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Posted by Eric Wilbur, Boston.com Staff January 6, 2009 09:05 AM

Tuned into NESN last night expecting to watch a Red Sox game I had already watched some time back. Instead, I got a basketball game I had already watched the night prior.

Or, not.

It certainly has been some time since Boston College dominated the local sporting discussion the way it does this week. First, we have the Eaglesí upset win over North Carolina on Sunday, a game in which nobody saw most of the final 1:17, thanks to a technical snafu on the part of Fox Sports Net, NESN, or whomever else each party wants to blame. And that game isnít even getting the attention it should probably deserves, with folks more tied up in the Jeff Jagodzinski-Gene DeFilippo soap opera, one that continues to unfold into a glorious mess for the institution.

The basketball game was a tremendous victory for BC. Just plain, olí tremendous. Unfortunately for the Eagles and their win over the formerly ranked No. 1 Tar Heels, NESN went all Heidi on us and didnít even have the decency to run Steve Harvey instead of the infomercials that populate their airwaves most of the day. The network apologized yesterday for the development and re-broadcast the game last night. There were also repeats of ďLostĒ on. To my knowledge, Evangeline Lilly wasnít at Chapel Hill Sunday night. No-brainer.

Isnít it ironic that NESN, which apparently is no longer aware of the dozens of other schools that populate New England, canít properly deliver the one school itís in bed with financially?

As if that werenít enough to overshadow an historic win for Al Skinnerís crew, weíve got this whole Jags-Jets-DeFilippo divorce triangle on our hands. Now look, we all understand how much the school means to BC athletic director DeFilippo, who lives and breathes all things Chestnut Hill. But he needs to understand this is the game, no matter what school weíre dealing with. Iím sure that a former NFL coach, like Jagodzinski, would never want to return to the league, particularly at the head coaching level. Not when years of aspiring to the Meineke Car Care Bowl await him here in Boston.

What? Jags is in it for himself, not Boston College? Shocked.

The man went to school at Wisconsin, and spent two seasons as the Eagles' offensive coordinator in the late 90's before moving on to Green Bay and Atlanta. Yet, Boston College simply assumes that once youíre on the Chestnut Hill campus, youíre automatically and forever smitten with your surroundings, like Main Street USA in some daily Disney fantasy land. Youíll want to dedicate your life to the Eagles. Maybe even kick in a bit of that inane $1.5 billion fund-raising effort the school is currently begging its alumni for.

Perhaps if you went there for four years, that aura certainly surrounds you. But for everybody else who went, you know, elsewhere, forcing that sense of superiority on others comes off as wildly smug.

DeFilippo isnít even a BC graduate (Springfield, 1973), but his love for the school is undeniable. Still, what the man has to understand is that the school remains second-tier, in comparison to big-boy programs in the country. Thatís no fault of BCís own, and something the administration shouldnít apologize for. After all, it is a bit more difficult to recruit when you tell the kids they actually have to go to (gasp!) class.

And if the likes of Florida and LSU sometimes are no match for the lure of the NFL, why should BC think itís any different? Simply because theyíre Boston College?

What DeFilippo needs to do now is sever ties with Jags, wish him luck with the Jets (a job, after all this, by the way, for which heís considered a long shot) and go out and hire someone with a rah-rah BC background. He needs Jerry York with pigskin knowledge.

He needs someone who will lap up every shining word said about the school. Someone who will coach just good enough to get the school to its next Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl, but not well enough that more NFL teams will come calling down the road. After all, who else but someone whose heart is 100 percent all things BC is going to want this job now, knowing that the athletic department is going to frown on you possibly looking to further your career down the road?

If most college football jobs are considered a stepping stone to the NFL anyway, itís ridiculous for BC to think itís any different. But if itís that kind of attitude that takes you to nine straight Continental Tire-type bowl games, then who are we to judge?

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  1. Maybe, Eric, if you knew anything about college football (assuming you probably are a smug BU graduate who missed out on the whole experience) you would understand the dynamics of coaching at the college level. Let me give you a little insight into what it takes to run a college program versus what it's like to coach a at the professional level. At the professional level, there is a certain level of development that must take place in order to have a successful team. At the college level, recruiting and development account for 99% of the success that a team achieves. So if you have coaches that stay for 2-3 years at a time you don't even have a full team of recruits from that current coach. Boston College may be stubborn in what they are doing, but recruits are bound to pull out of their commitment to BC if Coach Jags leaves or even if there is uncertainty surrounding his job. So while I think Jags is a great coach (for BC), he needs to be replaced to bring stability to the heights. Why do you think that college programs give coaches so much time to turn a program around (Charlie Weis, Rich Rodriguez, etc.) versus the time given to a coach at the professional level. It is expected that once you get your guys in that you will have success at the college level. Well if you have coaches that stay for 2-3 years at a time then it will be impossible to have that continuity that leads to success. And Bob Stoops (OU) and Pete Carroll (USC) have been at their respective schools for awhile so you may want to think of some better examples, it's called research.

    Posted by Rick January 6, 09 10:17 AM
  1. It may be true that all (most) college football jobs are "stepping stones", and I have no problem with that. However, since when is it a virtue to lie and make empty promises? Jags pulled a major con job, and his deplaorable conduct should not be condoned. Almost like excusing a rapist with,"oh well, boys will be boys". Wrong is still wrong.

    Posted by Michael J. Boyle January 6, 09 10:19 AM
  1. Wilbur, get a life.

