Transcript: Clemens on ’60 Minutes’

Below is a partial transcript of Mike Wallace’s interview with Roger Clemens, which will air this evening on “60 Minutes”. The transcript is courtesy of CBS:

WALLACE: What was your first reaction when you heard what McNamee had said?

CLEMENS: I, I was shocked. I was angry. A lot of emotions.

WALLACE: You’re still shocked. You’re still angry.

CLEMENS: Oh definitely.

WALLACE: Did you know ahead of time what was going be in George Mitchell’s report?

CLEMENS: I did not.

WALLACE: Did Brian McNamee tell you what he was going to say to—

CLEMENS: Didn’t tell me a word.


WALLACE: Why would Brian McNamee tell the truth about Andy Pettitte and lie about you?

CLEMENS: Andy’s case is totally is, is totally separate. I was shocked to learn about Andy’s situation. Had no idea about it.

WALLACE: Did your former trainer, Brian McNamee ever inject you with anything?

CLEMENS: Yes he did.


CLEMENS: Lidocaine, and B12. It’s for my joints and and B12 I take still today.

WALLACE: And that’s all.?

CLEMENS: That’s it.

WALLACE: Never, never a human growth hormone?


WALLACE Never testosterone?

CLEMENS: Never. Never.

WALLACE: And never anabolic steroids?





WALLACE: How about a lie detector test?

CLEMENS: Some say they’re good. Some say they’re not. Do whatever. I mean—

WALLACE: So as far as you’re concerned you would conceivably?

CLEMENS: Yeah. I don’t know if they’re good or bad.

WALLACE: Were you to pass a lie detector test, would that help prove that you’re telling the truth and help restore?

CLEMENS: Would it?

WALLACE: I don’t know.

CLEMENS I don’t either.

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