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Just go away...

Posted by Eric Wilbur, Boston.com Staff July 31, 2008 07:37 AM

You know what we don’t “deserve?” This.

Any of this.

Trade him for a pair of prospects and a coupon good for a free stack of waffles (after 2 p.m.) at Bickfords for all I care at this point. Just do something. Anything to rid us of the headache that is L’affaire Manny Ramirez.

Jason Bay. Michael Bay. Willow Bay. Buzzards Bay. Whatever. I’m seriously not sure I can take another 2-3 months of Ramirez whining about his payday in lieu of helping his teammates win another World Series. Thanks for the memories and all, Manny, but this has to end.

In the latest sign that he’s either more clueless or brilliantly savvier than we ever gave him credit for, Ramirez told ESPN Deportes yesterday that the Red Sox “don’t deserve a player like me.” He’s right. They sure as hell don’t.

No team deserves to be sabotaged by its star thanks not only to his annual hissy fit, but because his lucriferous agent is likely pulling the strings on the marionette stage up in the Green Monster seats. While the rest of his mates are out trying (and not very well, at that) to win games, there’s the disenchanted left fielder, who can’t get by on $168 million.

"The Red Sox did the same with guys like Nomar Garciaparra and Pedro Martínez, and now they do the same with me,” Ramirez continued. “Their goal is to paint me as the bad guy.”

Hey, guess what, Manny, you ARE the bad guy here. And just to set the record straight, Garciaparra turned down a $60 million deal only to pout through the first four months of the 2004 season before finally being traded – a landmark deal that you might remember, sparked your first World Series run. Pedro? The Red Sox didn’t want to go the fourth year that the Mets were willing to provide. This, mind you, a season after John Henry approved the $17.5 million option on his contract a year early.

In fact, come to think of it, they did the exact opposite of what they’re doing with you. They actually wanted those guys.

They no longer want you, and now, thanks to the recent fortnight of having to put up with your latest whims the fans are increasingly turning their backs on you as well. Here’s a hint, comparing yourself to the egomaniacal Brett Favre doesn’t exactly win you much favor anywhere with anyone. Sports fans would give anything for that soap opera to just go away.

Same with you.

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  1. how ironic. the two people in sports that i'd most like to be placed on a rocketship and blasted into the deepest recesses of space, mentioned together on manny's little sign of his! awesome!

    Posted by benjikaye22 July 31, 08 08:32 AM
  1. Well said, Eric. This guy has gone from a funny eccentric to a malcontent quitter to a team destroying selfish troll. I find it interesting/amusing that he contends/pretends that the Sox did the same character assassination on Nomar and Pedro, when clearly, to anyone paying attention, they did themselves in, just like Manny is doing now. Thanks for the many hits, home runs, and being a part of two long awaited World Series Championship teams. Now don't let the door hit you in the....you're no longer a Red Sox.

    Posted by Mike July 31, 08 09:04 AM
  1. Finally someone describing the petulant adolescent Ramirez like he really is. Good riddance. A major letdown if this fool is still with the Sox tomorrow!
    Manny has been the selfish 'bad guy' for years on the '8 man team'!

    Posted by Jim M. July 31, 08 09:08 AM
  1. Yeah, the Brett Favre sign was the last, final, really last this time, straw. That wasn't cute. The Red Sox and RSN do not deserve this. I wish Manny the same success that Nomar and Pedro have seen since departing the friendly confines...

    Posted by Bob July 31, 08 09:09 AM
  1. Hate to see manny go, but it will be good for both him and the SOX, but only send him to the NL, can't have him hurting the NATION in September

    Posted by JOBA CHAMBERLIN July 31, 08 09:24 AM
  1. I remember being shocked when Nomar was traded. There was no real lead up to it, unlike this current Manny situation. Fans weren't left feeling relieved when Nomar was traded, in fact, most were at first upset. This shows the Sox were not trying to get the fans against Nomar.

    Manny? He's doing all the work for himself. I don't see too many teammates coming to his defense.

    Posted by mjb July 31, 08 09:28 AM
  1. Manny's absolutely right. The Red Sox don't deserve a player like him.
    They deserve someone who will play hard, not whine about a perceived lack of respect, and keep his mouth closed instead of bashing his employers for his own purposes.

    There are thousands of players in the MLB systems who would gladly donate body parts for a hint of the talent Manny has been graced with or the opportunity he has had. Manny is a skilled and fortunate man - time for him to act like a grown-up one.

