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T.J. hooks 'em

Posted by Eric Wilbur, Boston.com Staff March 16, 2009 09:00 AM

T.J. Simers has a problem.


The Los Angeles Times columnist ripped into our local fandom yesterday for its continued obsession with all things Manny Ramirez -- coming on the heels of Jonathan Papelbon's latest comments in Esquire Magazine.

Simers also expresses concern that Lakers fans may be showing some of the same unwelcome traits.

You know, like passion.

Simers writes:

Around L.A. we didn't much care what happened in Boston, but while Manny began to fit in here, the bitter no-lifers back there handled the divorce the way they do most everything else.

They obsessed. And they continue to obsess.

Simers has a point. Not many a day have passed since last summer's trade that Ramirez isn't the topic du jour in area radio, TV, Internet and water cooler circles. Instead of "good riddance," we seem to have crossed the threshold into a somewhat unhealthy fixation, one no doubt spurred by the lack of baseball in our midst. Or for that matter, the lack of such a polar character as Ramirez on this year's edition of Boston's finely-tuned baseball machine.

To make his argument, Simers prints portions of a few profanity-filled e-mails he's received from Red Sox fans, which is to label the entire fan base as loud-mouthed, verbose, and pretentious. Or, actually, those are sort of his precise words:

"I'd rather read a Dwyre tennis column than anything written by Boston's ponderous and self-important sports columnists. And just imagine living in a place where everyone talks funny and all they want to do is talk, talk, talk about what they think."


In L.A., of course, sports fans are defined by their laissez-faire attitude, which makes it the perfect environment for Ramirez. And with new best friend Simers, the slugger has to worry even less about his perception in the media, unlike Boston, where the unfair journalists cared about accountability.

Ramirez said he "suffered" here for eight long years, during which he made $160 million, won two World Series titles, and was the object of constant admiration from millions of Red Sox fans. Apparently, when someone gives you one more kick to the groin, fans are supposed to raise their tea cups in tribute to the perpetrator.

Of those millions of fans, a handful were the creepy sort who stalked the hallways at the Ritz, hoping for an autograph or a photo op. Now, they speak for everyone, which is sort of like gathering a definitive presidential approval rating in the Wal-Mart gun department.

"As good a hitter as he is, he spends most of his time poking fun at himself," Simers writes. "The guy hasn't taken himself seriously from the day he arrived, playing a game as if it really is a game, the perfect fit here in the entertainment capital."

A greedy player with a facade. Yup, perfect fit for Hollywood.

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103 comments so far...
  1. Eric. Dude. Let it go, Man, let it go.

    Posted by Dave March 16, 09 09:35 AM
  1. There is a reason they call it LaLa Land out there, and it IS perfect for Manny. Sooner or later the Dodgers will see the same side of Mr. Ramirez that we did out here...my biggest problem with this Simers guy is that he acts like a fifth grader (maybe that's being too generous) by saying: "just imagine living in a place where everyone talks funny". I don't much care about Manny anymore. I also don't care about people who want to continue writing about the perceived obsession of Sox fans with him. What I take offense to is what essentially amounts to playground-esque name calling. As for the nasty emails he gets (and I am sure he will see more now) you get what you give. But I know better than to paint every LA based columnist with as broad a brush as this guy paints Sox fans. Seems someone else also needs to grow up and get a life.

    Posted by The Truth March 16, 09 10:30 AM
  1. The good people of L.A. don't deserve Manny's miscreant behavior any more than
    did Boston fans.

    For THEIR sake I hope he's successful there.

    Admittedly, if that happens it will be a little hard to take, but I won't be dwelling on it or him.

    We have a great Red Sox franchise that is 'cancer-free'. That's good enough for me.

    Posted by jorge999 March 16, 09 12:32 PM
  1. Wait, TJ Simers; are we talking about Manny's personal cheerleader and the guy who got kicked off of Around the Horn on ESPN?!? That guy????

    Posted by Nick March 16, 09 12:33 PM
  1. It would appear that Manny is also obsessing, because he never misses an opportunity to say something nasty about Boston!

    Posted by Sally March 16, 09 12:37 PM
  1. Eric, LA might be the entertainment capital of the world but the Dodgers aren't even close to being as commercial as the Red Sox have become. Red Sox Nation is a marketing ploy. Fever Pitch makes me want to start correctly pronouncing my R's and move to El Segundo. I grew up in the 80's, sneaking into Fenway and buying cheap bleacher seats, watching Yaz and Boggs. Now even the bleacher seats are filled with hip pack-wearing soccer moms thinking they're Drew Barrymore. How about NESN's "Sox in the City" program? Pathetic. You tell me who is more commercial. Who is living in LaLa Land.

    Posted by UnaSurfer March 16, 09 12:41 PM
  1. Simers is completely right. The epic whining about Manny still echoes throughout the sports (persecution) complex so many New Englanders revere, Boston sports columnists, with the exception of Bob Ryan, are insufferable and appear to be completely miserable in their jobs (of course, the same can be said of Simers, but...) and are only truly happy when they can complain about something.

    And, "The Truth", I think LA would be VERY satisfied if they see the same side of Manny -- two World Championships in my lifetime obliterates the terrible exit he and Boras orchestrated. Why you can't seem to remember that he put up Hall of Fame stats for 7 and a half years is testament to Simers' point -- people would rather obsess about the bad times than simply move on.

    Posted by Jay B. March 16, 09 12:41 PM
  1. Maybe TJ will feel differently after the big tough Manny throws him to the ground like he did the 65 year old Sox Traveling Secretary! You can have that quitter. Give me Pedroia and Youk any day. I just hope Ramirez implodes like Andruw Jones. What a jerk Ramirez is to say he suffered while being paid $160MM. He is a cry baby at best and definitely a quitter. TJ will find out it's all about Manny. He could care less about the Dodgers. He only wants to improve his personal stats and get one more huge contract. Good riddance, you Bum! I'm glad we don't have to read TJ's moronic columns everyday like LA fans do.

    Posted by dutch March 16, 09 12:50 PM
  1. okay TJ, well done, if there is a god, lakers will be in the finals so the C's crush them again.