    You and the rest of the sportswriters, including BC alum Bob Ryan, need to stop this "it's the nature of the game" crap.

    Coach Jags is nothing but a liar and an opportunist who took full advantage of having the luxury of Matt Ryan and several other talented players that he never even recruited to "win" his 20 games.

    If BC didn't have the defense it had this year, which by the way kept them in most of the games, or Matty last year, Jags wouldn't have his 20 wins and I doubt the Jets would've come knockin' on his door.

    Posted by Bob the Music Man January 6, 09 10:21 AM
  1. Yep, exactly. Just the facts of life. DeFilippo, noble intentions and all, just did more to dissuade that next hot coaching prospect than Jags ever could. The silver lining for Jags, I think, is that there will be a good college head coaching job or NFL coordinator job out there for him...too bad BC is gonna lose him though.

    I went to Providence, and it has been the same thing with our basketball coaches: Pitino, Barnes, Gillen--every time we get a really good one that has tournament success, he's off to greener pastures. That will never change, nor will it for BC football: there's always a bigger fish.

    Posted by Robert January 6, 09 10:23 AM
  1. Please BC apologists, spare me the sanctimonious indignation over Jags character. While all the while claiming to be holier than thou, BC has whitewashed scandals (numerous betting, criminal conduct scandals), screwed kids out of scholarships (hockey and baseball), scapegoated coaches and players, lied to the Big East about their ACC intentions, rubber stamped diplomas and then bragged about their grad rate, lied to the neighborhood about their master and expansion plans (e.g. Alumin Stadium), didn't graduate a single African American bball player in a decade, then gave a diploma to one many credits short for appearances, and coddled criminals who play well on the field.

    The shame is squarely on BC-bout time somebody gave them a taste of their own medicine.

    Posted by Christain January 6, 09 10:42 AM
  1. Eric:
    I know this is an aside to your larger (erroneous) point, I don't get your gripe about NESN not giving more coverage to other schools. Do you really think someone wants to see highlights or coverage of a basketball game between BU and University of Hartford the same way they want to see BC-UNC highlights? Or what about a Northeastern-UNH football game versus a BC-Virginia Tech game? You simply can't compare the level of college athletics that BC plays to that of any other Boston-area school. It's not even close.

    Posted by Will January 6, 09 10:50 AM
  1. That's right, Gene did'nt go to BC, so he shouldn't care so much about HIS JOB?? I think what is going on here is that Gene feels mislead. Jags came to BC banging away on the BC drum, saying that he was committed to taking BC to the next level. Which he did in a way, getting to the ACC championship two years in a row, something his predecessor couldn't do. Jags was a guy with BC ties (he was off Coordinator under O'Brien for two years), who said he wanted to be here. So Gene could be upset that he was lied to.
    Its possible that Jags was starting to see the writing on the wall, that his recruits (and most of the Freshmen and sophomores on this team would have been HIS recruits) were not panning out as planned. Yes, BC is a second-tier team, but lets face it, these crappy bowls you continue to reference are not about performance, they are about the money they bring to the sponsors that hold them.
    As a BC fan and alum, I can say that this sucks, but BC will get over it and continue to be what they are: a good academic school that plays D1 football, pulls off the occasional upset, and plays in bowls no one cares about (at least here in Boston)

    Let the irrelevant "BC sucks!" comments commence.....

    Posted by BC02 January 6, 09 10:56 AM
  1. Since none of the schools in Boston can compete with BC, the losers now can run amok. Second hand revenge.

    Posted by Big Jim January 6, 09 10:58 AM
  1. Not your best work Wilbur.......

    Posted by Keith January 6, 09 11:07 AM
  1. Christain,

    All the scandals and incidents you so happily divulge were not under the watch of the present administration. If anything they have probably had one of the cleanest run programs since the betting scandal several years ago and may I remind you that the AD at that time was Chet Gladchuk and the head coach was Dan Henning.

    Gladchuk was also the AD at the time of the "basketball scholarship scandal" where former coach Jim O'Brien felt he had to exploit the situation by supposedly inferring race was involved which it later was proved that race was not involved.

    Plus we all know that Jim O'Brien was no saint either as he ended up losing his job at Ohio State over illegal payments to a player as well as causing the school to go on probabtion for several years...

    Posted by Bob the Music Man January 6, 09 11:10 AM
  1. jags out DOUG FLUTIE in

    who could recruit better for BC. Pay him a really good salary and he can kiss his statue everyday before practice. He has played in the afl,nfl, and canada for some great coaches and probably knows the game as well as anybody. BC's football program is where it is today because of his play in the early 80's. the Hail Mary pass is on TV 20 times a year .Don't you think/ a blue chip QB would love to play for him? At least talk to him and have him say that he is not interested in coaching.

    Posted by jim c. January 6, 09 11:17 AM
  1. Christian, you are an idiot. My guess is, you got rejected from BC and hold some stupid grudge over the school. Louis Hinnant, Jared Dudley, Sean Marshall, Craig Smith, Xavier Singletary, Kenny Harley, Kenny Walls...ALL African-American, ALL graduated. Do some research before you spew garbage - you would've learned about that had you earned a degree from BC, as I did.
    Jeasousy and Envy is everywhere

    Posted by Troy Bell January 6, 09 11:18 AM
  1. Christian..what a shame...at least u used big "SAT" words to make all that BS u were tossing around sound soo much more impressive. Have a nice day joker!

    Posted by theboots January 6, 09 11:28 AM
  1. Wilbur, it seems you also don't get it much like Bob Ryan.