    Posted by Chuck Staples July 31, 08 09:34 AM
  1. Nomar did not turn down the $60 million, he made a counter offer indicating that he planned to stay(he and his wife bought a new house
    BTW) . The F.O. later reduced their offer to $48 million which was designed as an insult. He wasn't pouting, he was injured. The Sox F.O spread rumours via DanShank that he was faking. Stop the short cut narrative and give all the facts. You know that Nomar, unlike Manny, always played the game right. Give this Nomar bashing a rest.

    Posted by Maggie Pat July 31, 08 09:48 AM
  1. As a Marlins season ticket holder, I can tell you that the thought of Manny Ramirez in a Marlins uniform is a SCARY thought! We don't need his bat, and nobody needs his psycho issues. Being a big horse is fine, but you can't fix stupid.

    In fact, we don't need an outfielder at all. We need a catcher, and we need pitching help. And if we WERE looking for an outfielder, I'd much rather have Jason Bay or a half-dozen other guys than your head-case.

    If we get him for trade-bait to get pieces we actually need, that's okay, but I don't think anyone here in Miami wants to see him in a Marlins uniform.

    For a non-position player, Willow Bay would be an awesome addition to our franchise!

    Posted by Go Marlins July 31, 08 09:48 AM
  1. I personally enjoyed watching Manny play for the Sox, but this sort of behavior only makes him look foolish. Well, more foolish than usual. At this point, I think he should be traded. The thing is, if the Sox don't deserve him after winning 2 World Series' in 4 years, then who does deserve him?

    Posted by Matt July 31, 08 09:51 AM
  1. no Manny, no title. GO YANKS!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Derek Jeter July 31, 08 09:55 AM
  1. Eric,

    You are absolutely right on all counts !

    Nomar screwed up big time, but he didn't want to be here. That decision cost him some $ 30 million but some teams were willing to pay him $ 7 million a year anyway. I notice he just turned 35, once a naive, hustling player headed for the Hall of Fame, now an oft injured malcontent with a .315 lifetime average despite his lousy attitude and diminishing skills. Also, the Sox signed Nomar to a big contract after his rookie year when they could have paid him the minimum for a few years but rewarded him and this is what they got.

    The decision on Martinez was a good one. Look what's happened in NY. Same with Mo Vaughn a few years earlier.

    I love your honest assessments.

    Posted by Dave Graham July 31, 08 10:07 AM
  1. Typical fickle Boston fans. You don't deserve a player like Manny. He brings this city with 2 championships and gets driven out of town over trying to rest his sore knee. You know, trying to stay healthy so that he can contribute for the rest of this year. Oh wait, I forgot that everyone has decided that his knee doesn't really hurt at all and he made it up just so he wouldn't have to play because he's lazy.

    God forbid we have players with actual personalities in this city. Enjoy cheering for the corpse formally known as Varitek and Mr. Personality JD Drew. They'll be running hard to first on ground outs to the 2nd baseman for the rest of the year much to your satisfaction.


    Posted by Adam July 31, 08 10:08 AM

    Posted by PETER BOYLAN July 31, 08 10:08 AM
  1. Not sure where mjb is coming from saying "most" fans were upset about the Nomar trade. While the Nomar trade was kind of stunning, the knowledgeable fans I know were fully aware of what we were getting in Orlando Cabrera, and were quite pleased. I think more fans were sorry to see Cabrera go than were sorry to see Nomar move on.

    Posted by salemsoxfan July 31, 08 10:09 AM
  1. Bravo to Go Marlins. You are absolutely right - you can't fix stupid. I'm so tired of all the negative from Manny. His teammates do not deserve this. I don't care where he goes - I just want him gone.

    Posted by Go Sox July 31, 08 10:12 AM
  1. No Manny, no title? That may or may not be true, but they are not going to win a title this year with Manny either.

    Posted by Big Dog July 31, 08 10:14 AM
  1. If Theo doesn't get this deal done, THEN I'll be really upset. When the usually neutral Jerry Remy says on-air, "How'd that work out for Nomar and Pedro?" you know that things are much worse than the Manny drama we're used to. What happened to the oh-so-recent, "I want to finish my career here?" Scott Boras, the ultimate baseball cancer, that's what.