    Posted by jason March 16, 09 12:52 PM
  1. Okay, the guy quit on our team and went way beyond the normal antics even we got used to it with him. When he starts playing like he did in Boston than he'll wish he never mentioned us. Does the media here in Boston obsess over him? Somewhat but it's an easy subject, in the day when tabloid journalism trumps real pieces it is sad and thus the fans get sucked in but all you have to do is watch ESPN and see how much they cover his every move(today he has a hamstring problem) so I think the fans here are more than anything sick of hearing about him and express it. If he just played the game and stopped acting like a juvenile delinquent we'd all forget about it!

    Posted by DMONMCD March 16, 09 12:52 PM
  1. You know what? You seem to want the Red Sox of old and not the one that can compete every year for the championship. Ya, I know that it seems that " Red Sox Nation is a marketing ploy, but I'm proud to be from Sox Nation, and maybe you should move to El Segundo and root for your boy Manny. I'm sure he would appreciate that! Oh, wait Manny doesn't like people rooting for him!

    Posted by Proud Fan March 16, 09 12:56 PM
  1. He seems pretty consistent. Does this TJ Simers rant about a colleague of his who complained about Hugh Jackman hosting the Oscars sound familiar?

    This was all too much for T.J. Simers, a sportswriter for the Times whose reputation among readers - if you can believe the websites devoted to him with titles like Please Fire T.J. Simers and T.J. Simers Is A Sad Pathetic Man - is perhaps mixed... ``I don't get it,'' he wrote in his blog. ``Why do writers always have to be so negative? Why are they so intent on just tearing things down? Has Mary McNamara ever worn a top hat, sang and danced in front of millions? Who made her an expert on such things?''

    Posted by Cyr55 March 16, 09 01:00 PM
  1. Seems like he has a little too much of a crush on manny, and that is why he is defending him... Lets just wait till the off-season when Manny ops out of his contract, and leaves L.A. in the dust.

    Posted by Will March 16, 09 01:01 PM
  1. Eric.....good piece. LAX and Manny deserve each other....Lala Land can have him and all of the baggage that comes with him. I used to be a Manny apologist but .....no more.

    Posted by Nuno Rivera March 16, 09 01:04 PM
  1. Did Mr Simers miss the verbal diarrhea that's spewing from Manny's mouth about the Red Sox organization... or is he just conveniently forgetting that? Additionally, all of LA (particularly his media colleagues) obsesses about Lindsay Lohan, Rhianna, et al, but apparently that is not addressed. There are clear double standards in the LA media. It's a joke.... What a hypocrite...

    Posted by Spags March 16, 09 01:04 PM
  1. Los Angeles..... What a joke! Just about all they have a leg up on over Beantown is the weather, which they LOVE to take credit for, as if they have any remote cjance to control. Remember this: Manny was happy as a Boras client rolling in Benjamins when he signed with the Sox. The fans loved him, he stated, much the same as he has in LA, how much he LOVED being in Boston after escaping Cleveland, etc. He was happy his first two years, up until the time (play dark, forboding music here) the new owners came on board. Hmmmmmm..... owners actually looking for accountability from their players. Manny pulled his crap every year, usually in June, with his trade requestes.. He seemed to smarten up just a bit when the Sox put him on irrevocable waivers AND NO ONE OPTED TO SIGN HIM. Seems to me that there was a stinging indictment over his own self worth. Finally, the owners had enough with this childish bore, and got rid of him. Yes, he is (note: not using past tense reference) a cancer, as witnessed by how better teh Sox played without his dreadlocked butt last season. So, here's to LA. May they love and be beholding to Manny, worshipping at his feet, not knowing or even being aware that their season will go down in flames after, oh, mid June, when Manny The Perfect realizes that he actually didn't get the contract he wanted (it will eat away at him all year, especially when he's reminded of this when the Dodgers go on teh road), and the REAL Manny stumbles forward. After all, no one ever accused the common LA fan (you know, the arrive in the 3rd and leave to beat the traffic in the 7th "faithful") of knowing that a baseball is round, has only 1 seam., and that a team needs pitching to win (something the Dodgers are staying away from like Superman and kryptonite. They deserve each other, and the LA press, that same bunch who didn't report on D Lowe's "indiscretions" with a female Dodge writer) can still live in Manny Land.

    Posted by AZPAT2 March 16, 09 01:05 PM
  1. The truth hurts doesn't it, New England! Not one word he spoke was untrue. We have become the little Napoleon of the sports world. Our ego is so overbloated with self-proclamation and adulation. UnaSurfer has it correct- look at all the people eating up the Hollywood style garbage on NESN. This provincial narccassisitc attitude we portray deserves the anti-columns from the rest of the country. Most of you haven't even seen west of New York City anyway and speak of things for which you know nothing about.
    TJ Simers isn't FROM Los Angeles. He has written for several newspapers over his career. When I lived in LA for a couple of years, he banged on faux Laker fans for being what faux Red Sox fans are here!!!!! Admiring Mirror-gazers!!!! Hence his column.
    So before you gather your best Braveheart gear and your green beer of shame, take a good hard look at yourself before worrying what others think of you!

    Posted by Mattin Weymouth March 16, 09 01:08 PM
  1. Sox fans are the worst on the Planet! They give this great city a bad wrap. Too busy worying about other teams and other teams' players.

    Posted by Ablone March 16, 09 01:28 PM
  1. Weymouth......you're just a "bigmouth". Hey....if you hate New England and The Nation so much pick one of the other forty nine states,get up and go. Yes, preferably to Lalaland with Manny.....

    Posted by Nuno Rivera March 16, 09 01:29 PM
  1. TJ simers knows ZERO about being a New England Fan. ZERO. On the other hand he can give you the local surf report.

    Posted by Fcurt March 16, 09 01:36 PM
  1. Mid-season trade, first post-season in 8 years without him, Papi whining, first spring training in 8 years without him, Papi whining... I expect the Nation will get over Manny as soon as the season gets into full swing and the Sox hit their stride. Unless, of course, Lowell can't play, Papi doesn't hit, Drew's back on the bench, Pedroia's oblique doesn't heal, Youk gets hit by a pitch and something breaks, Lugo makes a speedy recovery and is the everyday shortstop, Beckett is last year's Beckett, Papelbon blows out his shoulder, Bay doesn't sign, Ellsbury never becomes great, Buchholz is a bust, Penny is a bust, Smoltz really is old, Wakefield refuses to retire ... in which case, we keep taking about Manny for the rest of our natural lives and maybe even beyond.