    Stop focusing on the fact that BC is not a destination job. EVERYONE knows that. You're acting like BC thinks people should coach there for 30 years. BC is dumping a guy that doesn't want to be at BC anymore. Period. Bottom line. He is not a good recruiter and doesn't like recruiting. Heck of a coach. Get back in the pros, then.

    The one simple point to all of this is that Jags lied about it. He may or may not have a clause in the contract about this. He lied to his boss and Gene is angry. Did Gene overreact? Possibly. But Jags is not going to stick around much longer and why leave him there as a lameduck head coach? No reason. Get rid of him and move on as soon as possible.

    Anything else you write is purely stupid by implying what BC thinks they are. They know what they are. Don't misconstrue the situation.

    Posted by CJT65 January 6, 09 11:32 AM
  1. BC has had its share of missteps, scandals, etc. while participating (as a relatively small school) in big-time college sports. Holding its self-serving head football coach accountable for a contract that he signed is, however, highly commendable and precedent setting. Kudos to BC.

    Posted by marzxyz January 6, 09 11:36 AM
  1. Petty, petty Boston College. Why and how BC alums put up with this kind of ridiculous behavior from the Athletic Director is beyond me. This pretty much solidifies that no reputable coach will ever again choose to work at BC. Why would you? People across this country every day test employment waters outside their current employer in the hopes of bettering their life / earning more money / moving closer to family / etc. For BC to fire someone for it is elitist, petty & wrong.

    Posted by MJN January 6, 09 11:40 AM
  1. It seems that Coach Jags agreed to stay three years before looking around, and that he may have lied about talking to the Jets.

    Gene DeFilippo took over the Boston College athletic department when the football program was in the wake of a mess caused by Chet Gladchuckís hiring of Dan Henning. Since then BC has moved from the fractured Big East to the ACC, with an enormous increase in revenue; that was not an easy transition. Facilities have been greatly improved ($13 million football building, winter bubble practice enclosure of Alumni Stadium that even the Patriots have used). Athletic donations are up. There is a marketing partnership betwen BC and the Red Sox. His coaching choices have been solid. BC went to the ACC final round against Duke in its first year in the league and has alumni (Jared Dudley, Craig Smith) in the NBA. The Hockey team has brought home a national championship. The football program is solid and has produced NFL stand-outs from Dan Koppen to Chris Snee to Matt Ryan, and a generation of NFL-bound Eagles who may yet produce on a grand scale (e.g. Matthias Kiwanuka). The guy sends hand-written thank-you notes and his family personally donated a scholarship fund to the university. How many ADs do that?

    A former BC coach with a roster heavy on BC guys, and a team president who is a BC alumnus won the Super Bowl last year. And over 90% of BC guys get diplomas from a respected university. Only 50% of national champion Texas players can say that. There is no evidence whatever for Christian's "rubber stamp" comment. In fact BC is routinely commended along with Notre Dame, Wake Forest, and Northwestern by the coach's association for academic success among its football players. Just look at the roster, the players study real subjects (e.g. Mark Herzlich is a Finance and Marketing double major). That is why when BC guys are interviewed they can speak intelligently and understandably, and why guys like Derrick Knight and Doug Flutie are willing to turn down the Ivy league for the unique opportunity of getting a good education and a shot at the NFL.

    Posted by Bob January 6, 09 11:44 AM
  1. The point that Eric makes is legit - BC is a second tier school in a city that is all about pro sports. It's almost impossible to get a good prospect to go there if he is not from the Northeast.. BC fans don't travel nor are they particularly passionate.

    To the guy who indirectly compared this to Carroll....

    Pete lives in a ridiculous house in Manhattan Beach, and walks to bars down on the strand.. Snoop Dogg and WIll Ferrell show up at practice, which are open top fans as well. Every star player in the country is dying to go there, so he really has his assistants recruit. His second string could start almost anywhere else. There is no pro football in town to compete with, and UCLA stinks. 100k fans show up at games every Sat, his team is always on TV, and is practically guaranteed a BCS game every January. WHen they finally get to that game, they destroy whoever they play and the whole cycle renews once again.

    Now....it's easy to see why he is still there. How is any of that like living in Newton and playing bowl games in Nashville?

    Posted by Kid Vegas January 6, 09 11:52 AM
  1. We all knew Coach Jags came here (BC) to fill out his resume with head coaching experience. To think otherwise is foolish. And why not! BC, after all, remains a second rate DI program and no head coach will ever change that stigma. Only the AD and influential alumni can force the improvement. Think back..........on taking the job, Coach Jags said he was going to "open things up on offense" and "throw away the play book." I have seen little of either...........same coaching and play schemes. Consider this....He's not getting the Jets job unless his confidant, Bret Farve, returns to NYC and wishes to bring him along. Two big maybe's.

    Posted by buddha1950 January 6, 09 11:52 AM
  1. The irony of Gene about loyalty is astounding. As BC alum, both college and law school, I found the whole ACC transfer to be despicable. The lesson Gene taught the students is that money is one thing, but the most important thing is always money.

    Posted by chester22 January 6, 09 11:57 AM
  1. I dont think that is irony; more like incompetence.

    Posted by Patrick January 6, 09 12:01 PM
  1. Thank you Troy Bell for setting Christain straight. I support the AD and Fr. Leahy 100%. The minor bowls experience is all about money, not BC's performance. We strive to be different in today's sport's environment because we value an athlete's
    education more than being #1.