    Posted by No mas July 31, 08 10:14 AM
  1. Boston does not need this over-paid, ungrateful twit any longer.
    There are many out there, who would love to play in Beantown and be appreciated by adoring fans, who expect nothing but your all in each and every game.

    You can't live on 20 mill a year and be happy? If you're not happy here, you won't be anywhere.


    Posted by Lin Walker July 31, 08 10:15 AM
  1. if he really wants his money, i propose this:

    since we can't tie team performance into his contract(we learned that after we "accidentally" paid Curt a bonus), tell Manny, we will pick up your option if you shut up, play, and win World Series MVP this year.

    if he's about the money, he'll try his hardest. and we get another WS win (hopefully). if not....hey, we tried, thanks for your time here, and good luck.....

    Posted by Chris L. July 31, 08 10:16 AM
  1. Francona touched on something very interesting, and nobody seems to be talking about it. The trade deadline affects the team's play. If it weren't Manny, it would be someone else. Manny's not the bad guy, he's the latest. It doesn't bother me that the words Manny's putting together reflect his pain. He is a proud man, and no honest fan can deny he has every reason to be. Year after year, I am more disappointed in fans whose hypocritical reflections and shallow logic reveal a willingness to enjoy cheap shots toward an individual whom they don't know personally, but who has doubtlessly done the greater of the hard work and sacrifice in the relationship that is the fan-player love affair.

    It's easy to see, if you are willing, Manny's point of view. So, you are not willing? I can only hope, now, that the Powers That Be, for whatever reason, whether it is because he's too great a value or not, decide to keep Manny, and that he and the team rally to another Championship. It would satisfy my petty spitefulness to see Manny make one of his many great baseball plays to see you cheer once again for him in "your" beloved Red Sox uniform.

    Would that you ALL would "just go away"!

    Posted by Bill R July 31, 08 10:17 AM
  1. ATTN: All Manny apologist that think we can't win without Manny, Should the Sox sign him to a 40 year contract?Every other team in baseball has a left fielder not named Ramirez and some of them are doing quite well.. The man (child) is 35 years old and his skills have declined to the point where he will be a full time DH in the very near future. If he thinks he can get 100 million form somebody else, good for him. Trade him if you can , If not, have his going away party in November. The Sox have many issues, not brought on by Manny's flare up. With the bottom 3rd of the order unable to get any hits, it effectively turns the game into a 6 inning affair for the other 6 players.Theo please trade some of our "prospects" along with dead weight (Crisp, Cora, Cash,) and get back a catcher that can hit, relief pitcher that can get 3 guys out in one inning, and a short stop .

    Posted by Life long Sox Fan July 31, 08 10:22 AM
  1. Good ol' Boston fans - always so "knowledgeable"..if free agency had been an option, they would have run Ted Williams out of town too.

    All Manny Ramirez has done has been bring two world championships, something even the Splinter couldn't do, and be the best right-handed hitter in Red Sox history.

    The Sox DO know that Manny isn't getting any younger and want to dump him, and they are making sure that they don't look like the "bad guys" in sending a first-ballot Hall of Famer elsewhere.

    Here's hoping that Manny gets to finish his career in his hometown, wearing the Pinstripes for the Yankees resurgence to dominance.

    Posted by former Boston resident July 31, 08 10:29 AM
  1. Eric, what makes us so "entitled"...that we deserve this or that? Are you kidding me...

    The Knights of the Keyboard think they "deserve" the fine accomodations, food, and access and that they deserve to second guess managers and players each AM...that they somehow deserve to play a hand in team destiny...as a result they end up quoting old pols and fat cat executives, thinking they're getting a pulse on the fans and they use their lazy reporting to try to influence outcomes......In the old days it might have been "true" as there was no other power around BUT the press...owners held all the cards...But today that's quite different. The Knights of the Keyboard think they're tinkling out the tune, but you guys are pawns being played by a very shrewd agent who's orchestrated this nonsense for a very nice fee...aided and abetted by entitled writers who've managed to turn on nearly every HOF'er or near HOF'er to come down the pike.

    Posted by Richard Walega July 31, 08 10:32 AM
  1. This is all so stupid, as the Sox were probably NOT going to pick up the option anyway. Manny is 36 and fading, not worth $ 20 million. He is going to get his multi-year deal elsewhere, This is the obvious reason why he started acting up around July 4th. Manny is going to find out the hard way that his antics are only tolerated so much and he has certainly caused teams to now think twice about going after him in November.

