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Do Internet Color Codes Hold the Key to LeBron's Decision?

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The latest reasons why LeBron James may indeed be headed back to Cleveland? ffbb42 and 012a60.

Those, along with ffffff and 870038, are color codes for the colors of the Cleveland Cavaliers, which a web developer friend of Grantland contributor Matt Borcas claims were instituted on on Wednesday.

Well, after a day littered with ďsources,Ē maybe thatís the best hint yet. NBA writer Chris Sheridan has already noted that James will make his announcement on his website, in part hoping to avoid the backlash that was ESPN's "The Decision." Jim Gray mourns.

As it stands now, Jamesí status remains in limbo. There was no decision made after an hour-long meeting with Miami Heat president Pat Riley, assistant general manager Andy Elisburg, and agent Rich Paul on Wednesday evening, giving fuel to the speculation that the former Cavalier may indeed be returning to the team of his NBA roots. Depending on which ďsourceĒ you want to put faith in, of course.

Color codes or Chris Broussard? Toss-up.

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