    Posted by Ed January 6, 09 12:04 PM
  1. BC basketball would be more impressive if people actually went to their games. The largest hoop crowd at Conte Forum this season was thanks in part to an invasion of Providence College fans. NU hockey is averaging more folks per game.

    Posted by Chris January 6, 09 12:21 PM
  1. Nothing makes me happier than seeing all the elitist BC snobs get all up in arms over this article.

    Posted by BaldwinHasHerps January 6, 09 12:27 PM
  1. Gene D. lied to the Big East twice. Why should he expect anything different from his coaches? BC lucked out because the ACC is a TERRIBLE football league. They wouldn't have fared 1/2 as well in the "fractured" Big East. V Tech won the ACC's 1st BCS Bowl in 8 or 9 years. Maybe the outlook for the rest of the ACC football schools (see UNC) is getting brighter and Jags saw the writing on the wall?

    Posted by Mike January 6, 09 12:29 PM
  1. Sigh. Sounds to me like BC thinks it is Notre Dame in football and Georgetown in basketball. It unfortunately is neither, but a familiar sense of entitlement is trying its hardest to convince everyone otherwise.

    Destination schools in football:
    USC, Texas, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Alabama, Miami, Oklahoma, Florida, Florida State, Nebraska.

    Posted by Straitfacts January 6, 09 12:58 PM
  1. Mike I am not sure I understand your argument...BC lucked out because the ACC is terrible, but yet, teams like UNC are getting a lot better/stronger. VaTech won its first BCS bowl game in 8-9 years, (what conference champion did they play in that bowl again??). The Big East is MUCH tougher than the ACC but the ACC Champ trounced the Big East Champ in the Orange Bowl.
    Great points all around...

    Posted by Eric January 6, 09 01:01 PM
  1. Just amazing how much jealousy there is of BC.

    Oh oh oh, i'm so glad all those smug BC grads are upset. wah wah wah, now NESN can show my crap school and its crap sports team TV so I can get a little shine on.

    As I BC grad, I salute the shool and the AD for demonstrating some backbone here. College sports in general is a pretty big fraud. BC is one of the only schools that has actual students who go to class playing sports and even most of its players wouldn't be accepted if they couldn't play sports well. but at least they graduate those students so they can get a real job after they are done giving their bodies to football. Most schools, those graduated athletes are illiterate an miserable like all the haters on this thread.

    Hope all you whiney, jealous crabs have a better '09

    Posted by Ape January 6, 09 01:10 PM
  1. Whether Jags is right or wrong is not the big issue for me. The AD is making BC look petty / mean. If the guy does not want to be there he can do more harm than good to the program. Use it to our advantage to get a great new coach - tout that we have not all many players in the NFL but coaches too.

    While seeming to be a good game coach it appears that Jags is not a great recruiter. That is the toughest part of the BC job.

    Posted by Dave B January 6, 09 01:15 PM
  1. Gee Wilbur, Mr. Ed could have written a better blog.
    The gripe we have is "when" Jags decided to test the NFL waters, not that he decided to test them. Calling you a writer is like calling a woodpecker a carpenter.

    Posted by John Lynch January 6, 09 01:20 PM
  1. Bottom line, the idiot AD has ensured that no decent coach will ever take this job again. Well done.

    Posted by Tim January 6, 09 02:03 PM
  1. This just goes to show why UConn continues to be the premier athletic program in New England. Nearly even in football, light years ahead in basketball (Men's and Women's), Hall of Fame coaches who have been there 20+ years (Calhoun/Auriemma), and a football coach nearing in on a decade who continues to turn down interviews at other schools. Ape: "my crap school and its crap sports" Sorry, that won't work for UConn. Ever since BC lied to, then left, the Big East, they have lost all the moral high ground DeFillippo appears to be trying to justify his actions upon. I am jealous? Nope. Is the Big East actually better now that those three schools left? I never would have thought it to be true, but yes it is. Ok, so VTech beat Cincy THIS year, but the ACC is now 2-10 or 2-11 in BCS games. THAT speaks a whole lot louder about the relative "strength" of the ACC
    than anything else could.

    The BC AD seems to think he's at a top tier program. Soon enough he'll realize that he's at a middle-of-the-road school in a middle-of-the-road BCS conference. Unless, of course, he decides to lie to the ACC in an attempt to move BC to the Mountain West Conference now that they had a good year in bowl games. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

    Posted by MJN January 6, 09 02:16 PM
  1. Eric, why are you and every beat writer hating on BC? It comes across as petty, especially when you're all doing it.

    Is it too much to ask for a coach to live up to his contract and not lie to his boss?

    Btw, some people like myself saw the whole UNC/BC game. I didn't have any problems with the NESN broadcast.

    Posted by Shawn January 6, 09 02:23 PM
  1. Correction -- BC's current capital campaign is $1.5 billion, not $1.50.

    Posted by Milton January 6, 09 02:33 PM
  1. Gene & Jags are both getting bad advice. Jags is making a career mistake jumping so soon - he needs to shepherd through at least one recruiting class, and he's got a good start with the RB's.

    But GD needs to learn some people skills. They don't NEED Jags, even though I think he's a great coach. He could have kept this whole thing between them. Why fire a guy for an interview? And (assuming he's even OFFERED a job) if he goes, THEN leak of how disloyal he was, and how you trusted him. Why in God's name this came out at this point in time is beyond me, and heartbreaking.