    Posted by Greendale July 31, 08 10:34 AM
  1. good luck manny! the sox need to cut him loose and move on. it seems he is a distraction they do not need anymore. the way he plays now unless he hits a homerun he will not get to first base.

    Posted by john July 31, 08 10:41 AM
  1. I could understand this level of outrage if Manny were deliberately throwing games or just playing horribly over the past few games, but he hasn't. He's actually been one of the few that's been carrying the team - getting on base plenty and knocking in six runs over the past six games during a time when most of the lineup has been stuck in a big slump.

    I can kind of understand Wilbur's point here, and I guess it kind of comes down to a matter of opinion about the guy, but talk is cheap. Manny says tons of dumb stuff to get people all riled up, but in the end you've got to keep your head above it all. Or at least, I really hope the front office isn't getting sucked in the way some of these maniacal commenters are. If all we get is Jason Bay out of all this, congrats to the Pirates and to Manny and Boras.

    Posted by Jeff July 31, 08 10:53 AM
  1. Manny has his mouthpiece in Rojas. Red Sox management has their mouthpiece in Gammons. It all works out!

    Posted by Jonah Falcon July 31, 08 11:05 AM
  1. I think a trade for some gritty ballplayers would reignite the Dirt Dogs mentality and perhaps propel this team into the playoffs. This team is distracted and void of emotion and heart right now. That has to change.

    Posted by Bill July 31, 08 11:11 AM
  1. Former Boston... Ted Williams was an all-time great hitter that ran the bases and played the game hard. Manny is an all-time great hitter that acts like a child and takes 5.7 seconds to get to first (compared to 4 seconds like he's capable of). If we keep Manny, we look three months from now after getting bounced in the ALDS, do we ask ourselves if keeping him was worth it? Probably not. If we can get Jason Bay, it's not replacing him, but it certainly helps for next year with all the money it saves. Pull the trigger on this trade and it will be remembered similarly to the Nomar trade, only the WS title might come a year later. I think we should be fine with that.

    Posted by MNPunk July 31, 08 11:12 AM
  1. living in central florida, i don't have access to all the stories about manny. but, what have the red sox supposedly done to make manny feel unwanted? or , is just that the sox are waiting to pick up his option and that has manny and scott boras mad?

    Posted by adrian roux July 31, 08 11:25 AM
  1. Why is Red Sox Nation so sheep-like? Honestly! Anything written by the Globe - you know, part owner of the Red Sox and firmly placed in Larry Lucchno's back pocket (chb, anyone?) - should be taken as nothing more than the red sox propaganda machine that it is.

    NOTHING that Manny said to ESPN Desportes last night was inaccurate. The Red Sox front office plays RSN for the fools they are.

    Good bye, Manny. May you have a long and properous career and may it all come back to bite Theo, Larry and Tom in the perverbial arse.

    Posted by Theresa July 31, 08 11:35 AM
  1. What have the Red Sox done to paint Manny as the bad guy?

    It's plain and simple - the Red Sox have put up with these shenanigans for the last eight years. It's become a summer tradition - Manny complaining about his contract, Manny deciding he wants to play for [insert name of MLB team here], Manny faking an injury to getting out of the All-Star game...

    ...yet he still performs. Point is, we're not going to win without Manny Ramirez. Isn't winning the ultimate goal?

    Posted by Denizen of Titletown July 31, 08 11:45 AM
  1. Julio Lugo had the balls to come to his defense. He should keep his useless ass shut! If he really wants to earn his money he can help Manny with his luggage

    Posted by scottG July 31, 08 11:56 AM
  1. Yaah manny is getting old but the saying goes better the devil you know.Manny does his job if need be and drive in another win.Right now we are going to be in third position by tomorrow if things dont change.All this will affect the team in one way or the other.Why dont we put aside everything on manny business, have the management sit with manny and figure out

    Posted by mrs bett July 31, 08 12:07 PM
  1. As a Yankee fan, I wish he'd sign a 10 year deal with the Sox. The guy is a disgrace and always has been. He shows no respect for the game, himself or his teammates. Give me 1 pro like Matsui over 100 Manny's any day. Have to agree with Schilling when he asks "Why after all this stuff in all the years, why is that like the breaking point?" He would have been run out of New York the first time he showed up with that baggy uni and shaggy head.