    Posted by Persephone March 16, 09 01:41 PM
  1. TJ Simers -- a sports reporter who crafts poorly written and conceived articles, hates sports talk radio, tries to tap into the local color and flavor and writes with such disdain that you question whether he even likes sports. Or writing.

    basically, he's the west coast Shaunessy.

    Posted by Fatboy March 16, 09 01:45 PM
  1. I'm a Laker fan.

    Trust me, TJ Simer is an idiot. The vast majority of his columns are first and foremost about him, not about sports. His modus operandi is always the same: Snuggle up to a local star player, write something nice, then later start baiting the player with put-downs. When the player refuses to talk to either TJ or his Beluga Whale-like daughter, his columns turn nasty.

    Posted by Cal March 16, 09 01:54 PM
  1. Jeez, if anyone, including Wilbur, actually read Simers regularly, they'd know that he's a born provocateur and a pretty funny one at that. (His nickname for Frank McCourt is the Boston Parking Lot Attendant. Jamie McCourt is "the Screaming Meanie.") We should be so lucky to have a columnist as entertaining as Simers.

    I really doubt Simers has anything against Boston. He's just putting on a show.

    Posted by jack sanford March 16, 09 01:56 PM
  1. Manny did nothing for Boston............Save for the two titles

    The Red Sox did everything for Manny........except for trying to trade him every year and putting him on waivers

    Grow up Boston.

    Posted by Ryan M March 16, 09 01:56 PM
  1. Manny loves his new baseball home in LA so much...he spent the entire winter in Miami!

    Fact is, Manny is unhappy with his new contract {$45M for 2 years is NOT $100M for 4 years}. Also, $25M of the $45M is deferred at zero interest.

    We all know how Manny gets when he doesn`t like his contract, and this one he downright hates! McCourt won the battle, but Manny will win the war.

    Manny will turn in a very disappointing 2009, then exercise his option for 2010. He`ll give the Dodgers one year for the price of two. If they are lucky, LA will get 45 Manny homers over two years for the $45M spent!

    Posted by Two Tito Titles March 16, 09 01:57 PM
  1. Hey Mattin Weymouth, please proofread your responses for posting them. this shows little of the no doubt massive store of grammatical problems you possess. Also....


    Posted by Where is Mike Macfarlane? March 16, 09 02:12 PM
  1. This banter is proving T.J. has a point. I am a Dodger fan who has been is Boston for 15 years. I agree with unisurfer. It has gotten pretty rediculous as far as the Sox are concerned. A freaking dating show!?!?!? Come on! This is baseball! To be fair, Manny was a bad person here. I figured everyone around here would take the high road like the organization and not say anyting. Do we really need to take it out on a whole fan base because one (very opinionated and condesending) writer had something bad to say about the "perfect" Red Sox empire? Oh and to AZPAT2. You should tell some of the gang bangers who are Dodger season ticket holders about how they show up late, leave early and don't know that a baseball is round and see what kind of reaction you get.

    Posted by Kenny March 16, 09 02:13 PM
  1. Are you serious, Ryan? Have you got a clue? Manny didn't win those titles for Boston, he won them for himself. As for Red Sox trying to trade Manny, that was at HIS REQUEST every single time. The waivers was also after he started bit**ing about wanting to be traded. That was the best possible thing they could have done to bring his prima donna feet back to earth. Don't write about what you don't know.

    Posted by Johnny Beisbol March 16, 09 02:20 PM
  1. Sanford's comments are on the money. I'm a lifelong Sox fan with an office in LA and can attest that Simers modus operandi is entertainment-by-provocation.

    Posted by manorborn March 16, 09 02:26 PM
  1. Wait - we're focusing on Manny too much and won't let go?! Isn't Simers doing the same type of thing, focusing on US too much and he should let go?!

    Posted by Jeff March 16, 09 02:33 PM
  1. Does anyone find it ironic that there have been several LA articles about how Boston can't "get over it?" LA needs to "get over Boston"

    Oh, and you want to bring the Fakers into the arguement, by God, please do!

    Hows does 131-92 taste?

    What a nerd this loser writer is. Probably got picked on in Kenmore Sq one night.


    Posted by 2009=businessasusual March 16, 09 02:33 PM
  1. I am not from Boston, but currently live here. Simers took dead aim at my beloved sports team (college football) as well - and he did it repeatedly. His articles were poorly researched puff pieces and the more I read, the more incensed I became. I was a regular reader of Simers for that reason.

    I quit cold turkey when I realized that taking the piss out of other cities sports teams is his entire M.O. What better way to build a strong local, albeit inferior, fan base by galvanizing the locals against the - usually superior - competition?

    He is print journalism's answer to local sports talk radio. Except sports talk radio makes no pretense about being of the fourth estate.

    Posted by WSJevons March 16, 09 02:34 PM
  1. I have to chime in one more time. Even with Manny gone, he still takes the heat off of J.D. Drew. You all know what I'm talking about. Where is the uproar about him! He still plays here! We need to run him out of town!

    Posted by Kenny March 16, 09 02:42 PM
  1. Truth hurts, Boston is abusrd about baseball. Is it because of all the old people here or the Red Sox Nation marketing genius? I grew up IN Boston, when tixs were 8 dollars, players were generally friendly and you went to a game to enjoy and evening or afternoon. Its ridiculous that we care what Manny is doing, but WE do and he hardly speaks english and is from NY. Whats wrong with this country? How much $$ does that idiot make?
    Stop defending Boston Red Sox fans, it is absolutely true what he wrote, we have friggin' baseball coverage around here 24/7 and its boring as heck.

    Posted by RealBostonian March 16, 09 02:44 PM
  1. Well here you have a born and raised Brooklyn psychotherapist (Met Fan)
    now living in New Mexico and the Central Coast of California (and a real old
    school surfer as well --- and not the net.) Yes, it appears Boston is obsessing...
    But, for different reasons than have been previously expressed. Manny has
    "IT." Love him or hate, the dude carries Charisma like others carry a half
    pint of chowder. Fortunately, or unfortunately, those blessed (or cursed) with
    a charismatic persona will trigger strong emotions. As for regular ol' fans who
    may not grasp this concept, perhaps a reading of Manny's book, by a MA.
    psychologist may provide some enlightment. GO MANNY -- long live charisma

    Posted by J.R. LPCC March 16, 09 02:46 PM
  1. Manny appears to be a good sounding board for what baseball/sports are about. There are a lot of interesting posts here, more than I want to spend time reading but from what I've read, very interesting. I love this line! "Now, they speak for everyone, which is sort of like gathering a definitive presidential approval rating in the Wal-Mart gun department. " It made me laugh!!!!