    Posted by Mike B. January 6, 09 02:36 PM
  1. As a BC alum and realist, can't we all just get along?! Gene needs to lighten the @##!%$ up, as coaches are going to draw interest from the NFL, and Jags needed to be up front and say, yeah I'm looking/interested. Alumni need to fund the program and fans need to travel and by the by, lets win an ACC championship so we can stop being the D1 Bridesmaid. If coach Spaz gets the nod (assuming the rift is irreparable) will he be able to recruit the speed we need to compete with the southern teams? What a drag...

    Posted by BCBoy1 January 6, 09 02:54 PM
  1. "Mike I am not sure I understand your argument...BC lucked out because the ACC is terrible, but yet, teams like UNC are getting a lot better/stronger. VaTech won its first BCS bowl game in 8-9 years, (what conference champion did they play in that bowl again??). The Big East is MUCH tougher than the ACC but the ACC Champ trounced the Big East Champ in the Orange Bowl.
    Great points all around...Posted by Eric January 6, 09 01:01 PM"

    In the past 6 years, ACC football has been terrible and has gotten worse. The overall bowl record and especially their futility in the BCS Bowl Games(until this year) is well know by every sports fan outside of the BC alumni base and John Meterperel. Maybe some teams like UNC will get better as we saw in their thumping of BC this year, although they did lose to West Virginia in their Bowl game. So yes BC benefited by going to a TERRIBLE football conference. Good job! And the Big East has gone on to become the premier hoops league in the country has won a majority of their BCS football games. BC lost to the 7th or 8th best team in the SEC - Vandy. Keep on thinking that is a Successful football program

    Posted by Mike January 6, 09 02:56 PM
  1. MJN,
    What is UConn's record again BC in football? I'll give you a hint: it starts with a 0. UMass and Holy Cross have won more games against BC than UConn. Until the Huskies can actually back up their garbage talk on the football field, I would suggest you stay quiet.

    Posted by Los January 6, 09 02:59 PM
  1. Last 8yrs of BCS results:
    Big East 5-3
    ACC 1-7

    What a powerhouse league...
    And the Big East is a hoops league...

    Posted by Mike January 6, 09 03:03 PM
  1. Based on Jag's lie, DeFilippo told reporters that there was no truth to the rumor that the Jets had been in contact with his head football coach. The press already knew this to be false and Jags subsequently fessed up. There is no way any AD at any school is going to tolerate being lied to by one of his head coaches, particularly if the whole charade plays out in the press making him and the institution he serves look foolish. If Jags is fired, it won't be because he talked to the Jets, it will be because he lied to DeFilippo about having talked to the Jets and let DeFlippo deny the "rumor" in public. DeFilippo blew the PR on this, but he's right to be furious and in a firing mood. As Macbeth advised, "If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done quickly. "

    Posted by cward January 6, 09 03:22 PM
  1. MJN - Let's not get too crazy here.....How Uconn even recruits kids in the first place (football or b-ball) is beyond me. (ie major recruiting violations)
    "Come to a school in the middle of nowhere with no redeeming qualities!!"

    Posted by T January 6, 09 03:33 PM
  1. MJN: Come on, everyone knows Edsall would jump at a better job in a second. And UConn is not nearly on the same level as BC football. Be successful for more than three years and get back to us.
    I'm a BC alum living in Hartford and it's sad how many UConn fans still havn't gotten over BC leaving for the ACC. BC left for (1) money and (2) stability. Since then, revenues have doubled and the ACC is solid as a rock, whereas the bloated basketball conference in the Big East and the incongruity between the football and basketball-only schools is a ticking time bomb.

    Posted by Mike January 6, 09 03:35 PM
  1. Mr. Wilbur, I have lost all respect for you upon reading this.

    Your inability to remove your personal bias from this posting, all the while asserting your POV as fact, has exposed you.

    I won't be able to take seriously any more of your writing for boston.com or the Globe.

    Posted by Mike January 6, 09 03:40 PM
  1. UConn continues to be the premier athletic program in New England???

    Please MJN, we know you and the rest of your "You Con" Huskies are still jealous and bitter as heck of BC's success.

    Your own Attorney General Blumenthal tried to stop BC from leaving by throwing a lawsuit at both them and the ACC which was eventually was tossed out of court.

    And by the way, get your story straight, BC never "lied". It was a known fact that both Father Leahy and DeFilippo were unhappy about the defections of both Miami and VT and they were unhappy with how Mike Tranghese was running the Conference.

    Posted by Frank January 6, 09 03:50 PM
  1. If Jags was not telling the truth when he said he had no contact with the Jets, he lied when he simply shoulda and coulda have said no comment.
    I see thoughtful statements above and I see the typical anti-BC venom from non-BC fans. Alumni and students have a lot of fun with BC's sports teams. No one says it is curing cancer or solving global warming. Is there another college closer than Penn State where you can see undisputed "big time" schools like, Florida State, Miami or VTech play on a constant basis. And do not dare, at this stage in its development, to name UConn as such a venue. Take it for what it is. It's A job for some, some like to play and to a lot of people it is entertainement.

    Posted by BobF January 6, 09 03:51 PM
  1. Both sides can do what they want. But its the master that calls the last shot. Master isnt happy, bye bye jags.

    Posted by kn4eva January 6, 09 04:26 PM
  1. Wilbur, it's not that BC considers itself superior. In what way have they shown that they consider themselves superior to other schools?

    No, the issue is that you have an inferiority complex. Why, I'm not sure. I could speculate that it is because you attended a local school that does not get as much coverage in the sporting arenas. If so, that's not BC's fault. But that's just speculation on my part.