    Posted by Bigdog55 July 31, 08 12:17 PM
  1. Keep Manny. Dump the Blog

    Posted by AC July 31, 08 12:19 PM
  1. Nomar always played the game right?? Are you kidding? He was soooo negative about everything in his last days. He was never as bad as Manny was - but he was using his "injury" as an excuse to get revenge for lowering the contract, which oddly enough wasn't an insult, it was FAIR MARKET VALUE for a player who obviously was not nearly the player he was two years prior. Nomar was a cancer and getting rid of him was a great move.

    Posted by kevin July 31, 08 12:25 PM
  1. Is it not plain and simple? You get paid millions and millions of dollars. There is no two sides to the story, there's no the red sox are right, manny's right. You get paid to play baseball. More than most people could make in ten lifetimes. Shut the hell up and play.

    Posted by Kevin July 31, 08 12:32 PM

    Posted by PHEALY July 31, 08 12:34 PM
  1. Well, you've got to give credit to Manny for one thing...He was successful at doing what he accused management of doing...turning fans against him. What a selfish bonehead. With a little luck, he will finish the season playing like he has a contract depending on it....Doubtful.

    Posted by kdogwc July 31, 08 12:54 PM
  1. I'm going to laugh in two weeks when Manny gets a game winning hit and the Fenway Faithful give him a standing ovation.

    Posted by J-Bone July 31, 08 01:00 PM
  1. I don't know what to think. I have supported and loved Manny all the years he has played for us. I stuck up for him through everything. I am surrounded by Yankee fans that always put him down and I was always there defending all of the things he has done. How am I supposed to feel now? I have no idea. Yesterday hurt a lot. I knew he would pull this sh*@ again this year at this time but I didn't think he'd go this far. What was the real story with Youkalis and that old guy he hit this year? Can we win without him? We already are suffering offensively as it is. The loyalty in baseball sucks and I am feeling very depressed today.

    Posted by Jenn July 31, 08 01:03 PM
  1. Let me get this straight, Schilling holds the team hostage last fall to squeeze a contract he never intended on fulfilling. Josh Beckett loafs through the season, and Ramirez is the bad apple. It seems to me the only thing Ramirez has done wrong is not be an outspoken white man. You Red Sox fans are truly pathetic. This whole season the team has played sub par baseball and all you want to do is blame one of the best players ever to wear th uniform because he doesn't "run out" a ground ball in the middle of July. Go ahead and run him out of town, you've all wanted too for years, even while he was winning you sad sacks TWO world series'. That's two more than Yaz, Ted Williams, Jim Rice, and Roger Clemens did here. The hell with all of you losers. The Red Sox don't deserve a player like Ramirez and neither does it's fickle, racist fans.

    Posted by donewithyou July 31, 08 01:09 PM
  1. First and foremost...Peop....GET A LIFE!!! donewithyou...you can get a life also!! Without Torre...there's no hope for your evil empire. 2nd, Eric...very well said! I like Manny but am starting to hate the person he has allowed himself to become. Although he has given a great deal to Boston, let us not forget all that Boston has given to Manny. I don't see him being half as successful anywhere else. Donewithyou...give it a rest!! Once again it has nothing to do with race.....just another lame excuse for a guy to be an absolute idiot! Red Sox Nation will go on..with or without Manny.

    Posted by Stacey Angers July 31, 08 01:25 PM
  1. Are the people taking Mannys side actually watching these games? He loafs around until its his turn to bat, its a joke. I loved the guy probably my favorite player of all time, but his act is old and tired. Its the same every year. He'll complain the rest of the year if hes not traded. And all you Yankee fans here, go ahead and pay him 100 mil next year. he'll be about as good as Damon to you, 1 good year...You want Pedro too, Nomar? Dont act like were "sheep" and ignorant fans, your the idiots that booed Jeter cause he was in a slump and trash Arod. Those guys play hard everyday...

    Posted by Mike July 31, 08 01:30 PM
  1. Having never seen Ted run, I can't say if he always ran out grounders to first. That said, he was a terrible fielder by all accounts, he was moody and often nasty -- and none of that changes the fact that he was a great great hitter and an interesting subject.

    Manny's goofy, moody and says dumb things (of course, people complained when he DIDN'T talk too) -- he's a subpar baserunner and fielder -- and he is a great, great hit who has helped bring two titles to Boston. Why complain about him complaining? Get over it. The situation will work itself out.