    Posted by Brett in Iowa March 16, 09 02:48 PM
  1. If the money and they years is what makes it ok to obsess, how do you explain last years fascination with everything Eric Gagne? He played here half a year and stank, but for a full year afterwards every post game show started with Brewer's highlights of him blowing another save. It's rediculous how we go on and on about these guys after they are gone, not everyone has to like playing for the Red Sox you know. Manny's saying all the same things Shaq said when he moved to LA from Orlando, that he could actually take his kids out in public without being mobbed. I can see some people putting value in that.

    Posted by Andre March 16, 09 02:51 PM
  1. Simers is absolutely correct (he's also a known provocateur who just tries to push buttons...well done in this case, obviously). There are way too many meatballs in Boston who still can't shut up about Manny. It's pathetic. When it comes to baseball in this town, he's STILL the #1 topic of discussion, and I'm beginning to wonder if that will even change once the season starts. A lot of people around here just refuse to let it go.

    Posted by Mike March 16, 09 02:52 PM
  1. Simers is sooo right, and I'm glad to see the increasing number of writers and commentators who have had it with Boston's pink-hat fans and their front-running obnoxiousness/classlessness.
    Thing is, Simers is not only right on Manny, but as a whole; despite finally winning two titles in 90 years (which one would think would make them happy finally), Sox fans still carp and obsess bitterly about all things Yankee, almost to a frightening level.
    Example: Walk around Boston with a Yankee cap or shirt on and you're risking serious injury; walk around NYC in a Sox cap, AND PEOPLE JUST GET ON WITH THEIR LIVES, because there's so much more to life in NYC than baseball.
    There's more to life than a silly baseball team and a moronic player, but you'd never know it in BeanieTown.
    Hey 2009= Hows 18-1 taste?

    Posted by Jeff Bagwell March 16, 09 03:07 PM
  1. i believe most of the fans have gotten past Manny. i just wish the media would.

    Posted by graham March 16, 09 03:11 PM
  1. As an Massachusetts transplant in Los Angeles, all I can say is LA is obsessed with all things Boston. Every day on the radio, every afternoon on the sports news, every column in the paper: they compare the Lakers to the Celtics, the Dodgers to the Sox, hire Pete Carroll, hire Grady Little, hire Man Ram, Bill Mueller, Nomar... My roommate is an Angeleno and he never hesitates to let out a Boston Sucks or some other nonsense. So for a Los Angeleno to accuse Boston of obsessing about something in Los Angeles is hilarious. Plaschke and the rest of them are like the little brothers of Boston. They want to be a great sports city and they aren't. The weather is too nice and there is no NFL, sorry guys.

    Posted by Jamie C March 16, 09 03:19 PM
  1. boston fans need to get a life. you are so sick of Manny and what he did, but yet you are still talking about his. Now, Im beginning to see what ran him out of Boston.

    Posted by kingOduduwa March 16, 09 03:41 PM
  1. I was born in boston and went to northeastern and suffolk. i moved out to LA three years ago. frankly its really sad to hear all bostonians bagging on LA - let's not forget how sparse the celtics crowds were during the post-antoine walker interregnum. i live next to dodger stadium and i can tell you there are a lot of passionate sports fans around here, but don't have the socio economic means to get to a game. the hollywood charicature of los angeles is totally ridiculous and wrong - LA is a terrific, diverse city with friendly, down to earth, hard working people without the parochial negative attitude that characterizes so much of boston. after the sox won in 2004 a good friend said to me: "now that you don't have the curse what have you got?" the sox of 2004 were an awesome team with lots of character...the current roster is (pedroai and youklis excluded) just seems like a boring corporate monolith. basic what i'm trying to say is try focusing on the positive instead of bashing things you don't really know about.

    Posted by suffolk grad March 16, 09 03:46 PM
  1. Manny bashers,

    You are a bunch of bitter losers. You should just admit it and move on. That's the only way the "healing" process can begin.

    Posted by elccpa24 March 16, 09 04:07 PM
  1. dutch

    Can you actually stand upright or do your arms drag all the way to the ground. Maybe Manny should come back and push you (oops I mean "throw you to the ground"). Probably no one would hold it against him.

    Posted by elccpa24 March 16, 09 04:12 PM
  1. I lived in L.A. for three years. First and foremost there sports "personalites" are even worse than ours. The have two/three radio stations and they talk about Boston ALL THE TIME. Heard Frank McCourt bashing Boston so bad one day. P.S I love L.A. and Manny.

    Posted by thepill1@gmail.com March 16, 09 04:14 PM
  1. Probably already been asked, but who is T.J. Simers and why should I care?

    PS: I like "Sox Appeal." Don't care what you think.

    Posted by Harrybosch March 16, 09 04:24 PM
  1. No fan I know still wants to talk about Manny.

    The media on the other hand never seems to shut up.

    Posted by Kelly March 16, 09 04:25 PM
  1. jack sanford

    Thank God. The voice of reason. T.J. Simers is hysterical.

    Posted by elccpa24 March 16, 09 04:27 PM
  1. Simers unfortunately is right. The amount of hate spewed on Ramirez just on an average day on WEEI gives all Boston sports fans a bad name. The media here is beyond vicious - shameless Shaughnessy, sicko Callahan, no-life Mike Adams, boring Bradford - these guys live to bash Manny, and their spite and envy have rubbed off on the rest of us.

    Posted by Brad March 16, 09 04:33 PM
  1. yo, wilbur, tell t.j...
    boston fans are indeed bitter... they're bitter at being betrayed by an overcompensated punk who doesn't respect the game of baseball... talented as he is, dominating as he can be, it just became no fun rooting for his success - because he didn't give a good goddamn one way or another...
    personally, i prefer watching jason bay race around the bases full throttle and not stand in the batter's box scratching himself while admiring his hi-fly ball that comes down off the wall and his getting only to 1st base...
    of course l.a. fans may not notice such things... i mean, isn't theirs the 2nd largest city in america but can't field a football team... ? and because why... ?? because nobody gives a damn... ?
    if he were a player, would he seriously prefer playing in front of a half-empty coliseum of yawning yabbos or to a playoff atmosphere on a daily basis... ?
    does he still have any blood in his system... ?
    he needs to get some exercise... get some oxygen into that lump he calls a brain...