    Posted by MJ January 6, 09 04:58 PM
  1. Wow, this has gotten a bit carried away. I (like most people posting here) graduated from BC and will not lie that I love BC sports. However I have always had many issues with the way it runs its programs. I have met and interacted with "Coach Flip" as he likes to be called and frankly I have never walked away from a conversation with much respect.
    Am I upset that Jags is leaving? Absolutely, I thought he was a great coach and really believed BC was taking big steps towards becoming a program that was respected throughout the country despite winning seasons and continued NFL presence. I am also upset with how BC has chosen to deal with this situation. I am sure there are aspects of this situation that most of us will never know, but to go out and say that Jags is fired if he INTERVIEWS is a bit much.
    I just hope both sides can either resolve this situation or both go their own ways peacefully, I have a lot of respect and confidence in Steve Logan and Spaziani. I believe either could step in at this point and probably lead us to yet another successful season with less talent than most of the "premier" destination schools.
    I just hope that someday BC can become a school that people and analysts look at in the pre-season and say, these guys are going to be good. I mean reading an ESPN preview for 09 mentions DUKE as a bowl contention team, Va Tech and Florida State in the title game and zero mention of BC.
    Canít we all just get along?

    Posted by Drew January 6, 09 05:17 PM
  1. The main point is being missed here. The way the coach-looting game is traditionally played is that the party lusting after your coach-still-under-contract REQUESTS PERMISSION to speak to your coach. Assent is always given. The
    socially inept Jets management coudn't even play the game in the time-honored manner. Then Coach J denied anything was going on. So both parties dissed AD DePhillopo and the BC administration, leaving them with no way to save face except to talk tough. But I admit: it is not too unlike how BC said bye-bye to the Big East so as to move to what it perceived as the more upscale ACC.

    Posted by Mark Dullea BC '62 January 6, 09 05:18 PM
  1. As an LSU fan, I can understand very well why BC and BC fans would want to say goodbye to a coach who wants to move on to a "more prestigious" job. With our former head coach we had to endure the distractions that came at the end of every year when he flirted with the NFL. (The fans were warned about this when he came over from Michigan State, but everyone though this was just sour grapes at the time.) Eventually, he did move on to Miami, although he then discovered that being the head coach for a pro team did not suit him well, at all. He's now Alabama's problem, but he probably burned enough bridges with his Miami stunt that no one else will attempt to get him, even if he gets itchy feet again.

    Posted by TigerBait January 6, 09 05:54 PM
  1. "This just goes to show why UConn continues to be the premier athletic program in New England."

    Now THAT is the single funniest thing I've read in a long time. Thank you, UCONN guy.

    Guess what? Nobody cares about women's basketball. Nobody. Unless you live in a state with nothing else--like Connecticut or Tennessee. Check the ratings.

    Posted by Sanity check January 6, 09 06:25 PM
  1. Wow, I love the sanctimony by the BC faithful. Nice gratuitous shot at BU, Rick. And yes, we all the rest of us that didn't have the "experience" are haters who are so jealous of BC. Get a grip. Your AD is a fraud. Maybe if he understood where he was (as other commenters have said, a second tier football school), he would understand that not blocking a good coach from interviewing for a better job would help him to attract a good candidate if Jags decides to leave, and that the fact that a BC coach is attractive to the pros might make the program MORE attractive to recruits in the long run.

    Posted by Ed January 6, 09 06:50 PM
  1. BC is a joke. Bunch of out of state abercrombie turtle neck wearing idiots.

    Posted by Boondagger January 6, 09 07:18 PM
  1. As a BC grad, and the son of a BC grad, I don't perceive the criticism of BC's behavior or athletic program as jealousy. The new stadium is a testament to corporate marketing. The duplicity of the university in its move to the ACC was quite evident and unsettling. I cannot explain attendance at current basketball games, but a couple of years ago when BC was in the finals of the ACC tournament, the reason there were so few fans there was because the school wanted $10,000 from alumni just to be in the lottery for tickets.

    Have we forgot the hockey blunder of Mike Milbury resigning as hockey coach before he even coached a single game because the school would not honor its promise of partial scholarships to certain players?

    Outside the athletic arena, since the school moved to Chestnut Hill in early 1900s, there was an almost perennial promise that the school would not expand any further, and yet year after year, the campus continued to encroach on neighborhoods. In 1970s and 80s, the school began enrolling far more than it could house, dumping thousand of students in the neighborhoods.

    What at one time was a very affordable school, serving mostly a local population, has changed into the party school of the Catholic elite. Not that I have anything against partying and being Catholic (arguably I over indulge in one and avoid the other), but the leadership of the university, for decades now, seems incapable of finding its own compass. These realities are evident to anyone other than those blinded by a misplaced affinity with the school. This is why people criticize the university and its alumni and celebrate it public blunders like the one currently occurring.

    For BC, the question is pretty simple but in the decades of being associated with the school, I have never seen it answered -- Just what does it want to be? It is quite clear that it is not my father's alma mater, and I don't even recognize it as mine any more. That is what has been lost over the years. There was time where the substance of BC mattered far more than the branding of it.

    Posted by JoePete January 6, 09 07:19 PM
  1. Hmmm...so is Coach giving BC a taste of its own medicine, given what they did to the Big East ?

    Think small, BC ( Bluster Central), think small.

