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Man, oh, man

Posted by Eric Wilbur, Boston.com Staff July 25, 2008 07:51 AM

It certainly has been a summer full of fawning over the final days of Yankee Stadium. The House that Ruth didn’t really Build has mere months left on the baseball landscape, and everyone, it seems, has a personal memory to share.

In today’s Harwich Oracle, Cape Cod League president Judy Walden Scarafile tells the tale of her first experience at Yankee Stadium during the 1970 Cape Cod league All-Star Game, when she was forcibly removed from the press box by the old boys’ network of the time.

It was about 45 minutes from game time when a reporter from the New York Times sitting next to me leaned over and said, "You know you are creating quite a stir." I had no idea what he was talking about and I answered "really?"

He replied, “There has never been a woman in the Yankee Stadium Press Box before ... you are the first."

Well, part of me thought that was pretty neat and the other part of me thought that was pretty stupid — that women had not been allowed in this "hallowed" space. How ridiculous!

Ridiculous or not, it was true.

It was not long after that a security guard came to escort me out. I refused to move and called League Publicist Dick Bresciani, who was getting the lineup in the dugout. Bresh, who would later go on to a successful career with the Boston Red Sox, made some calls to the executives in the stadium front office and called back. " I’m sorry, they won’t let you sit there. You have to move."

How positively ludicrous I thought. At that point the guard grabbed me by the arm and escorted me to a seat two rows behind the press box. I sat there overlooking a virtually empty press box and watched the game.

Old-time sportswriting, when sexism took no vacation. Even for an amateur All-Star Game.

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  1. Same people who didn't want them in the locker room.

    It was never about the players' privacy, it was about dinosaurs protecting their jobs.

    Posted by Josh July 25, 08 12:16 PM
  1. It soooooo redonkulious that this happened. I am glad this woman fought for the rights of hard working sportscasters like Hazel Mae and Heidi Whatney. I will take off my pink hat in her honor tonight while I eat my Caprese Salad with my Stoli Vanilla and Diet Coke at Game On tonight before I start my usual "Yankees Suck" chant. I hope to get in the game tonight. Welcome back Big Poppy!!!! I am outie!!

    Posted by Caroline P. Hat July 25, 08 02:12 PM
  1. That is absolutley crazy that in this day an age there is stil some dinosaur ways of thinking individuals running large organizations.

    Posted by Boston Knucklehead July 26, 08 08:44 AM
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    Posted by busby SEO Challenge July 28, 08 12:19 AM
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