    Posted by Greg Ammons March 16, 09 04:36 PM
  1. Eric, job well done! Simers is an idiot. While I agree that Ramirez should no longer be a topic of discussion here, there are two simple reason why just mentioning his name can spark enough discussion to fill a 4-hour radio show:

    1) He acted like a complete ****head in order to get out from under a contract he signed, quitting on our team, and...
    2) Despite the manner of his exit, along with his previous inexcusable antics, he will always have his legion of apologist in this town.

    If the vast majority of Sox nation shared a singular opinion on Ramirez, the topic wouldn't be interesting. It's a good discussion piece because there's such a polarizing split.

    Posted by Todd Davis March 16, 09 04:37 PM
  1. T.J. Simers is correct, the Media in Boston won't let this go and so they bring up Manny every freakin day. This isn't the fans fault, the media loves this and wants this and this article is just another way to perpetrate this crap, one more time, on us...

    Posted by Brad Potter March 16, 09 04:41 PM
  1. I lived in LA for a number of years. I couldn't stand TJ Simers. He is all about negativity, cutting everyone down except for a select few. He covered the NFL for a while, and in his view there was always one good team and the rest of them sucked. On draft day, one or two teams did well and the rest of them blew it. One draft wrapup article I remember well: when he made fun of the Patriots for selecting Ty Law with their first round pick.

    Posted by Phil R March 16, 09 04:47 PM
  1. Have fun Dodger Fans, get all you can from Manny,buy his shirts get all GaGa in LaLa land, because after this year you will see him leave for the big contract he's been waiting for from the New York Yankees!!!

    Posted by Bobo354 March 16, 09 04:53 PM
  1. I am a life long Boston Sports fan and I can say that this guy Simers has hit the nail on the head. All you readers are upset because he is making you look in the mirror. Instead of taking our wins and displaying humility, we puff our chests out and gloat. I have lived here all my life. I love Boston, but I have always felt that we have an inferiority complex, especially when it comes to New York or Los Angeles. I am sure people will say that if I don't like it here, I can leave, but that only serves to prove my point. We can't handle criticism, even if it is accurate. I, for one, am glad Mr. Simers said what he did. I only hope we are listening.

    Posted by Celts44 March 16, 09 04:55 PM
  1. Celts44,

    If you think, of all places, Boston has an inferiority complex to LA, then I am calling you out right now - you do not live here.

    Posted by 2009=businessasusual March 16, 09 05:37 PM
  1. Is circulation really that bad for the LA Times?

    Posted by SonOfErin March 16, 09 05:38 PM
  1. TJ has the knuckle draggers and mouthbreathers of Boston pegged to a T. Talk about a town completely full of itself, Boston is that burb. The big hell hole is what the rest of the country thinks of beantown. Damn, nothing good has happened in that craptown since the Revolutionary War.

    To those of us in L.A., Boston doesn't even make the top 25 towns in the USA and we all think TJ Simers is a one note pony jerk anyway, so the fact that you're arguing with him proves how laughable your imitation city is. Enjoy the weather and talking about yourselves TO yourselves. Yawn...

    Have a great St. Patrick's Day Parade and keep on rocking that 19th century the way you do! Keep drinking that beer too, it makes you look fantastic! Denny Crane, Mad Cow.

    Posted by The Laker Scoop March 16, 09 05:42 PM
  1. Well we'll just "wait till next season" SO TO SPEAK.

    Just wiat until Manny bolts the Dogers for bigger dollars. Just wait.

    You think Manny is "happy"? Manny didn't get the 100 million Bor-ass promised.

    Manny will leave L.A. in a heartbeat for the higest bidder.

    And Manny can become a free agent next year!

    Posted by Joe March 16, 09 05:54 PM
  1. I don't know who this T.J. Simers is, but isn't there anything going on in L.A. to concern himself with? What are the Dodgers' chances this year? Who are their starting pitchers? What does their line-up look like?

    It doesn't matter anyway. Sports are generally too full of windbags, and while I love the games of sports, the business of sports are taking it over.

    There is no fun left. Just a lot of over-blown egos.

    Posted by lhjraffe March 16, 09 06:05 PM
  1. anyone who says that Boston is jealous of LA is ridiculous...celts44, get a life...we know you're undercover. Also, we're talking about the LATIMES sports section, not exactly pulitzer prize winning.

    Look, LA doesn't have real fans. I live here, have done so for the past four years. A day after the Lakers lost to the C's last year, every stupid car that had a LA Lakers flag on it was removed. They just don't care. A day after the Dodgers lost to the Phillies, people stopped talking about the Dodgers. Again, they just don't care. My girlfriend is the biggest Dodger fan I know - a girl. Not my boss, a dude who was born and raised here and has season tix to the Lakers, Dodgers and Kings, or a couple of co-workers who have sworn allegence to the Dodgers because of some legacy thing or another. The bottom line is this - Simers main point to the article, that LA fans better be careful lest they become bitter and angry like Boston fans, is an oxymoron. First, you have to real fans in order to be like Boston fans, and as I pointed out, LA has no real fans; and second, you need to win something, which LA hasn't done in five or six years. screw you Simers. I hope we totally punk his ass with thousands of obnoxious emails. His email address is t.j.simers@latimes.com

    Posted by mcliam March 16, 09 06:08 PM
  1. Is there anything else to do in Boston besides "tawk" about the local sports teams? Judging by the amount of comments and defensive content on this post I'd say, NO. Boston is a provincial backwater with some the dumbest, most violent, cross-eyed, ugly knuckledraggers in the USA (especially the ladies YUK!). Manny might be a disaster for the Dodgers but then again he might not. We're desperate for a ring but jeeze we do other stuff too. And God I'd love to see a Bos/LAD WS and a Bos/LAL NBA finals and of course see LA WIN IT ALL> But I thought the LAL were gonna beat the Celts last time too. Its rivalry without a doubt but just with sports as for cities no contest; Boston totally sucks.
    Besos bendejos!

    Posted by Ollie March 16, 09 07:05 PM
  1. HA HA HA! The last writer to call Boston fans a bunch of low-life loser "yahoos" was our own Mazz (or was Ryan the last one?). In fact, it's been clear over the decades that most of the Boston Sportswriters detest Boston fans and teams, and they actually write or voice there absolute disgust on a weekly basis (see Felger, Ryan, Shaughnessy, Mazz, Curran, Tomatto, Borges, etc...) so why care what they say out in la la land.