    Posted by CarburetorBowlFan January 6, 09 07:34 PM
  1. Classic Boston media job here. They say BC should not apologize for being a second-tier program and sticking to their ideals, then mock them for being a second-tier program and sticking to their ideals.

    Posted by DGF January 6, 09 08:12 PM
  1. UCONN has come up in this discussion? C'mon...

    Posted by Joe January 6, 09 09:22 PM
  1. let me get this straight. didn't defilippo sit at a tabel and look all the big east ad's in the eye and say, "we're (bc)here to stay "- when bc was left out of the acc the first time. then qucker than you can say jagodzinski, when a spot opened, he bolted to the "loving" arms of the acc. and this man is now riding a high horse of righteousness????!!!!!!please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by paul kenney January 6, 09 09:54 PM
  1. How does BC have the gaul to think it is better than its employees. This guy has a chance, albeit slim, of becoming a head coach in the NFL which is his dream job. To get this job he needed head coaching experience and thus went to BC. He isnt a big BC guy and has no real ties to BC. If DiFillipo wanted him to stay for three years, write it in the contract. This smells of a 12 year old saying "well you told me so..."

    Maybe if BC's self proclaimed "SuperFans" actually became fans and showed up to their games it could get some respect. It is ridiculous that the team has a tiny stadium and cannot fill it. BC complains that it cant get a decent bowl bid yet when they make it to the ACC championship or their bowl games, no one shows up. More fans travel for D3 schools than BC. Very "super" indeed.

    Posted by Greg January 6, 09 10:04 PM
  1. Let's see here. Some questions may be in order:
    Was Gene D the Villanova AD when he took the BC job?
    Did he walk out on a contract with Villanova to come to BC?
    Did he inform the Villanova President that he was interviewing with BC?
    Is this a situation of Do as I say, not as I do?

    Posted by Joe Tom January 7, 09 06:58 AM
  1. I went to school at a small Division III college in upstate New York, so I have no particular allegiance to BC other than the fact that I grew up around Boston, live here now, and that BC has always been the only "major" college sports program in the area (except for college hockey, which isn't really a nationally followed sport, and the brief Calapari Era at UMass).

    Having said that, I'm always amazed at the level of animosity certain non-BC grads in the media have for BC. Felger practically sneers every time BC's name is mentioned, and now we've got this Wilbur column....but it's not limited to just those two.

    It's a curious thing to me.

    Of course, I never attended a college that had any real sports rivalries like the BU/BC hockey thing, so maybe I just can't relate.

    Regarding this Coach Jags thing.....I really can't find fault with BC here. If the radio reports I heard this morning are true, it appears that he was having a Parcells-in-New Orleans, January 1997 moment while supposedly getting BC ready for the Music City Bowl, in that he was apparently contacting several NFL teams, not just the Jets, about coaching positions--not just head coaching positions either.

    And worse yet, he didn't bother to tell D'Fillippo that he was unhappy with college coaching and that he was looking for a way back to the NFL.

    Again, I really can't find fault with the school here.

    But their next head coach had better be a guy who loves coaching in college, and who has no interest in a "bigger" job for at least 10 years.

    Posted by Tony January 7, 09 09:47 AM
  1. I can't believe there are some people here trying to claim that Big East football is better than the ACC, and better off without Miami, Va. Tech and BC to boot!

    The Big East Football Conference has always been a joke. It was created out of whole cloth to justify the deal with the devil that Mike Tranghese made when he paid a hefty ransom to Miami to get their football program back in 1990 (when it was still one of the five premier programs in the country).

    Back then I wondered how you could create a football conference out of a basketball league when more than half of its original members (Villanova, Georgetown, UConn at the time, Seton Hall and Providence) didn't even have Division 1 football programs? Oh, it was easy, hire some mercenaries like West Virginia, Miami and Virginia Tech, and then hope that they all stick around forever. How did that workout for them?

    The league was basically Miami, Virginia Tech and the 6 Dwarfs when it was founded, and with the exception of Miami's probation years in the mid-90s (95, 96,97), it was pretty much that until UM and Va. Tech were invited to join the ACC. Syracuse had a couple of good years with Donovan McNabb in the 90s, but they quickly faded after that.

    Does BC deserve some criticism for following the money to the ACC instead of sticking around in the Big Least? Well, perhaps they do. But in the end, it's the AD's job to make as much money for the school with its sports programs as possible, and there simply was more money and prestige to be had in the ACC.

    As for the Big East being a better football league than the ACC.....you're kidding, right? I know that Rutgers and West Virginia beat ACC teams in their bowls, but so what? NC State and UNC, the two victims, lost something like 11 regular season games between them in 2008. They weren't exactly powerhouse programs this year, and both of those bowl games were very close.

    The Big East's champion, Cincinnati, was completely whipped by the two quality teams it faced this season (OU and Va. Tech). And now that Rodriguez has left West Virginia and with their long-time QB, White, graduating this year, you can expect a sharp decline in that program in the years to come as well, which means even more mediocrity for that mediocre conference.

    The ACC isn't great as a football league right now because Miami, FSU and Clemson are going through down periods, but they'll be back because, well, they're FSU, Miami and Clemson, and they always get great athletes to go there eventually. The Big East Football Conference is, always has been, and always will be a joke....and it should NOT have a BCS bid either. Their bid should go to the Mountain West Conference, which fielded three teams this season (Utah, TCU and BYU) which probably would have won the Big East outright in 2008.