    He wants to go and it might be time, but I am reminded yet again that people would rather be angry than have perspective.

    Posted by jayb July 31, 08 01:45 PM
  1. The Sox need to keep Manny. He is a future hall of famer and you want to trade him for a run of the mill outfielder. If the Sox do this trade for Jason Bay they might as well trade Manny for Kevin Millar. Yes, Manny is like a spoiled 12 year old but he is a spoiled 12 year old who has more baseball talent than 99.999% of the world. So to quote Teddy KGB from Rounders, "Pay the man his money".

    Posted by Dave 'Go' Gabbin July 31, 08 01:48 PM
  1. Playing the race card - that's intelligent.

    I guess I'm racist - my favorite player was Jim Rice.

    Posted by ajg July 31, 08 01:51 PM
  1. Man, I love Manny!! as a player and he is an entertainer. You all need to stop getting so personal about the guy, you do not even know him. You are all tipical Red Sox fan!! Happy when everything is going good and complain when everything is going bad. You are ALL LIKE MANNY!!

    Posted by ivan July 31, 08 02:20 PM
  1. The Sox should pick up both years on his contract, then trade him to an awful team. That way he can't get the benefit of scoring his big contract after the way he acted.

    Posted by Ben July 31, 08 03:06 PM
  1. I'm soooo tired of this aspect of Manny Being Manny. Yeah, it's great when he's fun and good things happen. But when he couldn't care less about the outcome of his actions, we should all care.
    We cannot continue to see him not really put himself into catching the ball, rolling, stumbling and sitting on it, or perhaps one more time of not hustling up the base path, or that effortless swing, cause to him that's good enough.

    I don't think it's the front office as much as Manny would say it is. We don't hear them come out with a new soundbite every day about how they aren't happy. They deal with his infantcy, though perhaps not behind closed doors when they tell him enough is enough...you're going for an MRI. That's when the child pitches a fit in public to embarrass the parent.

    His actions are putting a damper on the team, they can't say it in public, they are a team.

    I do hate the end of a era with the 1-2 punch but I think it's time to move on, and if Jason Bay's numbers are what they seem. I'm all for seeing him join "our team"

    Posted by Debbie Cook July 31, 08 03:08 PM
  1. This is crazy! Manny is a pure hitter and most likely one of the all time best right handed hitters ever to play the game. I know Manny has some quirkiness to him, and I do not agree with his latest comments made to the press, but come on. Manny contributed greatly to both World Series won by the Sox...and he is a Yankee killer. I loved his homer in Game 2 of the ALDS last year...why shouldn't he be happy! There is no value out there that the Sox can get to replace his production.

    The real issue is his new agent - Scott Borris - who does not know a thing about baseball. First, he tells the highest paid player in the league to walk away from his contract to find out that no team was willing to pay him more - not even the team he walked from! Now, Scott Borris is filling Manny's head with bad ideas and he is not a fan of the two options the Sox hold on his client. He thinks Manny is worth more than $20mm a year. Well, I am not sure he is - especially given other contracts out there and Manny's age (not to mention his on and off again attitude that he has been displaying).

    The Sox will need to sit down with Manny after the trade deadline passes with no deal. The front office needs to tell him that he is here for the duration of the year and that if he plays well, the Sox would be willing to offer a longer deal (4 years) worth something south of $20mm a year guaranteed but with incentives that could make the entire deal worth about $100mm. The incentives could include home runs, RBIs, hits, or gold glove. Hell - make a deal that would give him $5 mm if he wins a gold glove! I would also tell him, that this is an A-Rod like negotiation - no Borris!

    MLB should step in and stop Mr. Borris from destroying the game and the players he represents.

    Posted by FanofManny July 31, 08 03:37 PM
  1. I also love Manny as a player and entertainer after all baseball was ment to be a form of entertainment - I was POed when the let Damon go - I will be totally steamed if they let Manny go. Of course I am still a die hard BoSox fan and always will be. YANKEES SUCK!!!!

    Posted by Mary July 31, 08 03:40 PM
  1. Report: Ramirez has been traded to the Red Sox

    Manny now knows they aren't picking up is option so he is effectively a 2 month rental like he would be for any other team. If he plays well his stock rises. If he goes the Manny being Manny route his stock goes down.