    Posted by cmon get real March 16, 09 07:10 PM
  1. Funny, I don't remember any Sox fans whining about "Manny Being Manny" when he ended the curse and helped win two championships. Boston would be closing in one the 100 year mark with Manny. It may be another 80-some year wait without him...

    Posted by Matthew March 16, 09 07:25 PM
  1. #64, " We're desperate for a ring but jeeze we do other stuff too. And God I'd love to see a Bos/LAD WS and a Bos/LAL NBA finals and of course see LA WIN IT ALL> But I thought the LAL were gonna beat the Celts last time too."

    loser LA fans

    Posted by wilber99 March 16, 09 07:43 PM
  1. I didn't realize there were actually fans out there to compare us to...

    Posted by Ben March 16, 09 08:09 PM
  1. Simers is a source of wonder out here in L.A., especially now that the LAT has laid off so many talented writers but kept him on the payroll. He's a caricature of the lazy sports columnist: He hasn't properly reported a story since he got here, he writes about his family all the time, he falls in love with some of the local stars (he's written embarrassingly gushing prose about Manny), he seems to be a mouthpiece for Scott Boras, and he can barely put a sentence together. Supposedly he's funny, but no one really knows who can be laughing at his columns, unless they're doing it derisively.
    To gin up a modicum of interest in his writing -- and thus provoke responses that will presumably fool his bosses into believing he has more than a dozen admiring readers -- he manufactures "feuds" with various athletes, coaches, managers, owners, teams, intera alia. One of his favorite tactics is to insult an entire group of fans, a characteristically lazy gimmick that lets him put together columns culled from emails and letters without banging out more than a few of his usual ungrammatical sentences. Thus the current nyah-nyahs he's sending Boston's way.
    To call him a "hack" would be to dignify him with a relative honor. Normally, you could shrug off a journalistic nonentity such as Simers. But the layoffs of so many talented writers, reporters and editors at the LAT exposes Simers as the money-sucking, newspaper-wrecking weasel that he is.

    Posted by NEinLA March 16, 09 08:53 PM
  1. LA is the one with the inferiority complex...the Lakers ALWAYS lose to the Celtics, the Dodgers pick up RS castoffs because McCourt has no other plan other than to pickup free agents a few years too late, sorry, no NFL team to compare to Patriots, NHL team, well........front runners when you are winning is one thing, front runners when you win nothing is another......listen to LA sports radio on the internet, they spew enough Boston crap so you know they are the ones obsessed...remember, amateur writers like TJ can make a living in LA because there is low expectations, real sports markets are another matter.....

    Posted by RickM18087 March 16, 09 09:13 PM
  1. I read this article last night and promptly responded to T.J. of LA LA Land via e-mail. What does he really know about fan pasion?? Like I told him, we are not bitter it's pasion. LA fans arrive in the 3rd inning and are gone by the 7th inning stretch. Lakers fans... I'll say no more!

    Posted by Baribig March 16, 09 09:14 PM
  1. In case you missed it: t.j.simers@latimes.com. He brought it upon himself. If EVERYONE here speaks funny...should I write any email to LA in spanish? I mean, if we're lumping everyone into one category...

    Posted by Noe March 16, 09 09:16 PM
  1. I am so endlessly entertained by the hypocrisy of "other" sporting venues and sports columnists making - or attempting to make - villains out of Boston fans because we are passionate, focused and involved as if it were a truly personal matter.

    We are passionate and focused when we win. Likewise when we lose. The only difference is winning feels better. I've lived in other metro areas with pro teams and the only thing that comes close to our singular interest is when I lived in Columbus, Ohio. The all inclusive drive focusing on Buckeye Football is nearly as consuming. (Before someone tries to correct me an tell me that the Buckeyes are a college team, no need. I know it. But IF you had ever lived in Cols, you'd know what I mean.)

    I said the only difference is that winning feels better. Allow me to correct or amend that. Winning also brings out the bitterness and jealousy of others. Especially someone like this LA writer who is obviously bitter that the fans in LA are of the fair weather sort, with "passion" only when they begin to win. I rest my case on the reaction of LA Dodgers fans suddenly becoming interested in a lack-luster team, non-contending, sub-.500 suddenly becoming viable in a pennant race once #99 came aboard.

    The gall of bitterness is the color of the ink that was used to print the article knocking us, the Red Sox Nation. I loved Manny and stuck up for him endlessly - until he finally proved his nature in his last moments with us and the subsequent miraculous turn around of the super slugger/eloquent base runner. Now, THAT made me somewhat bitter. But since Manny didn't really get much of his $160,000,000 from me, I guess that should leave me laid back and care-free about the whole matter.

    GO SOX!!!!


    Posted by SinceYaz March 16, 09 09:19 PM
  1. First you have to win your division then get into the playoffs and win to get to the finals then beat the best team before you can brag about being the champs. It's not going to be the Dodgers or the Lakers when it comes down to the toughest divisions. LA normally chokes in the big gamesCheck the last couple of years with the teams out there.

    Posted by bobo354 March 16, 09 09:29 PM
  1. I live out in the LA area. I am from Btown. When I read this I had to email him.

    I just wanted to say you were right about us Bostonians being uptight about our sports teams. It's just that we have had a long time of losing and finally in the past decade we have really had a chance to celebrate.
    Yes Manny left a bad taste in the mouths of sports fans back there. But we all have to remember that while he was with us he did what he had to do and we did win a couple with him.
    It's easy to forget this.
    I'm sorry to say that he is your problem now and trust me when he doesn't get what he wants you will get the same thing we got. I can promise you that. But, maybe it won't matter because you are pretty much the lower rung of the sports ladder. I mean you write for a paper that leads with Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan. You must be proud to be a part of such a pristine organization! I'm sure all those years of college and taking it in the back rooms from people that you idolized and would do anything for has really paid off. I would love to see you go to Boston and shoot that fat trap of yours off like you are 3000 miles away!
    You see we do care about our teams. We don't show up in the 2nd inning and leave in the 7th or show up to Faker games for the photo op. We may be miserable but we're real. And obviously you could give a dam about sports because you work in a city were half the people don't even know how to score a game!! In Boston we're all miserable TOGETHER! But, we know our sports. You inherited your teams, our teams were born within. And at least we know when a piece of garbage player committs the cardinal sin of baseball, gaving up on his team!! We don't idolize him, we run him out like the dog he is.