    Posted by Tony January 7, 09 11:00 AM
  1. eric BC and defilippo are hypocrites.When BC was thinking about leaving the Big Least(I mean east)for the ACC they did it behind the big easts backs.also defillipo has a history himself of using one school as a stepping stone to get a better job so he is the last person in the world who should have any say on this subject

    Posted by paul baranofsky January 7, 09 05:32 PM
  1. I find it ironic that BC and BC alum are crying foul over Jags "con-job" when BC did the exact same thing to the Big East when they ditched them a couple of years ago. Funny how that works.

    Posted by Matt January 7, 09 08:11 PM
  1. Not a Bostonian, or a BC alum, just a mope who thinks we have to maintain some minimum requirements where promises, encapsulated in written documents, Manny and Boras and apologist ilk all over the map notwithstanding, have to be kept, at least when there is no compelling communal reason they not be.
    Another in an almost daily barrage of "writings" that suggests ball-writers should keep their focus, without exception, on ball games, and nothing with the added complexities of most of the rest of our lives.
    One thing to be smug; another whole level to be smug while morally and intellectually bankrupt.
    And BC (like most contemporary institutions of Roman Catholicism and other religions), being sadly less-than-perfect in its passage thru Thing Paradise, just like most of us as individuals, does not mean it can or should shirk its duty here to honor minimal civil standards. I'm hoping that's what the AD is up to:-)

    Posted by dud dew January 8, 09 09:28 AM
  1. For all the anti-BC posts on this thread, don't overlook some of the posts that give anti-BC people even more fodder (i.e. #28 posted by Ape). Such posts only fuels the "BC superiority complex" perception....

    The bottom line is both sides botched this situation. Jags should've notified DeFilippo that he wanted to interview with the Jets. DeFilippo should've kept this in-house instead of overreacting via a public forum, and should've tried to take this less personally. Both sides lose, and the image of BC (football program, athletic dept, and even the school as a whole) take a hit.

    Posted by Reality check January 8, 09 11:56 AM
  1. Time to move on, find a coach who the AD feels will stick around for four or five years or have an agreement in advance that if the coach is approached by another team he will inform the AD . Meanwhile, get on with the recruiting necessary to strengthen the team for next season. While the AD is at it ,have him give the BB team a pep talk after Harvard trounced them last night. Tell them about the time Slippery Rock tucked it to Notre Dame. Notre Dame became stonger after that once in lifetime loss. ---- Enough of these blogs about yesterday's news.

    Posted by jimbcfan January 8, 09 07:05 PM
  1. Dozens of other schools in New England.... that don't have legit sports teams.
    Dude, your article is ridiculous. Grow up.

    Posted by mike January 9, 09 07:52 PM
  1. I won't add any commentary about the irony of BC and DeFilippo claiming moral high ground on matters of honesty and loyalty because posters have already nailed that down quite nicely. What I WOULD like to highlight from Wilbur's piece is this:

    "Isnít it ironic that NESN, which apparently is no longer aware of the dozens of other schools that populate New England, canít properly deliver the one school itís in bed with financially."

    Amen! NESN might as well change its name to BCSN because, while that channel has practically become a PR venue for Boston College, the rest of New England's college athletic programs have been left out in the cold. When will NESN executives live up to their channel's name?

    Posted by globularities January 10, 09 05:50 AM
  1. Couple of overview comments:
    College coaches are wildly overpaid.
    College presidents and AD's are also wildly overpaid.
    College tuitions are ridiculous vs. what people pay outside the US (I know, I have a daughter at BC,it's now at $52k and rising)
    There needs to be some sanity brought to this scene.
    I like the idea of asking people to have some loyalty and live up to what you said you'd do when you were hired. Coaches jumping ship is part of the problem.

    Posted by Bob January 10, 09 09:47 AM
  1. BC is the only Jesuit D1 football school. Why is that? As a Fordham grad, I am aware of Fordham's sports history, their realization they could not compete with the Giants, their dropping of football entirely, and their return to 1AA football, which has appeared to be a good fit for a number of years. Now Fordham has HC as a football rival and BC does not, which is a shame because it was one of America's great rivalries. So like the previous writer, I question the BC mission. BC will not and should not aspire to be a major football school. It just isn't worth it and will remove BC from its original purpose and role. Look to Fordham, BC fans, assess the parallels and see if you really want to head in the direction you are going,
    your you

    Posted by Blue Ram January 10, 09 12:18 PM
  1. You have to love this bitter BC reject and his incessant whining. It must really stink to know that BC is better than your school at everything huh? As for NESN "being in bed with BC", seeing as how BC is the only DI football team in the New England (and no, pathetic UConn doesnt count) and the only DI basketball team worth anything within a 100 mile radius of Boston, its pretty clear why they would focus on Boston College. The truly humorous part is that the one sport that NESN isnt "in bed with BC" with is hockey and that is the sport that BC is the most dominant in. 10 Frozen Four's in 12 years compared to ... what is it now, 0 in 20 years for the hapless one-trick pony BU?

    Posted by BCAlum2000 January 11, 09 02:17 PM
  1. Turner Gill.

    Posted by Keith January 11, 09 04:53 PM
  1. You indeed must be a bitter BC reject, especially since pathetic BU sucks in everything. Of course, we BC fans are bitter rejets in Harvard. It must really stink to know that Harvard is better than BC at everything huh?

    Hell, trying to compare BC to Harvard is completely delusional on my part. Oh well, it's time for me to be in bed with my boyfriends at the altar!

    Posted by BCAlum2000 January 22, 09 10:55 PM
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