    Simple. Let's keep watching

    Posted by Georgia Mike July 31, 08 03:51 PM
  1. So what now?? Manny is still here and the situation is no different than it was yesterday. The Red Sox made NO deals that would help them out while the Yankees were busy making trades to ready themselves for the stretch run????

    Posted by Sand1990 July 31, 08 04:24 PM
  1. Manny has been a great player most of the time here. But, do you really trust this guy to play his best after what he did in 2006? Its 50/50 that he'll either mail it in or go on a tear. I can't predict this one.

    This team needs a real shakup in more areas than one. They have to get a better shortstop (Lugoat was a Theo mistake) and find a way to get through to Delcarmen and Hansen to reach their potential. Thank god for a day off tonight. Terry has to find a way to get these guys on the right page, it won't be easy.

    Posted by Terrible T July 31, 08 04:29 PM
  1. NO MANNY!!!!!!!!!!



    Posted by Hank Steinbrener July 31, 08 04:44 PM
  1. The Sox did not run Manny out of town. He ran himself out ot town. It was orchestrated by Boras. People on this blog write some pretty stupid things. I wonder if they even follow baseball.

    What Manny did is totally Wrong! He didn't care about his teammates or the fans,
    he only cared about making more money. I have no problem with him making more money, but He is the one who signed the contract with the option years.
    Go west Manny you sold your legacy for a few more dollars.

    Posted by Joe July 31, 08 06:12 PM
  1. Manny's Revenge

    He will be wearing pinstripes next year.

    Posted by Sr. Panga July 31, 08 11:23 PM
  1. Sigh, again some sox fans disgust me, so let see , we all think manny fakedhis knee hurting but it really was hurting him. although he told no one until less than 1/12 hours before the game NO ONE! and did he have the guts to tell the manager himself? NO , why dont you and i mean ADAM on #13, find out hte facts first he told one of the trainers to go to tell the manager he couldnt play, he didnt have the guts to face tito himself. And then when the red sox asked him to have an MRI suddenly his knees become fine. Yet you think managment lied so that what? they were getting rid of manny afterthis season anyway. so why would they make him leave, when they could have his bat and he had to leave anyway and cost them nothing?
    you people dont getthe fact that manny ramirez in an espn deportes interview at the all star break and several other non temamtes have corrorborated at that time Manny talked about getting 100 + million for three years after this season. Now if the red sox took his option, then manny couldnt do anything about it. So they only way His agent scott boras, who got none of the money from mannys previous contract since it was signed under his old agent, gets money is if manny gets a new contract. So he set up the whole thing, and Manny gets his wish and gets out of town, and scott boras gets his 15%, and a bunch of manny lovers, me included get played for fools. Oh and bythe way. all this,manny was the reason we won two world series is crap. he was part of t, but i dont remember manny pitching heroically like pedro did, or playing with a tendon in shreds like schilling did. Or hitting every clucth hit/homer in existence like papi did. Remember mark belhorn and his grand slam. remember derek lowe making opposing teams look like little leaguers? How about ketih fowlke, mike timlin, and others, not giving up a run in the entire playoffs in relief? oh yeah manny did all that himself. remember jacoby coming in last year and sparking the team in a way no one had done before in the playoffs? remember these things people, manny is a HOF hitter and a SOB person. Manny, thought he was bigger than the red sox and red sox fans, pedro did too, so did mo vaughn and johnny damon, and not a world series ring on any of them since they left. Problem is manny doesnt care about the rings he doesnt care about winning, he doesnt care about baseball, and he d*mn sure doesnt care about you- the fans. He only cares about the money.

    Posted by steveh August 1, 08 04:48 PM
  1. oh and since you zombies say many will be a yankee next year? please tell me why cashman or steinbrenner would pay manny 30+ million a year when hes old, had his two worst seasons back to back, and has refused to play several times...also they have no where to put him.
    outfield is matsui, damon,abreau and now nady, so 3 outfielders and a DH, plus you need serious starting piching help since Musinna pettite, chacon, are all free agents, and Giambi also. you think A rod will sit back if manny makes more moneythan he does, yeah right, besides cashman and hank arent stupid enough to pay anagain hof hitter with no where to play him and pay him 30+ million a year? heck adam dunn would be a better DH and h will cost half as much and hit 20 more HR's than manny, or holliday etc. trust me, as much as we may be rivals, the yankees front office is not stupid.

    Posted by steveh August 1, 08 05:11 PM
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