    So next time you try put my city down, B.J., make sure you know what your talking about and don't be such a coward to print it 3000 miles away!
    Come on down to Fenway, fat boy! We'll be sure to pull your spine out of that fat trap of yours!!!

    Sincerely yours,
    A miserable but real Boston fan

    Posted by jimjo March 16, 09 09:35 PM
  1. Yeah, out here in LA, Lakers fans obsess so much over Kobe they name their kids after him. 'Course, he could also be their father...

    Posted by EGD March 16, 09 09:58 PM
  1. I didn't realize there were actually fans out there to compare us to...

    Posted by Ben March 16, 09 08:09 PM


    Both funny and true .... you settled the issue with outstanding insight and outsized simplicity. Well done.

    Posted by SinceYaz March 16, 09 10:01 PM
  1. Eric, I think TJ was just kind of shocked that such a collection of losers could all conglomerate in one place. Nothing against the city of Boston, but lets face it, it is a dump. The Red Sox win Two World Series in 150 years and all of a sudden they have re-written the official history of Baseball. You know the part that pretty much paints Boston as losers. What did you think TJ would write about Boston? I mean the whole Manny situation is kind of like the movie "Goodwill Hunting", you know the guy suddenly realizes he is a genius surrounded by a bunch of dumb losers in the city of Boston, where does he go? Leaving the losers to their self loathing.

    Posted by Columbus March 16, 09 10:05 PM
  1. Im a Dodger, Laker, and USC fan and I must say, TJ Simmers has made me sick alot. I dont even read his articles any more. He bashes LA sports more than he would any other cities teams. I dont even think he is from L.A. He is a loser and L.A. sports are awesome! Go Dodgers!, Lakers and USC football!

    Posted by Bambi Delore March 16, 09 10:17 PM
  1. Unbelievable that there's any thought regarding Manny. The guys a natural hitter.

    He makes any team better. It's just a fact.

    Why do good players always want to leave Boston. Maybe it just sucks! Look at the attitude regarding a player who brought you the championship.

    Posted by Bigfatboy March 16, 09 10:23 PM
  1. Some of the dumbest!!! HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah...Harvard and MIT might have differing opinions about that.

    Nobody wants to come here....yyyyeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh. Honestly, I WISH that was true. Then the damn pike would be clear, and Boston wouldn't be crawling with tourists throughout the non-winter months and I could actually enjoy it more.

    Sorry if some LA clows take issue with the fact that we have buildings older than their state...you're just a baby out there. You don't know life. But you certainly know how to create absurd amounts of traffic. Had a few friends who lived there. Typical HIGHWAY MPH during rush hour...5-10.

    Posted by Noe March 16, 09 11:34 PM
  1. Manny who???
    I have been a Boston sports fan practically since birth. We have had great players in all four major sports. Manny Ramirez proved his superior capabilities when he felt like it but what he pulled his last year in Boston was obviously recognized by the baseball community, thus the total lack of interest by any club other than the desperate Los Angeles Dodgers. Heck, even they wouldn't dare sign him for more than two years----maybe they recognized the danger in giving him a long term commitment.
    And as far as that poor excuse for a "writer" T.J. Simers, I have lived in L.A. for 7 years and after glancing through his always negative columns for the first couple months, I totally ignore anything with his name attached.

    Posted by Russ Pepin March 16, 09 11:43 PM
  1. So much wasted time and space.

    Posted by Phenix7 March 17, 09 12:48 AM
  1. I actually was one of those Boston fans who sent Simers an email after his last "I love Manny " lovefest pieces. He took shots at Boston fans and Management in that one, too. I politely asked him, regardless of the rest of his article, what he thinks of the things Manny did to force his trade from Boston? Does he really think Boston fans and Management just made that stuff up? His response: I don't judge people on what they did before I have contact with them. Huh? So if Charles Manson joined him for tea, he'd just load him in the Subaru and head off to the LA Starbucks because he just met him? No respone. An idiot.

    Posted by SG March 17, 09 12:53 AM
  1. hahaha simers calls US pretentious? ive lived in LA. everybody there is FAKE. from their plastic surgery to their attitudes to their personalities. there is not one single thing in LA thats original. we talk funny? genius, people were speaking the english language here before there was any kind of habitat over there. so as with anything else, the further west you go, the more you change and forget where ya came from. theres nothing real in LA, NOTHING. only thing I do agree with is it is the perfect place for someone like manny, a place where they dont take anything seriously cuz no one else outside of there takes anything there seriously,. so hav efun on ya little league team while we're busy winning championships.

    Posted by Mike C March 17, 09 01:35 AM
  1. Boston fans, don't take any of what Simers says to heart. Everyone in L.A. knows what he is...a buffoon. Look up dolt in the dictionary and it says , see simers. The Times put this guy on page two of the sports section and then can't figure out why they are going Chapter 11. Pity us who have to suffer the insufferable. Like many others out here, it galls him that at any Red Sox/Angels game, 15,000 are rooting for the Angels and 30,000 are rooting for the Sox. Simers, from the same people who brought you the Clippers.

    Posted by Steve Orlandella March 17, 09 02:13 AM
  1. Somebody has to tell JT Simmers that he doesn't need to try to get his name in the paper, he's actually a WRITER for a paper. True, no one knows or cares who he is, but I guess he can try to get on PTI just like the rest of the jackasses.

    We've already been down this road. I'm not sure what he's talking about Sox fans "obsessing." This just in: We don't care! Without Ramirez, we went to the ninth inning of game 7 of the ALCS without Manny.

    Jason Bay is pretty good. Runs hard, fields well, throws well, shows up everyday, and he can handle it at the plate. Oh yeah, and he doesn't feel "tortured," despite earning $13 million less. And he doesn't PO his teammates.

    As for Pap, he said what he said. I get the "he should keep it private" camp, but I also get the "hey, they asked, he said it, move on" camp too. I'm cool with it. Basically, I don't care about Manny. Good luck when he pulls a hammy and is out a week (oh wait, I guess you are going to get that one earlier than bargained for.)

