dick LeBeau, that's for certain.


As for Rodgers, he really did look like he had some happy feet on a number of occasions yesterday, but he had long stretches in which he was allowed to get his feet under him and go through his progressions. (Want the unsung heroes? Try the Packer offensive line.The Steelers didn't protect Ben Roethlisberger half so well.) That turned out to be the difference in the game.

A lot of people very important to This Blog from its college days in America's Dairyland are very happy tonight. That, it thinks, is enough.


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