    And I would also love to see a LAD vs. Sox WS and a Celtics/Lakers NBA Finals, and a Pats/......oh. Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

    Posted by JJ March 17, 09 02:36 AM
  1. Having lived five years in Boston and now the past five in California I have come to realize that people in New England really have no life other than worrying about a baseball team. I know the weather sucks and there's not much to do most of the year, but you people need to get a life and move on. When the players say "We love the fans," they could really care less. Do you think if Tek could've gotten a better contract somewhere else he wouldn't have been gone in a New York minute? Get a life New Englanders.

    Posted by Andrew March 17, 09 02:46 AM
  1. I'm ashamed to be associated with Boston sports fans. Seriously, someone is still talking about Manny? What a broken record. These are probably the same fans that wanted to trade Tom Brady.

    Posted by Classless March 17, 09 03:03 AM
  1. I've lived in LA for five years. Despite the "passion" for the Lakers (where passion = being obnoxious) this is not a sports town. Heck they lost both of their NFL teams. This arrive in the third inning and leave in the eighth inning crowd can't even show up to support their team. Second largest market in the US and they can't sell 56,000 seats during a playoff hunt unless there is a bobblehead giveaway. And TJ Simers is a hack. I'd take the Globe writers and beantown fans over the Times and the Laker fans any day of the week.

    Posted by nate March 17, 09 03:51 AM
  1. Considering this is ANOTHER article about Manny maybe the Boston Media should let it go. Most of the fans want to talk about the 2009 Sox , while the Media realizes the 2009 Sox are kind of boring....if they weren't they wouldn't continue to talk about Manny.

    Use your creative juices Boston Media members because you are a stones throw away from losing out to the 7th grade bloggers who have original thoughts on the the current Red Sox.

    Posted by Boston Media wants Manny back March 17, 09 07:54 AM
  1. Hello TJ,

    My grandfather died recently. He was born in Naples and worked forty years at a textile mill outside of Boston. He lost the ring finger on his right hand and the middle finger on his left. Never complained. When the Sox tanked in '78, '86 and '03, he didn't complain either. And when they won in '04, he didn't gloat, he just sat silently smiling, wishing that his wife was there to experience it with him. Sadly, he couldn't enjoy the 2007 championship as he was suffering from the late stages of Alzheimer's. No problem, he only wanted to see them win one anyway. He had a Boston accent thicker than molasses gravy. He didn't talk funny. He talked like a man. I have no problem with you needling Sox fans here that can't let Manny go. But please, don't mock my family and the nature of our discourse.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

    Posted by seeyoulatertonight March 17, 09 11:10 AM
  1. I used to live in Boston, where I became a Red Sox fan many years ago. I now live near San Diego, and went to see the Red Sox when they were here for interleague play. I was at BP, and there was a woman louding shouting "We love you Manny" more than once. Manny didn't even look over. There was a young boy, wearing Red Sox gear , who held up a sign saying it was his 12th birthday, could Manny give him an autograph. No reponse. That was sad for me to see.
    He is an unusual guy, love him or not. He's gone now, let's move on.

    Posted by JoJoSD March 17, 09 12:33 PM

  1. Comment for Nate: You couldn't be more right.

    Living in LA, itís hard to express what an awful sports town this really is. Dodger Stadium is lifeless, and is only crowded during innings 3-6. Laker crowds are even worse, they bang their thunder stix when the jumbotron tells them to ďmake noiseĒ. The Finals last year were played in a library type atmosphere. I was at a game a few weeks ago, and the biggest cheer of the night came when the scoreboard displayed the Celtics lost.

    People out here just donít care, there is just way too much other stuff to do. Transplants like me are loyal to their hometown teams, and LA natives would rather cheer Brad Pitt at the Oscars than root for Manny at the plate. It all adds up to apathy.

    Posted by kid Vegas March 17, 09 12:36 PM
  1. I am a proud Boston sports fan but we as a group are bad about bothering athletes off of the field. Really bad. Granted, these guys make an obscene amount of money, but it's still a huge hassle to be bothered for autographs and picture requests everywhere you go. I lived in the Bay Area for several years and the A's would hold events at local bars where you could meet 5 or so players from the team, and this was from 2000-2003 when they were really good. You could never do that here, the players would be mobbed. I have seen Red Sox players around in Boston a few times and I just leave them alone, I think most fans are the same as me but there are too many people here who want to bother these guys off of the field, and the city's fans get a bad reputation as a result.

    Posted by IK March 17, 09 12:37 PM
  1. You give it to him, Eric. No one has the right to make fun of Boston fans...except you, right?

    Posted by J-Bone March 17, 09 01:15 PM
  1. jimjo

    First what kind of a hillbilly name is that? Second, as to your running on at the mouth, all I hear is Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah....Manny.

    Posted by elccpa24 March 17, 09 01:42 PM
  1. This guy is doing to you, exactly what you do to others, DAILY...Now you know how that feels. Grow up

    Posted by The rest of the world March 17, 09 03:06 PM
  1. I took some time out yesterday to write Mr. Simers a lengthy e-mail, detailing why Boston fans are bitter. We just couldn't abide Manny mailing his performance in last season.... then becoming the other-worldly hitter we all know he can be once he landed in LA. It was a sham, a mockery.

    But I ended my e-mail to Mr. Simers with this post script:

    P.s. "We've got to be careful around here before we become Boston." Does that mean that you don't want to win two World Series rings sometime this century?

    Posted by Rob R. March 17, 09 03:46 PM
  1. @ all the posters here who think it's "pathetic" that there are still RS fans talking about Manny: Aren't YOU still talking about Manny? Obviously, if you're reading this article and taking the time to post about it, you're still talking about it. Don't be such a hypocrite.

    Posted by Rob A March 17, 09 04:40 PM
  1. LA is where the AIG execs go after they die.

    Posted by rip March 17, 09 05:56 PM
  1. Ode to T.J. from LA (by Boston sportsartist)

    I miss Manny. Manny who?
    I need therapy. Manny's in blue.
    Yes I'm jealous. Bitter too.
    I'm a Bosox loser. But I'm better than you.

    The t-shirt is done and can be purchased at cafepress.com/sportsartist.

    Posted by bostonart88@aol.com March 19, 09 03:03 PM
  1. seeyoulatertonight

    Who cares about your family crap? What does that have to do with anything? You think your family is the only one that has problems and has suffered losses? Grow up. This is a sports article and you're a whining idiot.

    Posted by elccpa24 March 23, 09 02:04 PM
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